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The Maid 36


The Lagos Lagoon.

His hands flapped on the water like a bird trying to lift off the ground with its body refusing to obey the laws of nature, keeping it bound to the earth.
He drank some water as he made a feeble attempt to stay afloat. The water tasted  bitter and smelled bad. His hands were getting tired. His feet could no longer kick to defy the downward pull of gravity. The cold bit into his bones like needles, weakening him.

Struggling to stay afloat in the dark waters of the Lagos lagoon, Gbenga came to the realisation that he was about to die. Nothing could save him from being swallowed into the belly of this monster which silently destroyed those unfortunate enough to be caught in its trap, and hid the evidence of their demise at the bottom of the lagoon. Decomposing tissue devoured by hungry sea creatures which managed to survive in the polluted waters of the lagoon. Continue reading


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