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How To Discern A Relationship From Hell

How To Discern A Relationship From Hell.

1. You regularly wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning and ask yourself, with a nagging ache in your soul, ‘Why am I in this relationship?’ You are probably in a relationship from hell.

2. You are frustrated and confused. It seems as if you’ve lost your way. You feel out of sync with life and this person. You have this sinking feeling in your stomach that you are being drawn into something terrible, something bad. It is a feeling like walking in a desert when what you want to do is walk beside a beautiful ocean or lake. Continue reading


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The Silver Cross.


Ofure opened the front door and entered the apartment quietly. She entered the kitchen, opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of water.
She jumped back.”You scared me,” it was Austine, her husband.
He looked really angry. “Where are you coming from?” he asked her.
Ofure opened the bottle of water and took a drink. “I went to see Patience.”
He struck her face with an open hand. The force of the strike lifted her off her feet like a small aeroplane about to take off. The bottle flew from her hand and fell into the sink. She landed hard on her right arm, then her head followed. Blood gushed out of her mouth.
“I told you to stay away from that girl. She’s a bad influence.”
“She’s one of the few friends I have left. You have chased them all away.”
“Look at this rag you call a blouse. Exposing your body like a harlot.” He grabbed her red blouse with both hands and tore it in one violent motion. Continue reading


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