The Maid 11


Yemi heard footsteps approaching the room. She adjusted her dress in a wanton manner, exposing her thighs and laid back on the bed, pretending to be asleep. Segun entered the room closely followed by Kalu who was holding a glass of water. Kalu didn’t like the way Segun looked at Yemi’s legs, but his mind was on the loot in his pocket and how to escape from the house without being caught.
“Here, have some water,” Segun said.
Yemi opened her eyes and drank some water. “Thank you,” she noticed the bulge in Kalu’s pocket and gave him a curious look. Kalu hurried to leave the room.
“Kalu please wait a moment.” She put a hand delicately on Segun’s hand. “Please let Kalu wait for me in the living room. I want him to take something important to my mom.”
Segun turned to the young man. “Could you wait in the living room. I will be with you in a moment.” Kalu left the room and shut the door behind him.
“Ooh!” Yemi moaned in exaggerated pain.
“What’s the matter?” Segun sat down beside her.
“I feel some pain on my shoulder where Gbenga held me.”
Segun touched her face gently. “That animal will never touch you again. I will make sure of that.”

Yemi sat up in bed, her dress moved exposing some cleavage. She saw the longing in his eyes, the slight trembling of his lips, the way he touched her and she knew he was like a ripe guava fruit ready to be plucked into her basket. If she didn’t make a move now, this opportunity could be lost forever.

“Mr Adeniyi.”
“Please, call me Segun,” he smiled.
“I want to thank you for what you did upstairs. Standing up for me as you did, almost hurting yourself when you broke down the door to enter the room and rescue me. Confronting Gbenga and putting up a fight for me.” She touched his upper arm. “You are a real man, so…so strong.”
Segun smiled like a teenager holding hands with his first crush. “It was nothing.”
“But it was something. You did a lot for me. A lesser man would have ran away from the situation but you fought for me.” She leaned forward and removed an imaginary lint from his shirt. Yemi had taken the liberty to douse herself with Shade’s Channel number 5. Segun breathed in her perfume and sighed.
“I wouldn’t put it that way,” he managed to say, his senses subdued by the seductive scent caressing his nostrils.
“Please don’t be so modest.” Yemi paused and looked into his eyes. “What can I do to repay your kindness?”

Segun swallowed hard. He looked around and saw that the door was shut.
Yemi’s face was mere inches away from his face. “I will do…anything to show my gratitude,” she said, touched his thigh and moved closer to him. She noticed that Segun’s breathing had quickened like an obese man taking a brisk walk on a Saturday morning in an attempt to burn some unwanted fat. She also noticed that his eyes were on her lips and cleavage.
She looked into his eyes, lustfully, tempting, daring him to do something.
Suddenly Segun leaned forward, pulled her close and kissed her. Yemi let him. She pressed into him gently and kissed him back. She opened her eyes and looked at his face. His eyes were shut, caught up in the throes of forbidden pleasure, like a man in the heat of contrite prayer.
The moment lingered.
Heavy breathing.
Hands exploring, touching.
More heavy breathing.
Seemed like an eternity.

“What on earth is going on here?!” Gbenga burst into the room.
Segun detached himself from the maid and stood up from the bed.
“Gbenga, I can explain. This is not what it looks like,” Segun adjusted his shirt which was badly creased.
“Then tell me what it is because I don’t understand why you should touch the woman carrying MY child!”
“Who told you she’s carrying your child?”Segun countered.
Yemi watched with satisfaction as the men faced off against each other. She didn’t bother to adjust her dress and cover her indecently exposed thighs. Gbenga’s eyes roamed over her body like a space probe lost on the moon, wandering aimlessly on the barren lunar landscape. She saw the jealousy and anger in his eyes. She knew that when a man’s mind was under the dark cloud of jealousy, he would act not out of reason, but out of irrational, uncontrolled emotion. After what he just saw, Yemi knew that no matter what it took, no matter the price he had to pay, Gbenga’s warped emotions would never let her go.


Ngozi reached for the coffee pot and poured herself a cup. She added some milk and stirred it slowly. Shade starred at her. Ngozi ignored her and took a sip of the coffee she just made. Ngozi was manufacturing a lie so big that even Shade would find it impossible to resist. A lie so bold that it could only happen in the movies. A lie based on the truth of her former reckless escapades. A lie so complex, so huge, so staggering that it would be impossible to investigate and authenticate its veracity, and even if Shade tried, she would only meet with a dead end.
Ngozi looked into her cup and sighed. “Last night, I was with the US ambassador to Nigeria. I slept at his residence in Ikoyi,” she lied with a straight face.
“You did what?”
“I know you’ve cautioned me about my life style, but there are some things that only God can do, and changing me happens to be one of them. I have been praying about this for a long time, I guess He is taking His time to work on me. But these men will never let me rest!” Ngozi lamented.
“My goodness! Ngozi, you haven’t changed. Where was his wife?”
“Minding her own business elsewhere I guess.”
“You mean to tell me that you slept with the US ambassador?”
Ngozi sipped the coffee and nodded.”Yes, I did.”
Shade looked relieved. “You are such a bad girl.”
“Guilty as charged,” Ngozi laughed.
“You are so dangerous. Married women should watch you very closely.” Shade warned.
‘You have no idea’, Ngozi thought.

To be continued



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31 responses to “The Maid 11

  1. Always look forward to the weekly Short Stories…Very Interesting…Looks like you got a PhD in Story Telling – Suspense Option…Great work sir

  2. Nini

    It’s getting hot in here. Crack open a window please! 😀 ❤

  3. Meg

    I thought the suspence was bad…now this, is a very bad one, short though, entriguing and fantastic. Ah, like I’m watching american movie. I thought Ngozi was bad but the maid is by far worse…….

  4. Ebele

    thanks for always posting.God bless you

  5. Grace

    Wow this is sooo interesting

  6. Eketi

    I’m a new fan. Found your blog quite by accident….someone tried to pass off this story as hers and I found she was stealing it.
    Spell-binding story.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  7. I just read installments 3-11! (I read 1&2 weeks ago but fell behind on my readings) This is such a fascinating story! The plot has so many twists and turns. What a feast to read! Can’t wait for the next installment. Thank you for sharing this story. Your writing skills are phenomenal!

  8. ilemobayo

    Interesting I must say,but very short. Looking forward to d next episode. Thumb up.

  9. Meme it for the first time today and managed to finish all pieces and yhoo this is great writting.May God continue to work through you.cant wait for more.Thank God i came acros this site.

  10. dorcfun

    great piece, although short

  11. wow keep it up sir, atleast in a week i have something to keep cheer myself

  12. pls sir , can you post more than one of this a week

  13. Ed Lyn

    This suspense is too much oo.Am stalking this blog over a week every hour to be d first to catch episode 12. Very Intriguing piece.Well done Sir.

  14. mascot

    your story is interesting , i’d to come and check ur blog out for the new released episode. @BR eketi. I got u but its well. WE all now come here to read, she’d advertised this blog for us all.

    • Thank you for visiting, reading and making a comment. I don’t know what to do about this lady who decided to pass off my work as her own. There is really no need for that. If she wants to write stories, I can be of help to her.

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