When Prayer Becomes Your Enemy

Instead of being a source of finding inner strength and wisdom to take action, prayer can become a crutch, an excuse, a reason for leaving things undone, leaving things the way they are, refusing to do anything to move your life forward.

Instead of taking action, instead of doing something, doing what we can to change our situation, we resort to prayer, not to empower us to act, but an empty ritual behind which we hide from the reality of our lives, therefore things remain as they are because we do not take action.

It is action that changes things.
It is action that causes us to assert ourselves, assert our vision, ideas, thoughts on reality.
It is action that moves us in the direction of our dreams.

Practiced right, prayer ought to pull us into the arena of action with wisdom.
Prayer should be a spiritual exercise from where we receive clarity, inner strength and divine strategies to take action.

Prayer should not be a cop-out or a denial of reality. It should not cause us to live inside of a shell, inside a bubble of illusions.

Hiding behind prayer can make us think or believe in a false, unrealistic hope, expecting something to happen which will never happen unless we take action to make it happen.

It is foolish to expect prayer to do for us the things we have been given the responsibility to do for ourselves.

Prayer doesn’t change things. It changes us.

Lack of understanding of prayer can cause us to sit down instead of standing up, confronting a situation and taking action.

Prayer can become the traitor in our lives that betrays us, making us lethargic, complacent in the pursuit of our assignment, turning us into spineless cowards who cannot confront the issues of life which demand our urgent attention.

Prayer can be used by the enemy to keep us occupied in false hope while life happens all around us and the enemy inflicts damage on our lives.

Prayer can become a weapon in the hands of the enemy to destroy us. If the enemy can keep us occupied in illusions, they eventually become delusions of grandeur, a place where our lives can descend into obsolesence.

While we spend our time praying for the wrong things, our life slowly crumbles around us, the enemy inflicts damage on us and things become worse.

Jesus prayed and then moved into action. He never ignored reality. He prayed at night then went into action by day. This is the perfect example of how prayer should be used.

Prayer should spur us, instigate us, move us, empower us into taking constructive, strategic and wise action.

The wrong approach to prayer can essentially turn us into cowards, who wait for signs, expect things to happen, instead of taking personal responsibility for our lives and doing what is necessary, what is expedient, what is needful, what life demands of us to do to resolve our situation.

Prayer can turn you into a recluse; you become detached from the reality of life and create an alternate universe of lies in which you exist with your illusions, making your life worse than it was before you started praying.

Prayer should strengthen your resolve to take action, to rebel against a situation, to break out of a satanic enclosure and barrier, to shatter a ceiling, to launch out into new territory. If it is not doing this, then it is weakening you, it is pulling you into self delusion, it is paralysing your initiative and impetus to take action.
Instead of confronting a situation, you wait, anticipate, hope foolishly and end up in self delusion. Instead of doing what is urgent, you delay, you procrastinate waiting for something to happen.

While all this is going on the situation of your life gets worse.

Prayer if used wrongly can be fatal to your success and true happiness in life.

Remember the words of Jesus in Luke 18:1, you ought always to pray and not faint.
We should pray always, take action and not faint or give up in helplessness or hopelessness.


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  1. bayoamao2010@yahoo.co.uk

    Prayer can change things if we first and foremost allow prayer to change us.As men ought always to pray and not to faint so we ought always to check for wh

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