Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh.


As a child Moses was discovered and delivered from genocide by Pharaoh’s daughter. He was raised up in the palace and became known as a prince in Egypt. Moses enjoyed the life and privileges of royalty for many decades. He lived as he liked. He did whatsoever pleased him. He had power and influence in Egypt and he wielded it whichever way it pleased him. As a prince he answered to nobody but himself.

However there came a day that there was a tug at the reigns of his heart. As God continued to systematically work on him, the scales fell from his eyes. He realised that what he thought was a palace was in reality the biggest prison in Egypt, keeping him locked away from the assignment and divine calling on his life. He discovered that although he was known as a prince, in reality he was a prisoner of Pharaoh. He was in a gulag made up of Pharaoh’s riches and power. Although surrounded by all this power, wealth and influence, he felt his soul shackled like a slave to the house of Pharaoh. He felt as powerless as the slaves whose blood Pharaoh used to build the pyramids and the great architectural works of ancient Egypt.

Moses should have been contented with his lot in life. He should have been happy with what he had been blessed with. But he wasn’t. He was completely dissatisfied. After all he was a prince, probably the number three man in the kingdom. What else could a man wish for or desire? However when God began to reveal who he really was to him, when God unveiled his assignment, Moses began to see the greatness, riches and power of Egypt not as a blessing but a curse, a curse which held him back from pursuing and fulfilling the assignment on his life.

What was once the greatest blessing in his life became his greatest curse. What once helped him rise in life became a hindrance to his assignment.  What once gave him wings to fly became the chains which held him down in captivity,  in obscurity and kept him from soaring in God’s assignment for his life.

If you looked at Moses from the outside you would wish to be in his position: he had servants, he had riches, he had influence and he had power. Ancient historians wrote that Moses was a general who commanded the armies of Egypt in battle. But Moses himself saw his life as nothing but beautifully decorated emptiness. When God began to reveal who he was to him all the trappings of power became meaningless to him.

In the house of Pharaoh it looked like Moses had his life worked out but it was an illusion, a lie, satanic deception. In reality the house of Pharaoh was a deep, dark pit. It looked colourful but Moses’ destiny was a million times more glorious than it. To attain to what God planned for him, Moses had to refuse, reject, forsake and completely abandon the house of Pharaoh.

Hebrews 11:24-27
By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter; Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt:for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward.
By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king:for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

There came a time in his life that Moses realised that unless he left Pharaoh’s house, he would be a slave living in the midst of wealth and power, but nevertheless a slave. Moses had to escape from the house of  Pharaoh to become what God had called him to be.

Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. This was a very big deal. Can you imagine that Bill Gates adopted a son then one day the boy says he doesn’t want to be called his son. Wouldn’t you say that the boy was mad? Yes, you would. Well, everyone who heard Moses declare he was no longer the son of Pharaoh’s daughter must have thought that he had gone completely mad. They must have thought that throwing away his rights and privileges as a prince was tantamount to insanity, however it was the sanest decision Moses had made in his life.

If anything significant, anything meaningful was going to happen in Moses’ life, it was going to happen outside the environment of the house of Pharaoh. For as long as Moses resided in the house of Pharaoh he couldn’t activate the supernatural calling on his life. There was a spiritual atmosphere in the house of Pharaoh which obstructed him, hindered him; an atmosphere which was not conducive to releasing and launching him into his divine assignment.
There was a powerlessness that existed in the house of Pharaoh. This made it virtually impossible to activate his gifts and abilities. Moses had no access to the supernatural power of God until he left the house of Pharaoh.

There was a dark hole in the house of Pharaoh which ate dreams and destroyed destinies.
It was impossible to receive supernatural revelation in the house of Pharaoh. It was after Moses escaped from that dungeon that God revealed Himself to him in an awesome way.

You cannot encounter fire in the house of Pharaoh.

It was after Moses left the house of Pharaoh that he had a supernatural encounter with God at the burning bush. Moses encountered the fire of God and it totally altered the course of his life. That fire burned into his soul and left him a totally different man. It was after the fire of God invaded his life that he began to operate in the supernatural power of God. He commanded forces in the heavens and in the earth and they obeyed him. He spoke and the winds moved to obey his every command. He operated in the very centre of divine power effortlessly.

As long as he remained in the house of Pharaoh he was weak, powerless, impotent and functioned like a mere man. There was a dark force that hindered, blocked the release of God’s power in his life. The very atmosphere in the house of Pharaoh worked against the operation of his gifts, talents and abilities.

Moses could not live in the house of Pharaoh and fight against the gods which resided in that house. There are some battles you cannot successfully fight as long as you are in the house of Pharaoh.

Moses tried to fulfil his calling in the house of Pharaoh but that was the wrong location, the wrong place for him to function. He tried to hold on to the house of Pharaoh with one hand and pursue God with the other but that arrangement was detrimental to his future. He ended up operating in the flesh and became a murderer.

You cannot birth your calling, your assignment, your ministry, your destiny in the house of Pharaoh. To fulfil God’s assignment on your life you must deliberately reject, extricate yourself from and completely abandon the house of Pharaoh.

What is the house of Pharaoh in your life?
Is may be your job, your business, a relationship, a ministry, a church, a place or a person.
It may look like the very best thing that has happened to you but in reality it has become the worst thing in your life.
It may look glorious on the outside but it is nothing compared to what God has planned for you to manifest in your life.
It may look successful but it is a place that paralyses your efforts to rise to your full potential.

There is a ceiling in the house of Pharaoh beyond which you cannot rise no matter how hard you try. There are things in life you cannot manifest as long as you are in the house of Pharaoh. There are places you will never be free to go because your life is tethered to the house of Pharaoh by chains of bondage.

The house of Pharaoh provides you financial and material comforts which are the tools the enemy uses to distract you from the greater glory of the assignment on your life.

It was Almighty God who intervened by His power and delivered Moses from the house of Pharaoh to pursue his calling and divine assignment. That same power is available to you today if only you will lift up your voice to God right now and cry out to Him to deliver you from the bondage of the house of Pharaoh.
When you cry out to God He will answer you, send you help and deliver you from the bondage of the house of Pharaoh, to serve Him by pursuing and fulfilling His calling and assignment on your life.

You are about to enter a mysterious dimension of the supernatural power of God you have never experienced before. May The Lord Jesus Christ deliver you completely, release you from every form of bondage to the house of Pharaoh. May God terminate the assignment of the house of Pharaoh against your life. May God strategically guide and position you in the place of power. May He do amazing things for the kingdom in and through your life.

Be Blessed.


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8 responses to “Breaking Out Of The House Of Pharaoh.

  1. brother James

    Flesh and blood has not revealed this. Thank you big brother. Worth sharing

  2. David Makoi

    Thank u Sir..u a truly blessed..more anointing upon u

  3. Uncle jim

    This is by divine inspiration, and i am blessed by this post. But sir, how can a church or ministry become a hinderance

    • Instead of releasing you to fulfil your true calling and assignment in life, a ministry will entice and seduce you by offering you a ‘good’ position and big, worthless titles to keep you bound to that church or ministry.
      You need spiritual discernment to recognise when a ministry or church is no longer helping you but has become a house of bondage.

  4. Uncle Jim

    Thank you sir, I understand .Your reply has reminded me of one man who happened to be a led guitarist in a certain church that I visited years ago. This brother was about to go bible school to answer God’s calling upon his life as a pastor; but he could not make it because the senior pastor of that church promised him that he would take care of him and his needs if he remains a guitarist in his church. so the Brother thought to himself, ” church also is the vineyard of God”, and he accepted the offer.
    Unfortunately, he did not enjoy the stipend for a long time. Something happened to him :that senior pastor got a transfer letter and left to head another branch of the mission and the brother became stranded and went to a remote village and that was where he remained for years and last that I asked of him they that knew something about him, told me that he has gone to eternity.
    May the good Lord help us to discern and know when to take radical steps in obedience to his call upon our life.

    • Such a sad, sad story. The house of Pharaoh is wicked although it may wear a religious facade. That young man should have been ministering the gospel right now. May the Lord grant us discernment to recognise the house of Pharaoh and give us grace to break out of it.

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