How To Discern A Relationship From Hell

How To Discern A Relationship From Hell.

1. You regularly wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning and ask yourself, with a nagging ache in your soul, ‘Why am I in this relationship?’ You are probably in a relationship from hell.

2. You are frustrated and confused. It seems as if you’ve lost your way. You feel out of sync with life and this person. You have this sinking feeling in your stomach that you are being drawn into something terrible, something bad. It is a feeling like walking in a desert when what you want to do is walk beside a beautiful ocean or lake.

3. You experience emotional, mental and financial abuse. Your partner threatens to leave you if you don’t do as he/she says. He/she uses great sex, lots of money, exceptional beauty, social power or even the knowledge of ‘God’ to manipulate you to remain in an abusive relationship. If you are in it for the sex, the money, the social status, the approval of your friends or for power, it is definitely a relationship from hell.

4. Your partner manufactures lies faster than an illegal Chinese video operation. It seems as if anytime she/he talks, a lie is born. You have also been drawn into this web of lies. You have told your partner so many lies so that you can feel accepted and loved. Your lies seem harmless, but deep in your soul you know what you are doing is wrong. If you cannot tell your partner the truth about your past, you are in a Relationship from hell.

5. You are not your real self in the relationship. You have assumed a false, deceptive persona so that you can please and be accepted by your partner. You do everything you don’t want to do just to be accepted in the relationship. For instance, you attend church with your partner so that he/she will think you are spiritual when you had rather be at home, sleeping on Sunday morning. You live in constant fear of being discovered for who and what you really are.

6. You have no peace. Your partner drains you spiritually, emotionally and financially. You and your partner fight all the time over the most stupid and inconsequential things. Since you met your partner, you have never known real peace. You jump from one crisis to another. It feels as if you are always in a wrestling contest with him/her.

7. Your lives are totally opposite and antithetic to each other. Your partner is going East while you are heading north with your life. If there is no agreement whatsoever about the direction in which your lives should go, the relationship will be an experience worse than a Chinese torture chamber.

8. You feel trapped, limited, and claustrophobic in the relationship. It seems as if the relationship is a life sentence with hard labour for a crime you committed. When you are with the right person, there is a sense of freedom and liberty in your soul.

9. Your partner is pulling you back, pulling you sideways, pulling you down or has completely immobilised and paralysed your movement. Since you met,there has been no real progress or improvement in your life, and even when you made some progress it was with great pain. When you take one step forward to improve your life, finances, business and career, your partner pulls you back. You are in the wrong relationship.

10. The blessing of The Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow to it. There should be peace in your heart concerning this relationship. Constant struggle, sorrow and pain is an indication that you are doing the wrong thing or you are with the wrong person. Your partner may be right for someone else but he/she is totally wrong for you. A relationship should be a blessing, not a curse. If you feel like this person is not a blessing to you, it’s probably a Relationship from hell.



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16 responses to “How To Discern A Relationship From Hell

  1. James

    sir, assuming one got him/her self in this described hellish relationship and had even exchanged marital vows. what will she/he do remedy the situation. pls reply sir. thanks

    • It gets more complex and more difficult to handle after marital vows, that is the reason why you should discern the signs before you make a commitment to such a partner.

  2. Adeola

    So on point! I can identify with some items mentioned in my last relationship.. I hardly ever had peace and was always afraid of speaking my mind for fear I may loose the person or anger him.. Ended it two years ago and I am much happier being single and happy and also discovering myself till my KING shows up! Thank you Mr Praise. Your life is such a blessing.

    • It takes courage and faith in The Lord to extricate yourself from such torment. Fear is a sign that you are with the wrong person. WHY should you be afraid of saying your mind to someone who is supposed to love and care for you? There is NO fear in love. Perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment.
      Where there is fear, there is torment and where there is torment, love does not exist.

      • There is NO fear in love….. wonder why we still think we know it all when GOD’s word more than 2000 years proven is still been ignored when it comes to relationships. Thanks PG.

  3. Reblogged this on ekalejaiye and commented:
    hmm… very correct! i could be passing through one now.

  4. Great post. Some people need to hear it from another voice. You have that voice. Blessings.

  5. Desmond tandoh

    Tank u sir

  6. julius matthew omoboriowo

    This is real inspiring,but i dnt know if you have all these messages on tape, sir.

  7. Lien Jiu

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd BAM. This is better than Jono over on Sparknotes. Thank you for this clarity, Praise George. I am actually part-Chinese… lol… but I am 100 percent in a relationship from hell. With these pointers, I am getting out. To be honest, I’ve been on my way out and with every day I gain strength and speed towards that exit, but guidance like this article only makes the exit easier for me. I know leaving both these guys (yes, there are two, both are Virgos, and neither wants to set me free) is the right thing. Wish me success in my escape. It is underway! Now one more thing, a request:

    If God inspires it, please provide us escapees a second article. This one, on why relationships from hell happen. Are they tests from God? Please include in that article any info you have on why, when you recognize you are in a relationship and hell, and pray begging God to send you a good partner to make leaving the bad one easier, God generally will ignore that request and abandon you to the unhealthy relationship.

    Many abused women and men have been waiting to see that second question answered. For me, it was and remains the single most demoralizing, courage-draining thing about getting stuck in a relationship like this. It’s what tempts you to stay: the feeling God doesn’t have your back and, if you leave, you’ll be left completely alone, forever.

    Super article! And… (we Chinese are not so bad lol) Thanks!

  8. Mr PG; How will you handle a situation where you feel led by God to someone but you do not have any affection for or love the person?

    • When you say: ‘led by God’, was it in a dream, vision or trance? Was it a voice talking to your heart? How did you know it was God talking to you?
      God doesn’t force you to be with someone you don’t like. If it is God, He will put an attraction in or around that lady that pulls you to her. You will love to be with her or around her. No matter how spiritual you are, you should be attracted to that lady or else you won’t have a good relationship.

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