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The Fall Of A Prophet, Part 1


A prophet is one called out from among the people to proclaim the Will of God and give direction to a nation and its people. 1 Samuel 3:1-21. It is an extra ordinary privilege and honour  for a man or woman to be called out as a prophet and it comes with great responsibility. A true prophet has no personal, political or financial agenda. He is solely focused on the pursuit of the will of God for that nation and its people.
A true prophet is an intercessor who stands in the gap in the place of prayer to plead for a nation and its people and to move them back into alignment with the will of God. 1Samuel 15:11.
A prophet has no desire for any form of earthly power, recognition or acceptance.
He has no desire to pursue or accumulate wealth.

A true prophet seeks righteousness and justice for a nation and its people. He fights for the cause of the poor,the weak, who have no representation, no voice in the land. He speaks the mind of God concerning the nation, its rulers and its people without fear or compromise. He declares exactly what God tells him to say regardless of its consequences to himself, his ministry and his family. He will speak the mind and Will of God even if it costs him his very life. A true prophet cannot be threatened by physical torture or death. He speaks fearlessly in the face of constant threat of death from his enemies who detest the truth of his words and the non-compromising values of his lifestyle. 1 Kings 22. Continue reading


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