Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh, Part 3

Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh. Part 3

Exodus 3:19-20
And I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, no, not by a mighty hand. And I will stretch out my hand, and smite Egypt with all my wonders which I will do in the midst thereof:and after that he will let you go.

The house of Pharaoh does not want you to be free. It doesn’t want you to live your own life, pursue your vision and fulfil your assignment. Even when it pretends to give you liberty in one area of your life, it will still keep you bound in other areas.

The kingdom of Pharaoh was built by slaves. It was built by sacrificing the dreams of thousands of men and women so that he could build an empire. It was built on the blood, dreams and lives of men. This very same thing is happening today in the houses of Pharaoh scattered across the earth. Many have been seduced by The house of Pharaoh and abandoned their divine assignment for money, they have given up their vision in exchange for high sounding but worthless titles and positions in the house of Pharaoh.

In order to tie you down and enslave you to do its bidding, the house of Pharaoh offers you titles like ‘pastor’, ‘deacon’, ‘elder.’ They sound good and convey a sense of power, promotion and influence but they are all part of the manipulative strategy of the house of pharaoh to control you.

Through the years I have witnessed pastors giving positions and titles to immature men and women who ended up wrecking their faith because they were not ready for the positions that were thrust upon them by pastors who had a personal agenda.

The house of Pharaoh wants to use you to pursue its own agenda, its own program and achieve its own goals. Every Pharaoh has an agenda that is in opposition to the will of God. That is the reason why when the house of Pharaoh embarks on a project it uses manipulation, threats, curses and witchcraft to achieve it.

The house of pharaoh is a citadel of wickedness. Such wickedness exists in the heart of man than you have ever thought possible. Jeremiah 17:9 says the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked. This is the very reason why The Lord said we should not put our trust in man because the heart of man is quite wicked.

The house of pharaoh is so wicked that it held down about two million souls in slavery to its kingdom. Although they cried for years nothing happened until there was a supernatural intervention of God in their situation.

Until the supernatural power of God is unleashed against the house of Pharaoh, he will not let you go. Until there is a raw, dramatic demonstration of power against the principality, against the wicked spirits, against the demonic forces of the house of pharaoh, he will not let you go.

Until there is a demonstration of power, slavery to the house of Pharaoh will continue. That is the reason why motivational messages although heart warming cannot break you out of bondage to Pharaoh. Motivational messages cannot dominate and crush the satanic forces who rule over the house of Pharaoh. Motivational messages can help you make money but you will only be a slave who has money, still bound, still tied by chains to the house of Pharaoh.

Some pastors deceive the ignorant with sweet sounding words, using the secular wisdom of men and presenting it as the gospel. But that is deception. Where there is no demonstration of the power of the risen Christ there can never be true freedom. Motivational speeches can never set you free from demonic harassment. Only the power of the Holy Spirit can truly break the hold of the enemy over your life.

When God sets you free He completely extricates you from the control of the house of Pharaoh. He sets you free so that you can serve him with all of you; spirit, soul and body.

Several years ago I was with a ministry in which I served as a worship leader. One day while in prayer the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart that music was not my primary calling, that I should focus on writing and teaching the word of God. I was excited about this and shared it with my ‘pastor’ at that time. I wish someone had shared this teaching about the house of Pharaoh with me before I spoke with him. I told him what was on my heart and waited for his response. He regarded me for a moment and put on a religious expression. “You are a worship leader and that is all you will ever be in this ministry.” As I looked at the pastor I realised that I had been deceived.

I didn’t realise I was working in the house of Pharaoh and I was a slave in it. I didn’t realise that Pharaoh had held me captive and wanted me to do its bidding until the day I died. This Pharaoh wore nice suits, preached nice sermons but there was evil in his heart determined against my life. I was deceived by his smooth words which camouflaged the wickedness of his heart. If I had not left him I would still be bound to the house of Pharaoh. But God disappointed that satanic agenda the enemy wanted to carry out against me.

By God’s special grace I broke free from that house of Pharaoh and began to pursue God’s calling and assignment for my life. Many years later God has enabled me to do exactly what I told that pastor I was called to do and I am still in pursuit of that assignment.

Some of you may be tied to the yoke of the house of Pharaoh which has held people captive in your family, your village, your tribe, your geographical location for ages. Previous generations suffered under its wickedness. Now is the time for you to loose and completely extricate yourself from its vicious hold.

In our text, Exodus 3:19, the bible says that the king of Egypt will not let you go.
We must understand that it takes power to procure your total freedom. That power and authority is yours to exercise in Christ. Spiritual violence in the place of prayer is the only language the devil understands. There must be a violent spiritual confrontation against every enemy of your assignment, against the house of Pharaoh, against every secret agent of the devil hidden in your life, against every attempt to keep you confined, contained and limited. You must rebel against the house of Pharaoh by breaking its shackles off your feet and destroying its yoke tied around your neck. God Almighty will demonstrate his awesome power with signs and wonders and divers miracles a d destroy the works of the evil one in your life. There has to be a showdown in which God will move against of the house of Pharaoh to set you free. This can only happen when you set yourself to pray until you are completely free to live your life in the liberty and freedom that is in Christ.

Let us pray.

Lord, I take authority over the powers of the house of pharaoh that have held you bound. I break their hold, their power and influence over your life. I declare you free from all satanic bondage, oppression and harassment. You are set free in your spirit, soul and body. I release you into your divine placement, I release you into the will of God for your life. I release you into a supernatural life with the Holy Spirit. May the fire of the Holy Spirit come upon you to consume every chaff in your life, to destroy every demonic planting, to set your life on fire to serve God. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Be blessed.


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3 responses to “Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh, Part 3

  1. bukola

    Amen to all your prayers for me. I receive divine freedom from all forms of entanglement in Jesus name. amen

  2. sunshine

    Cracking the destiny code book.
    Breaking the power of pharoh and living under the generation blessings. Keen to read and be set free.Amen

  3. Wow! I wish I saw this when I was in a House of Pharoah between September 2017 to March 2018. But thank God I escaped from the house of the Pharoah.

    Thanks mentor for your teachings and writing. I really appreciate as they inspire me to be properly groomed for my assignment.

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