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The Maid 38


En-Route To The Philips’ Residence.

The car sped through the night like an owl, its headlights piercing the darkness as it drove into Victoria island. The matriarch of the Phillips family sat alone in the back seat, imprisoned by her thoughts.
Her hands trembled as she dialled Gbenga’s number for the fifth time. It was still switched off.
“Ehnn,” Mama sighed deeply.
The driver turned around, took a quick look at her and returned to his driving.
“Is everything okay ma?” he asked.
“Kabiru, I am okay. Keep your eyes on the road.”
She looked out aimlessly into the night observing the few stray cars on the road and the houses of the rich which lined the streets.
If Gbenga had listened to her and left Shade alone when she advised him to, he wouldn’t be in his present predicament. But he was deceived and fell easily into her trap. If he had looked beyond Shade’s beauty like she advised him to, if he had taken more time to explore her character and discover the kind of woman she was, he would have seen her for what she really was, a gold digger! If he had obeyed her, she wouldn’t be out at this time of the night, she would be in bed at home, enjoying her sleep.
“Dear Lord, watch over my son wherever he is,” she prayed silently.
As the car sped towards the Phillips’ residence, she remembered the very day she warned Gbenga not to marry Shade. Continue reading


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The Maid 37


The Philips’ Residence.

Raymond ran into the house, looked around the sitting and dinning room areas then entered the kitchen. It was empty. He came out of the kitchen and stood before the door of the visitor’s bedroom with his gun before him just as he was taught in the police academy. His overweight partner struggled behind him, breathing hard like a man who just ran a twenty-mile marathon. Raymond turned around to look at his partner who was leaning on a wall to catch his breath. “You should get rid of the weight,” he said, shaking his head.
“Give me a moment to catch my breath,” Supo said.
Raymond pushed the door to the room open and entered the dark room, searching for the light switch on the wall.
Supo watched as Raymond disappeared into the room. “This job will not kill me,” he wiped the dripping sweat off his face with the back of his left hand, then pushed himself away from the wall.
Raymond came out of the room. “There’s nothing here. I will check upstairs.”
“I am right behind you,” Supo watched his partner climb the stairs with caution. Continue reading


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The Maid 36


The Lagos Lagoon.

His hands flapped on the water like a bird trying to lift off the ground with its body refusing to obey the laws of nature, keeping it bound to the earth.
He drank some water as he made a feeble attempt to stay afloat. The water tasted  bitter and smelled bad. His hands were getting tired. His feet could no longer kick to defy the downward pull of gravity. The cold bit into his bones like needles, weakening him.

Struggling to stay afloat in the dark waters of the Lagos lagoon, Gbenga came to the realisation that he was about to die. Nothing could save him from being swallowed into the belly of this monster which silently destroyed those unfortunate enough to be caught in its trap, and hid the evidence of their demise at the bottom of the lagoon. Decomposing tissue devoured by hungry sea creatures which managed to survive in the polluted waters of the lagoon. Continue reading


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The Maid 35


The Philips’ Residence.

“What are we doing here? The man we came to help is missing. We should leave,” Sugar said.
“Kokoro would be concerned that we haven’t called,” Diana said.
Ngozi ignored them. She looked up. “Wait for me. I will be back.”
She went upstairs, got to the master bedroom and pushed the door open.
“Come in,” Shade said from within. “I have been expecting you.”
Ngozi entered the room and looked around.  She noticed two full glasses and a bottle of champagne on the side table beside the bed. She turned her attention to Shade. “What have you done to Gbenga?”
“He is my husband. What I do to him or with him is none of your business,” Shade picked one of the glasses and drank some champagne.  Continue reading


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