Manipulation and The Making of a Cult.

A few days ago I was reading a book on humility by a very popular Ghanaian author. It was a good read until I got to a place where the author said that you shouldn’t ‘correct upward.’ He went on to explain that it is wrong for you to question and try to correct your spiritual leaders. He said that God called your leader and if he is going wrong, it is wrong for you to correct him, you should leave it in the hands of God to correct him. This is the same man who wrote a book on loyalty, but loyalty to who exactly?

I heard a prominent Nigerian preacher warn that you should never argue with him because if you do, ‘judgment’ will fall on you and you will die in a mysterious manner. He gave several examples how some members of his congregation rose against him and they were killed ‘mysteriously.’ The fact is that we all shall die some day. A Christian should never be afraid of death because to be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord-2Conrinthians 5:8.
This man also says you cannot ‘argue with proofs,’ that ‘only fools argue with proofs.’ That means you should not question his doctrines and unscriptural practices because he has successfully surrounded himself with money and material things. Money and material things are not proof of being in the centre of God’s Will. John the Baptist had his ministry in the desert, yet the whole nation came to him. He didn’t need to surround himself with material things as ‘proofs’ that he was in the centre of God’s Will.

A few years ago my wife read the training manual for a department of the church she attended when she saw this statement: ‘the authority of the head is not subject to error.’ That meant the leaders in the church can never be wrong. That also meant she should never question or argue with the decisions of her leaders, no matter how foolish, crazy or asinine they may be. She was shocked by that unscriptural statement carefully hidden in a church training manual. She didn’t complete that course and she has since left that church.

This erroneous teaching is the foundation upon which every cult is built. For centuries, egomaniacs have used scripture to manipulate multitudes and justify their desire to control and enslave the very people they were called to serve and protect. When a leader tells you not to question his or her authority, that person is walking on thin ice which will soon break open into error.

We are purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ to serve and live for Him. We should put His word first above all else. God’s word should be above the words of your pastor, who is a man just like you, who will give account to the Lord Jesus Christ someday. A pastor should lead and not ‘lord it’ over you by telling you not to ‘challenge his authority.’ If your pastor cannot stand you questioning what he does; if he goes into a fit of anger when you ask pointed questions, you are probably in a cult disguised as a church and you should escape from that dungeon while you can.

Some of you may not have heard of an American preacher called Jim Jones. Please google it. He was a spiritual leader who systematically manipulated and controlled the people who came to his church. Soon, his word became law. Anyone who questioned him was shamed, disgraced or punished severely. He instilled fear in his followers. They were afraid of him because he abused them emotionally and physically. Jones bought a large expanse of land in Guyana and moved his congregation of mindless followers there. He indoctrinated them to the point where they did absolutely anything he told them without question. They became slaves to a man instead of following the Words of Christ and they paid dearly for it. Jones eventually murdered over 900 of his followers by making them drink poisoned kool-aid. Those who refused were compelled at gun point to drink it and some others were shot. That was a great tragedy which happened because hypnotised sheep refused to ask questions or challenge the insane unscriptural claims of their leader.

When a leader who was called to serve you as a pastor begins to arrogate to himself authority and powers he doesn’t possess, to manipulate and control you, then it is time for you to exit that organisation. When asking legitimate questions makes you ‘rebellious,’ it is time for you to leave. When a leader becomes so arrogant that he thinks he has the power to ‘curse’ you because you need more answers, such a leader is on his way to error. When a leader tells you that big buildings, money and material things are ‘proofs’ of his spirituality, you are in a coven of covetousness and you will be doing your soul a lot of good by leaving that organisation before it is too late.



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21 responses to “Manipulation and The Making of a Cult.

  1. There really is a thin line between church and cult. It’s subtle and sometimes not even deliberate. When it is deliberate though, it’s dangerous and it takes the Holy Spirit to make that exit!


    Praise , u are teaching da world on cults and Uganda we are facing a very serious problem of these people , help us be blessed

  3. God deliever us from this social parasites, or ‘trust bandits’

    • ‘Trust Bandits’. Really interesting term. Please throw more light on this if you can.

      • Somebody said, Trust is the Currency of Leadership. But unfortunately people have been betrayed by their leaders. In religious circle, it is worse, and in Africa it has become a disease that leaders whether religious or otherwise cannot be trusted. You only have to look at the reports in the media to see how leaders have betrayed people who have put their trust in them because of the position these leaders hold. In our polite the situation is a right off. Leadership in the African continent is non-existence. Leadership has become elusive in our modern world.

        Just last week a Nigerian Pastor in New York was jailed for property fraud. In Lagos a woman I know, related her ordeal how a Pastor who is a tenant in her property put her property for sale. She said she still cannot believe a Pastor could do such a thing. Our people reverence leaders especially, leaders in religious positions, but what they have got in return is abuse and betrayal. People are now been exploited by rogues who wangle themselves into position of leadership for self-benefit.

  4. Frances

    Ten thumbs up Sir…well said.
    The story of Jim Jones sent chills down my veins, things happen indeed.

    • Many people have no idea what happened some years ago, so they ‘follow blindly’ without asking: “pastor, where are you taking us?” That question could literally save your life.

  5. James

    Thank you sir, I like this. this is liberating, this is refreshing. keep it up and God bless you.

  6. Funsani Nkhata

    Serious subject people are kept in bondage….People need to be enlightened.

  7. Thanks for this message. Some christians around the world are mislead and tricked to worship not only satan but also followers and mentally insane/unstable people/followers instead of our true God.
    I was surfing facebook and came across a webpage, it’s a UFO Alien cult- it states that aliens are not only guardians of the universe but soldiers sent by God to save us all from upcoming flood and reading messages from viewers is like listening to a mentally ill people talking crazy things and accepting unscriptural details. Do these people who communicate to these GFOL, question them,test them to see if they’re from God. . THAT Galactic messages and federation nonsense IS A LIE. I read pages and people have fallen for this deception without questioning, except some useless and senseless questions. We’re living in danerous times.

    • Any doctrine, belief or practice that does not glorify Christ or point to the cross and the finished work of Christ, is deception. Many are deceived because they are not content with the simplicity of the gospel. They want something new, something exotic, something mind-blowing. This always leads them to satanic deception.

  8. Gbam. Thank you for this timely word Sir. It is a highly needed reminder

  9. bukola

    no need to Google it, sir, I watched the film as a young girl, Pastor Jimmy Jones of Guyana Tragedy, I wondered what went on in those people’s mind as they took the poisoned punch drink and they all laid out to sleep, close to a thousand, nobody wanted to stand out, that is the power of manipulation and doctrination.
    I have had this encounters with so called men of God, you want to ask and understand the point of their calling, and the only answer they give is that they are of God and therefore they cannot be questioned.
    i agree with you that when we don’t flow in the simplicity of the gospel, then we get into the traps of these SUPER MAN. A ministry where the nature of Humility does not flow is definitely not from God. Someone who feels or makes you feel without Him or Her, your life will be a waste should be avoided at all cost. May God deliver us all. Amen.

    • I like what you said: ‘Someone who feels or makes you feel without Him or Her, your life will be a waste should be avoided at all cost.’ Such a person is an egomaniac like that false prophet, Jim Jones and you should run away from him/her as fast as your legs can take you.

  10. Brian

    Thank you say for answering the questions i had

  11. Colani Sambulo Mtsetfwa

    I think God for such people like you. i would to go under your step

    please help me to do that


    Great write u! more grace sir!

  13. LaTanya Davis

    I thought you’d might like to know that I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can check out the link below, if you want to participate, for all the details. Congratulations! The link is Thanks.

  14. LaTanya Davis

    Correction on the link. It should be:, or you can visit my October 19th blog post. Thanks.


    Nice books.

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