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The Maid 38


En-Route To The Philips’ Residence.

The car sped through the night like an owl, its headlights piercing the darkness as it drove into Victoria island. The matriarch of the Phillips family sat alone in the back seat, imprisoned by her thoughts.
Her hands trembled as she dialled Gbenga’s number for the fifth time. It was still switched off.
“Ehnn,” Mama sighed deeply.
The driver turned around, took a quick look at her and returned to his driving.
“Is everything okay ma?” he asked.
“Kabiru, I am okay. Keep your eyes on the road.”
She looked out aimlessly into the night observing the few stray cars on the road and the houses of the rich which lined the streets.
If Gbenga had listened to her and left Shade alone when she advised him to, he wouldn’t be in his present predicament. But he was deceived and fell easily into her trap. If he had looked beyond Shade’s beauty like she advised him to, if he had taken more time to explore her character and discover the kind of woman she was, he would have seen her for what she really was, a gold digger! If he had obeyed her, she wouldn’t be out at this time of the night, she would be in bed at home, enjoying her sleep.
“Dear Lord, watch over my son wherever he is,” she prayed silently.
As the car sped towards the Phillips’ residence, she remembered the very day she warned Gbenga not to marry Shade. Continue reading


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