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The Maid 35


The Philips’ Residence.

“What are we doing here? The man we came to help is missing. We should leave,” Sugar said.
“Kokoro would be concerned that we haven’t called,” Diana said.
Ngozi ignored them. She looked up. “Wait for me. I will be back.”
She went upstairs, got to the master bedroom and pushed the door open.
“Come in,” Shade said from within. “I have been expecting you.”
Ngozi entered the room and looked around.  She noticed two full glasses and a bottle of champagne on the side table beside the bed. She turned her attention to Shade. “What have you done to Gbenga?”
“He is my husband. What I do to him or with him is none of your business,” Shade picked one of the glasses and drank some champagne.  Continue reading


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