The Maid 33

The Maid 33

The Philips’ Residence.

Chioma and her bodyguard drove out of the gates. Sadique waited for their tail lights to die out in the distance then he returned to the house. Moments later he returned carrying Gbenga Philips on his shoulder like a sack, with his hands and feet tied.
“Why are you doing this? the injured man struggled against the ropes which bound him with fear in his voice.
“Don’t ask me any questions.” Sadique threw him in the back seat of the car.
“Who paid you to do this? Is it Shade? Is it Ngozi? Answer me!” Gbenga shouted at the ex-military man. “If it is money I can give you more! I am rich! I will give you one of my houses. You can have my cars. Anything! Please don’t do this to me,” he pleaded.
“She promised me something more than money. That is the reason why I am doing this.”
“What did she promise to give you? What?”
Sadique regarded the man shivering like a cornered animal and felt no pity for him. As far as he was concerned Gbenga Philips was the enemy and his demise tonight would not only make him rich but could also get him married to a very beautiful woman.
Gbenga tried to sow some doubts in his mind. “She is lying to you.”
“If she could do this to me her husband, what do you think she will do to you? Why would she want to be with you, a common security guard who has absolutely nothing to offer her?”
“Maybe she doesn’t want me because of material things. Maybe she wants me for my strength. Mr Philips, everything in life is not about money,” Sadique lectured his soon to be ex-boss. “Some things are more important than money.”
“You have been seduced by her beauty, that was the same way she seduced me and look at what has become of me. That woman will ultimately destroy you!” Gbenga cried out in desperation.
“I will take my chances with her.” Sadique brought out a piece of cloth and tied his mouth, then closed the door of the car. He walked to the quarters behind the house and returned with the maid. When she saw Gbenga Philips tied up like a goat, she stepped away from the car, a look of horror on her face.
“What is going on here?” the maid asked. “Why is he tied up like that?”
“Stop asking me stupid questions and get into the car,” Sadique said.
Yemi looked at his angry face. She knew if she wanted to survive she had to play along with him. Aggravating him at this point could prove fatal. She entered the car and sat quietly beside Gbenga at the back of the car.
Sadique opened the gate, got back into the car and drove out of the compound. He got out again, shut the gate, got back into the car and drove out into the night.
“Sadique, what is going on? Where are we going at this time of the night?” the maid asked the ex-military man whose eyes were set on the road before him.
“Where are we going?!” Yemi raised her voice.
Sadique kept his eyes on the road. “If you don’t keep quiet I will tie you up like Mr Philips. Is that what you want?” he asked the maid.
“You owe me an explanation. Where are you taking Gbenga Philips tied up like this? And why am I coming with you?”
Gbenga grunted and made some animal noises through the rag that covered his mouth.
Suddenly Sadique swerved and stopped the car by the side of the road.
“Yemi, this is the last time I will warn you to shut up. If you continue talking, I will tie you up.”
Yemi leaned forward and looked into his eyes. “You say you love me and this is how you treat me, hiding things from me? If you love me you will let me know what you are about to do to Gbenga Philips.”
Sadique was silent for a moment. “You don’t need to know what is going on. Just be quiet. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, I understand you,” the maid said.
Sadique turned away from her, started the car and drove on keeping his eyes on the road.
Yemi brought out her phone from her jeans pocket  and began typing quietly.


“What’s inside that bag?” The overweight officer repeated the question.
Sugar turned to him. “Nothing that would be of any interest to you.”
Supo paused, deciding what to do. “Open the bag.”
Sugar reached down and touched the zipper on the bag, then paused.
Diana saw his body language, opened the back door, got out of the car and stood behind Supo. The fat officer wasn’t aware that he was in any danger.
Raymond came out of the police car and observed the situation. If these were armed robbers, the fat police officer would be dead before he returned to the car to get his gun. He was thinking about what to do when a call came in on the police radio. ‘All units, robbery in progress on Akin Adesola street. Backup required urgently.’ The message was repeated. Raymond called out to his partner.
Supo looked up.
“Backup required urgently in Victoria Island.” Raymond shouted.
Supo looked at Sugar and shook his head. He turned to Ngozi and handed over the vehicle papers and her licence. “You can go.”
Ngozi and Diana entered the car.
Supo watched as they drove off. He got back to the police car and sat down beside his partner. “Why were you in such a hurry to leave?”
Raymond regarded the overweight officer for a moment. “That was a complete waste of our time. We should have gone to investigate and pick up a suspect now we are going to be side tracked by this call for backup.”
Supo adjusted himself in the car seat which looked too small to hold his rotund body. “There was something suspicious about them. I still think you should have allowed me to search the bag with that man. It could have been full of drugs or contraband goods.”
“Or weapons,” interjected Raymond. “And if they had decided to attack us, we could be dead by now.”
“You can be so dramatic,” Supo chuckled, his fat stomach bouncing like a huge ball attached to the middle of his body. “Nothing would have happened. Do you think that man can gun me down?”
Raymond started the car and got back on the road. “You should be careful. Police work is not your father’s business. We have enough people who hate us already. There’s no need to put ourselves in harm’s way.”
Supo was silent as the car moved on in the night. “Thank you for your professional advice,” he said with sarcasm. “I will be sure to do as you say.”
Raymond didn’t respond. He sped towards the address where backup was needed.


Sadique parked the car on a side road by the Lagos lagoon. He opened the back door of the car and looked at his two hostages. He noticed the phone in Yemi’s hand. “What are you doing with that?” He dragged her out of the car but left Gbenga still tied up.
“What do you plan to do to us? Is this how you intend to end our relations…”
He slapped her with the back of his right hand. The force threw her against the car and the phone flew from her hand.
“You whore!” He shook an angry finger at her. “While you were sleeping with Gbenga Philips you pretended to be in love with me. You deceived me!”
Yemi tasted some blood in her mouth. She held a hand to her cheek where the slap stung her.
“I trusted that our love could survive your betrayal of your affair with Kalu, but I never knew our situation was worse than I thought.”
“Sadique, what do you want from me?” Yemi spat out some blood. “I did what I had to do for my survival. I won’t apologise to you or anybody else for my relationship with Gbenga Philips,”
“So you admit to sleeping with him behind my back?”
“You don’t own me. Stop treating me like you do!” Yemi shouted at him.
“Why did you desecrate yourself by getting pregnant for him?”
“Desecrate myself? What am I, your goddess? I got pregnant because I wanted to. Nobody forced this on me.”
“You must get rid of this pregnancy. I can’t bear the thought of seeing you with another man’s baby.”
“Sadique, you either want me the way I am or you don’t want me at all. I am not going to kill this baby, not for you, not for anybody else.”
Sadique walked back and forth before Yemi, his head bowed down, his hands balled into fists. He stopped and opened the back door. The inner light of the car came on. Gbenga Phillips starred back at him with more fear in his eyes. He yanked the piece of cloth from his mouth. “You are the cause of this problem and you will pay for it.”
“I didn’t do anything wrong. I am innocent!”
“We shall see about your innocence.”
Sadique brought out his phone and dialled a number. “Hello, I am about to do the job,” he said.
“Let me talk to him,” Shade Philips said on the other end of the line.
Sadique put the call on speaker phone and put it by Gbenga’s mouth. Yemi moved closer to listen to what was going on in the car.
“Shade what is this madness that has overtaken you? First you shoot me, now this. Why do you hate me so much? What have I done to deserve such barbaric treatment?”
“Gbenga, shut up!” Shade shouted.
“Shade, how dare you talk to me as if I were your slave? I am your husband!”
“You have never been my husband and you never will,” said the light skinned seductress from Ibadan.
Gbenga was tongue tied for a moment. “I have never been your husband? What madness has overtaken you Shade?”
“Do you want to know the truth?” his wife asked. “Our marriage is a sham.”
“What did you say?!” Gbenga’s mouth went dry, parched like a Tuareg trekking in the burning sands of the Sahara desert.  His heart began to beat in his chest like the drums of osun river devotees engaged in a wild orgy of worship of their water demon.
“Gbenga, I never loved you, not even for one day,” Shade’s words floated inside the car, choking like poison gas.
Gbenga Philips gnashed his teeth in regret. He should have listened to his mother. She had been right about Shade. All he had believed was a lie: his wife, his marriage, his home, all had been a game of deception. Shade had betrayed him. He felt like dying on the spot.
Unknown to Gbenga, his wish was about to be granted.


To be continued.


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11 responses to “The Maid 33

  1. Uncle Jim

    ‘His wish was about to be granted’, what has he wished for? Sir, that is a powerful suspense, I like it. may next Monday come up quick. But this shade character is more like that of Delilah; may the most high save and deliver sincere men from the hands evil women. Sir, more grace to you.

  2. Brian mwenya

    sir i keep on getting inspired with every time i read your story’s and i learn a lot…..Thank you very much.

  3. Jules

    All these twists and turns……!!!..very intriguing 🙂

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