From Where You Are

From Where You Are.

Genesis 13:14-15
The Lord said to Abram after Lot had left him, Lift up now your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward;
For all the land which you see I will give to you and to your posterity forever.

Lot had a fallout with Abram his uncle. When the Lord commanded Abram to leave his country, he took Lot his nephew with him. As Lot journeyed with his uncle he began to prosper. Lot prospered so much that his herdsmen began making trouble with Abram’s herdsmen creating strife in their camp. Abram was a man of peace. He wanted there to be peace between him and with Lot so he asked him to choose an area of the territory in which they grazed their cattle.

Genesis 13:9
Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me:if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.

Abram was a man of integrity so he asked Lot to choose first. He asked him to choose any area of the territory that he liked. This was risky because Lot could have chosen the area of the territory that had streams and rivers. Lot chose the very best part of the territory, land which was well watered and moved away from his uncle Abram.

Apparently all that was left to Abram was the ‘bad’ area of the territory in which they lived and grazed their cattle. But Abram was unperturbed by the state of things. His nephew had chosen the best part of the land leaving Abram with ‘nothing’. However, Abram had a covenant relationship with God. God was the reason why he had left his father’s house, left his people, left his country and embarked on a journey of faith not knowing where he was going but trusting that God knew what He was doing and He was going to deliver on His promises.

God waited for Lot to depart before He appeared to Abram because Lot wasn’t going to be a part of the supernatural event that was about to happen in Abram’s life. God will re-assign, relocate, remove some people from your life before He takes you to the next level in your walk with Him. Some relationships will have to be terminated if you want the Lord to move supernaturally in your life. After Lot left, God asked Abram to lift up his eyes and look ‘from where you are.’

God wasn’t interested in what had happened in Abram’s past or even his present situation. God was interested in what He had purposed for Abram and his descendants. He was focused on bringing Abram into the blessing assigned to him and his lineage.
God said: ‘Lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are, northward and southward and eastward and westward.’
This was going to be a supernatural demonstration of God’s power.

There was no way that Abram could see with his natural eyes the lands and territories that God was going to give to him and his descendants. God asked him to lift up his eyes by faith, connect with the eternal eyes of God by faith and see beyond anything his mind could conceive, picture or imagine. By the power of God Abram saw not just a few miles of grazing grounds for his cattle, he saw a whole nation. He saw hundreds of miles in every direction and God said, “I will give it to you.”

Motivational preachers say what happened to Abram was the unleashing of the power of his imagination. No, this wasn’t imagination. This was a demonstration of the supernatural power of God. Abram saw territories that were hundreds of miles away with the eyes of faith. And God said everything Abram saw, including the lands Lot chose for himself out of greed, would belong to Abram and his descendants. So, in spite of Lot’s act of betrayal and economic sabotage intended to ruin Abram, God unleashed His supernatural power and turned the situation around to bless and prosper Abram beyond his dreams.

God told Abram: ‘what you see is what I will give you and your descendants.’ This is a spiritual law. God will bring into manifestation in your life what He causes you to see. If you can see it in your spirit, The Lord will move heaven and earth to orchestrate its manifestation in your life.
God wants you to see your career, your ministry, your business, your calling, your family, your future through the eyes of faith and God will birth it into reality in your life. If you can see it now, The Lord will orchestrate its manifestation in your life.

Friends, listen carefully.
If you want to experience a future different from your past or present you have to allow God show you something you have never seen before. The law of vision states that it is what you see by the power of the Holy Spirit that you will possess or manifest in your life.

Where you are right now is exactly where you should be for God to effect His will, plan and purpose in your life, for God to unleash His supernatural power in your life. You may have made some errors in judgement that have caused you emotional pain, damaged some strategic relationships in your life, made you lose money, shut the doors of opportunity in your face, denied you promotion and turned your life into a dark picture of worship. All these do not matter to God. God is telling you today to ‘lift up your eyes from where you are and look.’

The mistakes you made in your life may be so damaging, so irreparable, so daunting that you’ve lost all hope for a bright future; you may think that nothing can possibly work again in your life. But God is telling you that you should lift up your eyes by faith and look from where you are. What you see by faith will come into manifestation in your life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

When God shows you a future reality by His Spirit, He will bring it into manifestation in your life by Himself. He will orchestrate the circumstances, move the resources in your direction to facilitate the manifestation of that reality in your life. You don’t need to know anybody, you don’t need any connections, you don’t need to be apart of some big organisation. All you have to do is allow God to perfect the process and bring the vision into manifestation in your life.

God is not an optimist.
Optimism is good, however optimism cannot change the situation of your life. Only God has the power to intercept the strategy of the enemy, disrupt and break satanic cycles and birth His Will in your life.
God is a realist.
He doesn’t deny our mistakes. He doesn’t deny our failures. He doesn’t deny our pain. He doesn’t deny the situation or conditions of our lives. He doesn’t deny the issues and problems that beset us all around. And frankly, He is not intimidated by how complex, complicated, dire or knotty your situation in life is right now. God can change and transform your life right now only if you will trust Him to do what He said He would do. What God told Abram is the exact same thing He is telling you today: ‘lift up your eyes and look from where you are.’

Are you standing on the ashes of past defeat and failure?
Are you struggling with deep feelings of despondency?
Are you scared and uncertain about the future?
Are you in such a dire situation and you have no where to turn?
God is asking you to lift up your eyes and look from where you are. The supernatural power of God will manifest in your life when you look at the future through the eyes of faith.

Friends, pursue God in the place of prayer and demand by faith to see into God’s counsel, plan and purpose for your life. Look into the very heart of God by faith and access His will for your life. May The Lord touch your eyes to see beyond where you are, see beyond what you have accomplished, see beyond your limitations, see beyond your failures and see into the blessing, the future, the resources He has prepared, commanded and specially assigned for your life. May The Lord Himself bring you into that which He shows you.

Be blessed.


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  2. Tunde Dayo

    I am so blessed with your ministry God will continue to empower you for greater work in Jesus name.
    Please how can i locate your office am in lagos i really want purchase some of your books thanks.

  3. Alicwamu

    thanks man of God,your work is winning the lost souls here in Uganda and the world at large.

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