The Maid 31


Chief Dotun Babalore’s residence.

Tinu stood before her husband in his study. “I cannot stay here doing nothing while my daughter is in trouble.”
“Then I suggest you do something about it, but count me out of it,” chief said.
“Chief I beg you, attend to this matter.”
His phone rang. He and his wife looked at each other. He looked at the number. It was one of his contacts from the police force. He answered the call.
“Why are you calling me at this late hour?”
“Chief, I thought I should let you know about this.”
“Know about what?”
“Do you know one Chief Mrs Eno Philips?”
“Yes, I do. She is my in-law.”
The police man paused. “Chief, she called our station a few minutes ago and asked that Shade Philips should be arrested for attempted murder!”

“What?” chief shouted into the handset. “How does she know what is going on in my daughter’s home?”
“I don’t know how she got her information but that is what she told the officer who received the call.”
Chief looked at his wife. This was worse than he had thought. “So what have you decided to do?”
“We just dispatched some policemen to her home to investigate this serious accusation and invite her for questioning.”
Chief thought about it for a few seconds. “When did this happen?”
“About ten minutes ago.”
“Thank you. Keep me informed of further developments.”

Tinu used the opportunity to press her demands. “Chief, I asked you to intervene in this matter but you wouldn’t. Now our daughter will be arrested and treated like a common criminal,” she said.
“If she was stupid enough to shoot her husband, then she should be ready to take whatever punishment is meted out to her.”
Tinu raised her voice. “I don’t believe you just said that. This is our daughter you are talking about, not a stranger!”
Chief looked up at the ceiling. He looked down at his wristwatch. “It’s late. There’s nothing I can do myself tonight, but I will call my lawyer to attend to it immediately.”
Tinu went on her knees. “Thank you chief,” she said. “You won’t regret this.”
But Dotun Babalore didn’t answer his wife. There was a look of dread on his face as if something sinister was lurking beyond the window, in the thick darkness, watching him, waiting to pounce on him and tear him into shreds the moment he stepped out of the safety of his home.


The Philips’ residence.

“Sadique, help my wife upstairs,” Gbenga said looking at Shade, his face twisted in displeasure. His right hand was bandaged and he had changed the bandage on his chest.
“Yes, sir.” Sadique answered.
Chioma was on her way out of the room. Sadique stopped her. “Could you stay with Mr Phillips until I get back downstairs?”
Chioma regarded Gbenga on the bed. She was way in over her head. What she witnessed a few minutes ago was nothing but a divine intervention to save Yemi’s life. “I really should be leaving.”
“Please, just for a few minutes,” Sadique pleaded
She turned around and came back inside the room and sat on a chair beside the bed.
Sadique lifted Shade up from the floor and they headed for the stairs. Gbenga’s eyes followed them until they were out of the room.

Shade took slow and heavy steps as she climbed the stairs. Suddenly she missed a step, stumbled and Sadique caught her just as she turned, pressing into his chest, her face buried on his shoulder. She remained in that awkward position for a few seconds to catch her breath. In those few seconds that Shade stayed in his arms, Sadique felt the softness of her skin, smelt the rich scent of her perfume and it charmed his senses. He no longer saw her as his boss’s wife. He saw her as an attractive and desirable woman.
Shade noticed the effect she had on him. She could sense the confusion going on in his mind. She lingered for a few more seconds then pushed herself away slowly. She could have sworn that Sadique didn’t want to let go off her. She turned her head away from him and smiled. “Thank you so much. That could have been a nasty fall if you hadn’t come to my rescue. That was very kind of you,” Shade said.
“Just doing my job.”
They resumed climbing.
“I hear you were in the military,” Shade said with some respect in her voice.
“I was ma.”
“Did you engage in real combat?”
“Yes, I did ma.”
“I am sure you must have dispatched some unfortunate souls to the great beyond before their time.”
“It was either them or me,” he said.

Shade regarded Sadique with tired eyes. “If you were so good at what you did, why are you in this house working as a security guard when you could be doing something more, something better with your life?” she paused. “Something more suited to a man of your rare skills.”She continued walking up the stairs.
Sadique followed her.
They entered her room and she sat down on a chair. Sadique looked around the room. That was his first time of entering the master bedroom. She waived him to the chair next to her.
“Could you pour me a drink from over there,” she pointed at a shelf with some bottles of alcohol and glasses. Sadique brought her a drink and sat down. She drank the contents, set down the empty glass on a stool by her side and crossed her legs, observing how the eyes of the ex-military man followed the movement.
“I should leave,” Sadique stood up.
“I said you should sit down!” She insisted.
Sadique remained standing. “I have to attend to Mr Philips. He needs urgent medical attention,” he said.
Shade ran her hands through her hair. “I can tell you are an enlightened man, a man of the world. I know you like the good things of life, things that will make life more….more comfortable for you,” she whispered.
“Where are you going with this?” Sadique asked impatiently.
“Just listen to me.”
“I really have to leave ma.”
She pointed at the chair. “Sit.”
Sadique sat down slowly.
She stood up and stood in front of Sadique. “I have a proposition for you, something that will change your life forever. I will give you more money than you’ve ever seen in your whole life.
Sadique sat forward in his chair. “I am listening.”

She sat down on the bed and held a pillow in her hands. “Sadique, have you ever had a real woman in your life?” She caressed the pillow gently as if it were a cat. “I am not talking about running around with the illiterate maids in the neighbourhood. I am talking about a real woman. Have you?”
Sadique was about to answer but she waved a weak hand and silenced him.
“If you accept my proposition, I will be indebted to you and reward you not only financially, but with something more,” she slowly brushed off an imaginary flint from her chest, her eyes locked on the security guard.
Sadique’s eyes opened wide.
She saw the curiosity in his eyes. “Let me be straight with you. If you accept my proposition, you can have me, your boss’s wife, all of me,” she smiled wickedly. “Are you interested?”
Sadique thought for a moment and nodded slowly like an obedient mutt waiting to be fed a rare delicacy by it’s master.
“Come sit with me.” She patted the bed. “Don’t be shy. I won’t bite,” she giggled like a japanese geisha.
He rose up slowly and sat down beside her.

“You are such a strong man,” she ran her fingers up and down his biceps which looked like overgrown yams. “Not a weakling like Gbenga Philips,” she spat out the words with disgust. “You are a man who can take good care of his woman and protect her. You are the kind of man I need in my life, the kind of man I’ve always wanted but fate dealt me a cruel blow by giving me Gbenga Philips. I have prayed for many years that this curse be reversed, but now I’m done with praying. I am going to correct the mistake fate made by bringing us together,” she held his right hand. Sadique sat there like an Ethiopian eunuch listening to her.
She looked into his eyes. “Are you man enough to do what it takes to change your life overnight?” she challenged his ego.
“What do you want me to do?” Sadique asked with caution.
Shade leaned close to him, her alcohol filled breath blowing on his face. A strange cruelty took over her eyes and shrouded her face.
She spoke deliberately.
“I want you to get rid of Gbenga and that whore carrying his bastard!”
Sadique stared at Shade Philips, thinking that there was a very strong possibility that his boss’s wife was on the verge of insanity.


To be continued.


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4 responses to “The Maid 31

  1. Uncle Jim

    That’s absurd, Shade. ah! You of all people? ah !! no that is not befitting; but could it be that she was dreaming being awake, or may be revealing her mind of what has been hidden in her heart for years, by the help of alcohol. It is always a sorry sight to see a believer falling from grace. may God save this situation o o o!

  2. chibunma Janet

    The real shade? hmmmm. By the way, when is she going to handle Richard’s pregnancy that she is carrying? what has happened to her job all these while? why is she going about her fights this way? I like shade and wish her well in the story. its Yemi and Ngozi that should be made to face the consequences of their envies.

    • The whole story has spanned barely 48 hours. It began on a Saturday morning and this is Sunday night. Her job is still okay. And, there are certain things about Shade we don’t know. She seems not to be the naive, gullible, innocent wife we thought she was. Now she reveals herself to us. Hopefully, Yemi and Ngozi will face the consequences of their actions, and so will Shade and Gbenga.

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