The Fall Of A Prophet, Part 1


A prophet is one called out from among the people to proclaim the Will of God and give direction to a nation and its people. 1 Samuel 3:1-21. It is an extra ordinary privilege and honour  for a man or woman to be called out as a prophet and it comes with great responsibility. A true prophet has no personal, political or financial agenda. He is solely focused on the pursuit of the will of God for that nation and its people.
A true prophet is an intercessor who stands in the gap in the place of prayer to plead for a nation and its people and to move them back into alignment with the will of God. 1Samuel 15:11.
A prophet has no desire for any form of earthly power, recognition or acceptance.
He has no desire to pursue or accumulate wealth.

A true prophet seeks righteousness and justice for a nation and its people. He fights for the cause of the poor,the weak, who have no representation, no voice in the land. He speaks the mind of God concerning the nation, its rulers and its people without fear or compromise. He declares exactly what God tells him to say regardless of its consequences to himself, his ministry and his family. He will speak the mind and Will of God even if it costs him his very life. A true prophet cannot be threatened by physical torture or death. He speaks fearlessly in the face of constant threat of death from his enemies who detest the truth of his words and the non-compromising values of his lifestyle. 1 Kings 22.

A true prophet cannot be bought. Numbers 22:18.
Money and material things hold no attraction for him. He cannot be seduced by wealth, no matter how attractive it is. Because he cannot be seduced or bought by money, he speaks with great boldness in the name of The Lord, standing on the authority given to him from heaven. A prophet finds the tedium of the daily pursuit of making money quite distracting. The moment he becomes distracted and turns to the pursuit of material things, he will lose sight of the eternal.

A prophet is not interested in gaining the approval, friendship and recognition of men. He is content with having only God’s recognition and approval. He may have relationships but his primary allegiance is to God, therefore his relationships if any at all are fragile, his commitments to men are written in sand and can be easily erased when God so demands.

A prophet doesn’t see life from the perspective of natural man, but he sees things from the Father’s perspective. Because he usually condemns and refuses to agree with the plans, motives and flesh driven desires of men, he is hated and makes enemies easily.

It takes a lot of effort for a prophet to have friends.
He hardly has any.
A prophet’s life is too unstable and volatile for him to have friends. With the kind of utterances and pronouncements he makes against presidents, pastors, business people and the governments in power, his life is constantly threatened and in danger. It takes a lot of effort for a prophet to build strong relationships. Most of his friends come out of his own stalk of the prophetic because they are the people who try to understand him, his calling and his attachment to the eternal realm.

A prophet is human and like every other man experiences the human condition of weaknesses, fleshly desires, foibles, that he wrestles with either in secret or openly. He daily confronts this part of his life and subjects it to the will of God. As long as a prophet pursues the agenda of God, he is in right standing with God. If and when he makes mistakes and repents, he receives forgiveness and continues his walk with God. However the day he yields to his human desire for recognition, for power, for money, for adulations and financial rewards, that is the day he falls from grace. The day pride takes over his heart, making him believe his own hype, making him think that he is the only authentic voice in the land and all others are sinners, making him think that he is infallible, that is the day he falls from the sacred pedestal upon which God has placed him as a mouthpiece of heaven and an intercessor for men.

When a prophet falls from grace his words which used to come from the heart of God now come from his own compromised and defiled heart. His words which used to come from the pure river flowing from the throne of God now come from a polluted stream bubbling from his prideful heart. When a prophet falls, his messages become compromised. He will seek to please men rather than please God. His desire to become recognised and approved by men grows and becomes a hinderance to the service of the Father.

The fact that a prophet manifests the supernatural in one form or another doesn’t mean he is still walking with God. False prophets abound who manifest the supernatural but have no true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t follow the supernatural but we follow the word of God. A true prophet is not known by signs and miracles but by the fruit of righteousness which he bears in his life. It is godly character that marks out a true prophet and not the ability to manipulate the supernatural. Matthew 7:15-20.

When a prophet falls he contradicts the things he once held dear, he compromises the very values that made him the mouthpiece of heaven, he begins to pursue the very things he once condemned, he explains away very apparent compromises and inconsistencies in his life. The lower he falls, the more he mixes with the high and mighty in society to whitewash and prop-up his image, to keep his brand alive with men and give himself more credibility in the sight of men.

When a prophet begins to associate with, move with, eat with the very people he once condemned, he has fallen from grace. When a prophet begins to crave and run after financial, political and social power, he has fallen from grace. When a prophet becomes seduced by pride and wants to associate with the powerful, the influential and the wealthy of the land so that he may be considered relevant, powerful and successful by the people, he has fallen from grace.

The fall of a prophet grieves the heart of God.
There is devastation in the lives of men and women for whom he previously acted as an intercessor and a shield from the storms of life.
The fall of a prophet reflects negatively on the state of a nation. When the voice of divine wisdom is compromised, weakened and silenced by mammon, there is chaos in the nation. When the light giver is compromised, the people who once walked in the light now stumble in darkness. The people who once knew what was right now falter between right and wrong not knowing what to do. The people who once had clarity now wander in a wilderness, hopelessly lost without a guide, without direction.

The last person to realise and accept that he has fallen is the prophet himself.

He may continue with his former routine, speaking powerful words, bringing deep revelations, even performing miracles but he has fallen from grace. The only person who can see through the deception going on in the heart of a fallen prophet is a prophet who still strives to walk with God. Every other person may be deceived by the hype of a fallen prophet but a true prophet who walks with God will see through the lies, the deception, the camouflage, the deceit and the attempt by a fallen prophet to pass himself as a genuine mouthpiece of heaven.

When a prophet falls but refuses to repent, his ministry is essentially done.

To be continued.


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14 responses to “The Fall Of A Prophet, Part 1

  1. Adetayo

    The maid hasn’t ended please. When will you post the concludiing part(s) of the maid?
    Awaiting your response please.

  2. Do we still have such these days , I mean true Prophets?

    • Of course there are true prophets: men and women who hear from heaven, who cannot be bought or compromised by mammon, whose lives are sold out to the Lord, who speak the truth no matter how dangerous it may be.
      True prophets exist but they don’t have the visibility and hype of the many false prophets who abound among us.

  3. meg

    hmm. Powerful one

  4. christopher silons

    What’s the difference between a prophet and a pastor

    On Saturday, September 19, 2015, Praise George wrote: > praisegeorge posted: ” A prophet is one called out from among the people to proclaim the Will of God and give direction to a nation and its people. 1 Samuel 3:1-21. It is an extra ordinary privilege and honour for a man or woman to be called out as a prophet and it c” >

    • A prophet and a pastor are both called into the five fold ministry to build the body of Christ, but they function differently. The primary distinction is that a prophet operates in the revelation gifts of discerning of spirits, the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom on a higher and more intense depth than any other ministries in the body of Christ. The prophetic also comes with a combination of ‘power gifts’ which manifest in signs and the miraculous.

      A pastor basically is called to teach, feed and nurture believers.He pays attention to the daily struggles and challenges of believers and helps them through with the word of God. While a prophet speaks to ‘the body of Christ’ and to the nations, the pastor is more focused on the local church and nurturing the saints in the local assembly.

  5. Akpobi Blessing

    you did not post the maid series today or is it finished?

  6. Uncle Jim

    Sir, I believe the that this piece is a heaven sent message/warning to all that would be heaven-minded persons. Just imagine one who suppose to be a mouth of God is now collecting consultation fees from the people who comes to inquire from God through them. They bleed the feeble-minded folks of their money. The bigness and how fast the manifestation of your miracle is determined by the amount you pay. May God deliver his people from the fangs of these cobras, and make his worshippers to view things through eternal perspective.
    God bless you sir.

    • The gift of God is freely given, it cannot be sold, neither can it be bought. It is an abomination to sell or buy the free gift of God.
      In the book of ACTS 8, a man offered the apostles money for the Holy Spirit and he was rebuked. Read the story. Peter called it wickedness to offer money for what God has given us freely.
      A true prophet does not demand money to minister to people, that is the work of false prophets.

      Jesus never demanded for money before he ministered to the people who came to him for help. Not once. Every financial gift should be freely given, not under coercion, manipulation or fear.

  7. Mwabi Thole

    I don’t know if it has already been posted, talking of THE FALL OF A PROPHET part II,
    Cause I have just been here for the first time..

  8. Pastor Praise this is an awesome piece, as we need more articles on what the office of a prophet really means and the responsibilities that are tied to that office. Kudos and I look forward to you finishing this topic

  9. This is so profound.
    I am reading it over and over again just so that it is engraved on my finger tips.
    Thank you Sir for this insight

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