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The City of Cain.

In Genesis 4:16-17, we read that Cain left the presence of God and he built a city.

After murdering his brother who was a true worshipper of God, Cain was placed under a curse. This text tells us that Cain a man placed under a curse built a city without the help of God, without the input of God, without the power of God, without the purpose of God.

This city was built in total rebellion to God. This city was built in sin. This city was built out of the will of heaven, yet it was built. This city was built under the influence of a curse, yet it was built.

Saints of God, do not be deceived. There are MANY things a determined man or woman can achieve and accomplish without God. It is not everything we see with the name of God that is done by God. Not every man and woman preaching for God are sent by God. Many have perfected the art of using the name of God to pervert the cause of Christ. Continue reading

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When Music is Weaponized For Manipulation.


The manipulation begins with entertainment camouflaged as ‘worship.’ You will notice that the ministry has spent a fortune on acquiring musical instruments, night club lighting and amassing mecenary singers and musicians, to entertain the crowd and work them up until they are drained emotionally, too tired to think, too zoned out to resist the mind games and hypnotic suggestions that would soon follow. Continue reading

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Recognising The Role Of Prophetic and Apostolic Assignments in Our Lives.


We do not and cannot run the Christian race on our own without the support and contribution of others. There are prophetic, intercessory and apostolic assignments to nations, cities and communities, families and individuals. These are men and women who are gifted, anointed and called to watch, to pray, to make intercession, for the will, plan and purpose of God to be done in those territories and in the lives to which they are assigned. Continue reading

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There is No Music Ministry in the New Testament.

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