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The Maid 40.


The Regents Centre,
Ikoyi, Lagos.
Monday Morning

“Gbenga!” Yemi cried.
A look of dread spread over her face like an Ibibio masquerade mask as she watched Gbenga Philips struggle for breath like a fish out of water. She got out of bed, put on a some clothes and ran into the room where her mom and dad were sleeping. “Gbenga is struggling to breathe. I don’t know what is going on!” she said in panic.
Kola Esho got out of bed and followed his daughter. He entered the room, took one look at Gbenga and grabbed his car keys. “Let’s get him to a hospital.”
“Dad, someone tried to kill us tonight and I am sure he is out there waiting for us to come out into the open. We can’t expose ourselves again.”
Kola moved over to the bed and regarded Gbenga for a moment.
“I don’t know who tried to kill you both but we must take this man to a hospital before he dies in this house. I cannot afford to let him die in my home.”
“Dad, where can we take him? There are no good hospitals in this area.”
Kola thought for a moment. “We will take him to a hospital on the island,” he said and wore Gbenga a shirt.
Yemi looked at her dad as if he had lost his mind. “Where are we going to get the money to pay for his treatment? You know that they won’t even touch him until we pay a deposit,” Yemi said while helping lift Gbenga off the bed.
Kola regarded Gbenga. “Someone like him would have health insurance and even if he doesn’t, you can call his wife.” Continue reading


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