How To Kill Your Talent 2


In How To Kill Your Talent we discovered that when God gives you an ability, talent or gift, He doesn’t take it back-Romans 11:29. However that doesn’t stop you from the self sabotage of your calling by suffocating, strangling and eventually killing your own talent.
God uses your talent to guide you in the direction of your calling, in the direction of what you are meant to do with your life. When you allow your talent to have full expression in your life you will function effortlessly in your calling.
So, what are the other ways to kill your talent?

Starve your talent.
Your talent becomes healthy and grows when it is properly nourished. You nourish your talent by exposing it to information and focused training. For instance if you have a talent in IT related areas, to develop it you should feed it with information from the the IT world that nourishes this talent. Many people spend their time watching television, chatting on social network platforms and engaging in various actives to entertain themselves. But they never really spend time to deliberately feed their talent with the information and know-how they require to utilise it at the very optimum level. You may need to put yourself in a formal setting in which your talent will receive focused education and be developed for the market place. To feed your talent you should read books, attend workshops and seminars, register for an on-line course or return to school for further training.
Your talent must be nourished and fed until your calling on earth is fully accomplished, then you can sit back and relax. The day you stop feeding your talent it will begin to shrivel, wither and die. You may not realise that your talent is dying but it will show up in the poor quality of work you produce. If you want to remain on a path of excellence and world class performance make a commitment to feed and nourish your talent.

Don’t hand it over to God.
Many people have discovered their talents, they know what they are good at and they have even began to use their talent to make a difference. There is a lot you can achieve naturally on your own, and many people strive on their own to be productive with their talent. However there is a limit to how far you can go in the kingdom if God is not with you. In John 15:5, Jesus said, “…for without me you can do nothing.” When God breathes over your talent it receives grace and begins to multiply itself in an amazing way.
You can either hand over your talent to God or put it in the hands of man. I will encourage you to do the former. When you hand over your talent to God He will bless it and use it for His own purpose and to His own glory. God has a plan for our lives. When we yield to His plan by handing over our talent and abilities to Him, He begins to work out His plans for our lives using the talents that we have willingly placed in His hands. He will use your talent to bless countless number of people and also bless you. God knows your talent better than you do. He knows the best use it can be put to in the marketplace for it to grow and multiply itself. He knows the right businesses and enterprises you should engage in to help you maximise your talents.

No matter how small or insignificant your talent may look like, when you place it in the hands of God, He will use it in a manner that will astonish you. God is able to turn little into much and make it great. God specialises in using the seemingly weak and foolish things to confound the wise. God knows how to use your talent in more ways than you can even begin to comprehend. He knows an infinite number of uses to which you can put your talent. He knows where it will blossom and be most productive. God knows the future and can strategically position you and your talent in a place, in an organisation, in a nation, with a group of people that will not only value, appreciate your talent and ability but will also adequately honour and reward you for using it to solve their problems, give them solutions and make their lives better. God positioned Joseph in Egypt and he rose to amazing heights by the use of his talent. God removed him from an environment and from people who envied and hated him because of his talent and relocated him to a nation and people who valued him immensely. It took some years for this supernatural orchestration of events to bear fruit but eventually Joseph was given national recognition and promotion through the wise use of His talent. God can do the same for you. He can position you with the right people, organisation and nation who will place value on your talent and reward you. If you will release your talent to God to use as He sees fit, He will use it to bless you to the glory of His name and give you a testimony that will edify the saints.

Stay in the wrong location.
Talent can die if it is in the wrong location. Your talent will only function well and be prodigiously productive in certain situations, settings and locations. You may be in a place where everything is flourishing but if that is not where you are supposed to be your talent will struggle to be productive. Location can make or completely break you. Right location will expose you to opportunities and people who will make demands on your talent and cause it to be productive.

Staying in the wrong location will strangle and silence your talent. If your talent is silenced, so will your calling. Until you give your talent a voice your calling will not be on course. To stay alive your talent needs to have a voice and a means of self expression. A location or place in which your talent finds no real form of self expression will eventually become a graveyard for your talent and calling.

There are millions of people who have killed their talents by running off to ‘rich countries’ (churches, ministries and organisations) only to discover that their talent couldn’t thrive in such environments and they struggled to survive. They take on jobs that have nothing whatsoever to do with the use of their talent. They struggle to survive and abandon their talent and their calling. They stay with these jobs for years and become accustomed to living far below their potential and God given abilities. Several years on, they will discover that their talent has been silenced, killed and buried.

Don’t get me wrong. You can make lots of money in spite of the fact that you undermine your talent. There is a difference between making money and thriving in the centre of God’s will for your life. As a believer you should press into the place where you become kingdom minded. Your number one prayer in life should be this: ‘Lord, bring me into the very centre of your Will, plan and purpose for my life.’ Every other prayer is secondary. As you begin to say this prayer regularly, God will orchestrate circumstances and situations to bend to His Will and favour your righteous cause.

In Genesis 26:2, God told Isaac not to go to Egypt but to stay in the country which He would tell him of. Isaac obeyed, stayed in Gerar and prospered beyond his expectations. He was so successful that the citizens of that nation envied him. God blessed him in the location He chose for him. Before you relocate to a different country or a different city, pray and ask yourself these questions: ‘will my talent thrive in this place? Are there opportunities for me to grow in this place? Will my talent find means, channels and avenues of self expression or will it be silenced in this place? Is this where my calling, ministry, business and family will prosper?’ I have travelled to minister the gospel in some nations where my ministry was received with joy and my talents and spiritual gifts were honoured and rewarded. But I have also been to some countries where this didn’t happen. I pay very close attention to the nations, groups and places in which my ministry, calling and talents are recognised, honoured and rewarded.
You are not called to every nation. Not every ‘rich country’ will benefit you. Not every prosperous looking city is meant for you to live in. Before you sell your property and relocate to a new country or city you should pray and ask The Lord if that is where you should be because if you are in the wrong location you may never fulfil your calling in life unless God shows you mercy and delivers you.

Stay in wrong relationships.
One of the signs of a right relationship is that your talent and abilities blossom in it. In a right relationship your partner encourages you to use your talent, to press into the calling of God on your life. Your partner is not intimidated by your talent, your achievements or your success. Your partner not only wants to see the best happen in your life but is also very supportive of your goals and plans. Your partner is never in competition with you but sees your success and progress as the success and progress of you both.

A wrong relationship is the very opposite. Your partner does everything possible to choke your talent and this will lead to the sabotage of your calling. Years ago a brother told me how his partner sabotaged his talent and calling. The woman fought, frustrated and sabotaged every attempt he made to pursue God’s calling on his life by the use of his talent. I have also seen situations where a man does the same thing to the woman in his life and she eventually kills her talent and never pursues or fulfils God’s calling on her life.
This is a form of spiritual abuse. If your partner for whatever reason wants you to abandon God’s calling on your life, you are in a wrong relationship and you should extricate yourself from it before it destroys your talent and your calling.
Some relationships are ‘cursed’. They make nothing good happen for you. In fact, bad things keep happening in your life as a result of your relationship with such people. If you hang around a certain person or group of people and you discover that your talent is silenced, doesn’t flourish and struggles to survive, that should be a sign to you that you are with the wrong person or group of people. You must do everything within your power to move away from such people. Don’t be deceived by how ‘nice’ this person or group of people are. It is by their fruits you truly recognise them for who and what they are and not by their ‘niceness.’ If the fruit of your association is bad, then you are with the wrong person or people and you have to exit that relationship. If you are married you may need to go for some counselling session to set things straight in your relationship. If you are single you may be making a huge mistake getting married to such a person who is bent on killing your talent and burying it.

May God stir up the talents, gifts and abilities that lie dormant within you.
May you be led, guided to the right people, organisation and location in which your talent will find full, complete and unrestricted expression.
May God teach you how to honour the gifts, talents and abilities you possess.
May God use your talent to open doors, make a way for you, bring you before great people and bring great people before you.
May you be recognised, honoured and rewarded for the wise, diligent and strategic use of your talent.
May your talent be a blessing to your community, people, organisations and nations to which you have been called, sent and assigned.


© Praise George 2016.


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6 responses to “How To Kill Your Talent 2

  1. Aah sir!This post is really a step up for me in pursuing my talent.If God trusts me to be able to deliver,I shouldn’t hold myself back.Tnx sir!

  2. Emily Greene

    I would rather an unwanted talent to die. I don’t believe it is a gift. It is a learned skill and it can die if unwanted and neglected enough. At least, you gave tips on how to let a skill/talent die. It has given me hope. 🙂

    • Well, the gifts of God don’t ‘die’. They can remain dormant and utilised. There is no such thing as ‘an unwanted talent.’ Every talent serves a purpose in your life. You will find out the purpose of each talent as you explore them.

  3. Emily Greene

    May God kill an unwanted talent and skill. 🙂

  4. Sydney Chitimbe

    It’s been high time I’ve been motivated with your writings George…. You’re a good writer I must to confess

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