The Maid 32


The Philips’ Residence.

“Wait for me. I will be back in a moment,” Shade entered the walk-in wardrobe to change her clothes and get ready for bed.
Sadique poured himself a drink and downed it very quickly. Things were going in a different direction. Mrs Philips wanted him to dispatch her husband and his mistress. But who was the mistress, he asked himself.
How will he handle this situation?
His boss’s wife just offered him money and herself if he got rid of her husband. Maybe this was the breakthrough he had been expecting. Maybe this was God’s way of rewarding him for his years of service to his country which wasn’t acknowledged nor rewarded, instead he was courtmartialed for dereliction of duty and endangering the lives of his colleagues.
Shade came out wearing a black night dress with a lose robe.
Sadique waited for her to sit down. “Who is carrying your husband’s child?”
“You’ve been in this house and you don’t know what is going on?” Shade asked.
“I mind my own business and don’t listen in on other people’s conversations.”
Shade regarded him and smiled.
Sadique was smitten. He had never seen his boss’s wife like this. She looked so beautiful. This was the very first time she recognised him as a human being and not just a security guard.
“The woman pregnant for my husband is Yemi, the maid,” said the wife of Gbenga Philips.
“Is it Yemi who works for you or someone else?”
“Yes, the same Yemi. While I foolishly granted her access to my husband she took advantage of my frequent travels and seduced my husband. She confessed yesterday morning that she was pregnant for my husband.”
Sadique couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “This must be a big mistake. She doesn’t look pregnant to me.”
“You are a man. How can you tell when a woman is pregnant until she begins to show? Yemi is at least three months pregnant.”
Shade noticed the confusion on Sadique’s face. His brows were wrinkled in a strong frown. “Is there something you want to tell me about Yemi?”
“Like what?”
Shade regarded him with suspicion. “Are you sleeping with the maid?”
Sadique had a murderous look on his face.


En-route to the Philips’ residence.

The police car stopped at the traffic lights.
“Why did you stop?” officer Supo Olasore asked his colleague who was driving. “We should have returned to the station with the suspect if you weren’t obeying traffic rules.”
“But we ought to obey the traffic rules. This is not an emergency. We are merely going to pick up someone. We have time to spare,” Raymond Ogah said, looking at the red light.
” I need a bottle of cold beer,” Supo rubbed his bulging belly.
“Haven’t you had enough already? Your stomach is a disgrace to the force,” Raymond said.
“You are envious of me. The girls love me the way I am.” The fat officer chuckled.
Raymond turned away in disgust. He hated sitting in the same car with him.
Supo casually glanced behind at the car on his right. The first thing that caught his attention was a man wearing dark glasses sitting by the woman driving the car. The lights of the passing cars reflected on their faces.
Supo tapped Raymond who was driving. “Put on the siren and stop that car.” He pointed at the car to his right.
Raymond looked back. “They have done nothing wrong. Let them go.”
Supo shook his head. “No. That man looks suspicious,” he insisted. “We should stop and search the car.”
“Why, because he is wearing dark glasses at night? He can wear green glasses for all I care. Let’s go and pick up this suspect and return to the station on time.”
“If you don’t want to do it, I will.” Supo said. “We could make some money tonight.”
“We can’t afford to stop every person who looks suspicious, if we do we will never get the real police work done.” Raymond said.
As the lights turned green the fat officer reached forward and pressed the siren button and the noise of the siren filled the night like a wailing banshee. Raymond drove in front of the car and stopped the vehicle.
Before Supo got out of the car Raymond stopped him. “Be careful. We are outnumbered. If they are armed we could be outgunned. This place is isolated and we don’t have backup.”
Supo laughed. “We do this everyday. What could possibly happen? Why have you suddenly gone soft? If you are uncomfortable with this you can stay in the car.”
Raymond made no attempt to get out of the car.
“Suit yourself,” Supo said and headed for the car with the three occupants.
As his partner walked towards the car, Raymond had a very bad feeling in his stomach.


Ngozi turned to Sugar who sat calmly waiting for the police officer to approach the car. “I told you to sit at the back with Diana but you insisted on sitting in front where your ridiculous glasses would attract the worst possible attention. Now this.”
“Relax. Nothing will happen,” he said with confidence.
“We are in a hurry to get back to the house and treat my friend. This could waste our time.”
“It won’t.”
Diana sat silent at the back.
Ngozi watched the fat police man walk over to the car.
The policeman stood by the driver’s side. “Good evening madam,” the policeman said, looking curiously at Sugar who sat there just staring in front of him as if nothing happening concerned him.
“Good evening officer,” Ngozi said with some irritation in her voice.
“Please put on your inner light.”
She put it on.
“May I see your licence and registration?” The policeman kept looking at Sugar and at the woman sitting at the back seat.
Ngozi gave him the documents.
He put on a flashlight and perused them. “I will have to ask you to open your boot.”
“For what?” Ngozi asked angrily.
“Just a routine check.”
Ngozi took a deep breath. “It is late and we have to be back home.”
The police officer stepped back. “Madam, please open your boot and let me inspect it.”
Ngozi stepped out of the car and opened the boot.
The officer searched it with his torchlight. It was empty. He wasn’t satisfied. He regarded Ngozi curiously. “Where are you going at this hour of night?” he asked.
“I am going home.”
“Coming from where?”
Ngozi was getting very impatient with the officer. “We are coming back from the moon! Look, I am tired and need to go to my house to rest.”
Supo regarded the beautiful woman. He wanted to keep her a while longer.
Raymond pressed the horn twice. The fat officer ignored him.
Supo walked around to where Sugar was sitting in front. He flashed the torch into the car and the light fell on the bag by Sugar’s legs. “What’s inside that bag?” the fat police officer asked.


Shade brought out a thick brown envelope from the wardrobe and threw it at Sadique. He opened it. It was full of dollars. He had never held such amount of money in his life. He didn’t bother to count it.
“When you finish the job, I will give you some more,” Shade said.
“And the other matter?”
Shade walked over to him and touched his lips with the index finger of her right hand. “I will be waiting for you when you return, big boy.”
Sadique licked his lips. “What happens if I encounter problems?” He asked.
“I am paying you to handle such problems and get the job done.”
Sadique walked to the door.
He turned around and faced Shade.
“I want to talk to Gbenga before you finish him off. I want him to know why I am doing this to him.”
Sadique nodded and left the room.
Shade got into bed. She brought out her phone and dialled a number.
“Hello, darling.” Shade said.
“Is it done?” A man’s voice with a strong Italian accent asked from the other end of the line.
“I faced some challenges initially and didn’t want to go ahead with it, but now everything is going according to plan.”
“Good, good. I knew I could trust you.”
“This will soon be over and we will be together.”
“I can’t wait to hold you in my arms.”
“Soon my love, you will have me all to yourself,” Shade said.


To be continued.


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10 responses to “The Maid 32

  1. omgoodness, and I was pitying shade all these while?jeeeez

  2. Meg

    birds of identical plumage always flock together they say, Shade is not better than Ngozi.

  3. lynettedavis

    Wait! This was part of Shade’s plan all along?

    • I think some people wondered how she could have been friends with Ngozi, a conniving, mean and dubious woman. As Meg observed, birds of the same feather flock together. She didn’t have the guts to go through with her plan initially but events have brought us where we are.

      • lynettedavis

        She does come across just as conniving as her friend. In fact, all the women are very manipulative. Can’t wait to read the next segment!

  4. Uncle Jim

    Waah oh! Wonders shall never end. This twist is soo interesting. so this shade had been all along dinning with the devil in her heart. It seems to me that shade had been fighting for what she knew that she does not like, being driven by jealousy. Now it is dawning on me that Yemi may emerge a winner at last – the maid.

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