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The Maid 39


The Philips’ Residence.

Supo came to with a splitting headache. A cacophony of disjointed voices surrounded him. The cold harmattan wrapped itself tightly around him making his body shiver like a man struck with malaria. He opened his eyes, saw that he was lying on a stretcher and there were police officers moving around the grounds of the Phillips’ mansion.

The last thing he remembered was trying to catch his breath as his partner ran before him into the house. He heard a man behind him order him to drop his weapon. But before he could turn around to confront the man, he was struck on the head with a metallic object and passed out. That was all he remembered.
He touched the spot on his head and winced.
“You are up!” Raymond chuckled. “Welcome back to reality.”
Supo turned to look at Raymond who was holding two paper cups of coffee and beaming with a huge smile like a man who had just won the lottery. He collected one cup from him and took a sip. The caffeine brought some clarity to his mind and strength back to his weak body.

Raymond filled him in. “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that while you were out, I arrested the notorious gangster Sugar,” Raymond said with excitement. “Right now he is in our custody,” he pointed at a police car.
Supo massaged his head. “You did?” He looked at the police activity around him. This was very confusing. “How did you manage to do that?” Supo looked lost.
Raymond was enjoying himself. “It appears you have the instincts to become a great detective.”
“Why do you say so?” Supo asked. Continue reading


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