Recognising The Role Of Prophetic and Apostolic Assignments in Our Lives.


We do not and cannot run the Christian race on our own without the support and contribution of others. There are prophetic, intercessory and apostolic assignments to nations, cities and communities, families and individuals. These are men and women who are gifted, anointed and called to watch, to pray, to make intercession, for the will, plan and purpose of God to be done in those territories and in the lives to which they are assigned.

These warriors are engaged in prayer to expose, frustrate and terminate satanic manoeuvres and assignments against the body of Christ. This is a calling to serve and not become Lords over the people of God. These men and women are NOT our covering. The only covering we have as believers is the covering of the Lord Jesus Christ. Any man or woman who tries to take that position is a usurper and a deceiver.

These prophetic, intercessory and apostolic assignments also bring corrections, instructions, warnings and sometimes direction to the nations, cities, communities, families and individuals to whom they are assigned. When we recognise such assignments and are sure that they are genuine and from the Lord, we should develop relationships with them.

They are in our lives for a reason, for a season and we should take advantage of their assignments to us. These people are a blessing to the body of Christ and their work though sometimes hidden and behind the scenes, should be acknowledged, honoured and encouraged as much as the Lord empowers us. Blessings.

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