Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh, Part 2

Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh, Part 2

Until you are free from the bondage of the house of Pharaoh you will not be able to pursue and accomplish your life’s calling and assignment.

Moses had an assignment to liberate about two million Jews from bondage. There was a powerful calling on his life to liberate a nation. But first the liberator had to liberate himself, the saviour had to set himself free. The house of Pharaoh realised that as long as it kept Moses busy with feel good activities which had no bearing or connection whatsoever with his life’s assignment, he would remain in bondage and never bring himself to focus on and pursue God’s will for his life.

You may work for a huge ministry, church or organisation and you occupy a high level position in it and you think you have arrived at the highest point of your calling, career or endeavour in life. But you may be wrong. Moses probably thought the same thing. What else could be bigger and better than being a member of the house of Pharaoh? The answer? God’s assignment for your life is bigger, better than anything that the house of Pharaoh can offer you. Moses had a nation waiting for his prophetic leadership but he was held down by the chains of the house of Pharaoh.

So that you know, the forces of darkness will never willingly allow you to leave the house of Pharaoh. The enemy wants to keep you bound to that house, bound to that location, bound to that organisation, to that entity. The game plan of the enemy is to enslave you to the house of Pharaoh forever if he can. To break out of the house of Pharaoh it must be by force. You must invoke the power of the Almighty God to fight against every enemy of your freedom, calling and assignment.

There is going to be a great resistance against you when you make a move to break out of the house of Pharaoh. Any attempt you make to pursue your calling will be seen as an act of rebellion against the house of Pharaoh. The truth of the matter is that you must rebel against the dictates and satanic decrees the house of Pharaoh has pronounced over your life to keep you contained, limited.

You may look like an achiever in the house of Pharaoh but in reality you are living far, far, far below your God given potential. The difference between where you are functioning in the house of Pharaoh and what you are capable of doing is so huge that there is no comparison whatsoever. No matter how much you’ve accomplished in the house of Pharaoh realise that God has planned a thousand times more for you if you break out of the house of Pharaoh and pursue His will for your life.

Money is one of the principal weapons the house of Pharaoh uses to manipulate you into complacency from rising up and breaking out of bondage. Moses was wealthy. He had everything that a man could wish for and more. What the house of Pharaoh offered him was beyond his dreams. He was raised in a palace. He had hundreds of servants. He had material things but all of these could not compare to the glory and honour that awaited him in his assignment.

All of this comes down to control. The house of Pharaoh wants to control you. It wants to control your thoughts, your decisions, your actions and your life. The person, power or entity who controls your life owns you.

You may say that you are free in the house of Pharaoh, but are you really free? Can you pack up your bags and leave the house of Pharaoh without taking permission? You see, taking permission to move in the direction of your assignment or calling is a sign of slavery. Only slaves seek their masters approval before making a move towards their life’s assignment and calling. The moment Moses lifted up his head to assert himself by slaying an Egyptian oppressor (which was his life’s assignment), Pharaoh rose to destroy him. This was the reason why Moses could not wait to take permission from the house of Pharaoh. He fled! He abandoned everything he had, money, position, power, influence and fled from the house of Pharaoh.

Exodus 2:15
Now when Pharaoh heard this thing, he sought to slay Moses. But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh, and dwelt in the land of Midian:and he sat down by a well.

Like Moses you may have to flee from the house of Pharaoh because he will never allow you to leave. Some of you attend a church which has bound you to do its bidding and not to pursue your life’s assignment. The ministry is happy with you as long as you pursue its own vision. But you must understand that God also has an assignment for your life and you must receive clarity and begin to pursue it before it is too late for you. Right now you are pursuing your pastor’s assignment. But you must wake up and ask The Lord if there is more to your life than that church or ministry or organisation. There is a time frame within which we must pursue and accomplish our assignment. If we fail to act at the right time, the opportunities God has set before us will be lost forever.

You may think that your organisation, church, ministry likes you. But wait until you begin to assert your calling, pursue your assignment and you will discover that you were never really free in the house of Pharaoh. Pharaoh likes you as long as you are a mindless slave, doing what you are told but never thinking for yourself. Pharaoh doesn’t want you to think about your vision, your calling and your assignment. He wants to employ your mind, your resources, your talents to serve his own purposes.

Several years ago my wife showed her boss a book she had written which The Lord had instructed her to write as part of her life’s calling and assignment. She wrote the book at home after work so it didn’t interfere in any way with her job. But she was shocked at the man’s reaction. Instead of congratulating her on writing a book, he became angry and castigated her for writing the book. He said he didn’t want her to write any books or do anything else apart from her job. She expected him to be happy for her that she was doing something meaningful with her talents but she didn’t realise that she was trapped in the house of Pharaoh. Before then she thought he was a good boss and was genuinely interested in her life but that incident made her see what was really going on. After that incident that she left the organisation. Since then she has written many books which have been a blessing to thousands of people. This would have been impossible if she hadn’t fled from the house of Pharaoh.

Friends, now is the time to wake up to your calling and your assignment. Now is the time to break out of the house of pharaoh and fulfil your calling. All you have to do is take the first step by abandoning the house of Pharaoh just like Moses did. Reject everything that holds you bound, keeping you from the pursuit and fulfilment of your calling and assignment.

Be blessed.


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4 responses to “Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh, Part 2

  1. Uncle Jim

    Thank you sir, for this pratical part of this write up; now we can be sure of what we will meet at the first step breaking out of the house of pharaoh.
    God bless you sir.

  2. brother James

    So rich in content,thank you

  3. Praise God for this revelation. It’s true that the same loving people will FIGHT against you when you show a spark of independent thinking concerning God’s call on your life because all of a sudden, you stand apart and they start to feel inferior… I know of a minister that used to curse people who wanted to leave to pursue their own call!! May God enable everyone so see their comfortable traps and desire to break free to the glory of God! Bless you sir

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