Finding Mr Perfect or Mr Right?

Finding Mr Perfect or Mr Right?

Rachel believes that there’s a man who will connect with her emotionally and satisfy all her emotional needs.
Afida has searched for the man who will match her intellectually. A man who will not only understand the peculiar workings of her brilliant mind, but who will also challenge her to strive and become better.
Beatrice is a romantic. Her ideal man, who seems so elusive, will cook her nice meals, bring her flowers, take her shopping and fly her to exotic locations on holiday.

If you are searching for Mr Perfect, you may end up waiting a long time. There is no real flesh and blood man who meets ALL of these qualities. Such a man exists only in the imagination of many women. If you pursue this illusion, you will end up with a fake who will show you what you want to see until he entraps you with his lies.

Here are a few things to think through as you connect with your Mr Right.

1. More important than finding the right partner is for YOU to be the right partner. Build your character and be ready for your man when he appear.

2. You are not perfect. Why are you expecting some other person to be perfect?

3. The best you can do is to attract your mirror reflection. Like attracts like, and even then, he will not be perfect. He will be very human.

4. The recipe for relationship frustration is to expect a man to be like the heroes cooked up in romantic novels and action movies. No such character exists in real life.

5. Instead of searching for Mr Perfect, find a man you can connect with emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

6. You have certain strengths and weaknesses, so will your man. Your strength will make up for his weaknesses and his strength for yours. Expecting your man not to have any weaknesses is self delusion.

7. If all you want in a man are his external qualities: how sexy, rich and successful he is, you will be disappointed. Look beyond the external and search his soul for qualities you can live with.

8. Find a man you are compatible and comfortable with. Find a man you can live with in peace. If he has a lot of MONEY but drives you nuts and makes your life miserable, he is NOT the one for you.

9. Your man does not have the ability to make you happy. He can only enhance what you already have. If you are miserable now, you will still be miserable no matter how good the man. Joy, peace and contentment are qualities you develop in your soul through the help of the Holy Spirit and prayer.

10. Successful relationships take effort. It is wishful thinking to expect that as soon as you find the ‘right man’, things will automatically fall into place. They won’t. You may have the right man but still destroy a good relationship because of your under-developed character. You will have to keep working on yourself and your relationship if you want it to be successful.



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16 responses to “Finding Mr Perfect or Mr Right?

  1. Queen

    Sir, I’ve always been touched with virtually all your messages. You’re wonderful! May God continue to strengthen you. This present one really struck me because that is the present challenge I seem to be facing right now. I know there’s no perfect man but in a case whereby you just discover that you can’t connect with the person’s spirituality and intellectual ability. What do you do? Likewise, if his strengths cannot make up for my own weaknesses and vice-versa just because I discovered that we share similar temperaments, is there still hope of having a good union together?

    • There should be some level of compatibility, not in all areas, but in areas that matter to you. For instance, he may connect with you emotionally but be unable to match you spiritually. A relationship is not a competition. You bring something of value to the relationship and he should also bring something of value. Are you comfortable with your areas of agreement? If you are not, then he is not the one for you.

  2. Silvia

    Well articulated am learning something

  3. Amina

    I like ur write ups sir, what if u have a nice man but u cant connect spiritually and emotionally?

    • If you can’t connect emotionally, you will struggle in the relationship. You should be compatible and comfortable with him. Please other articles on this blog. They will throw more light on your question.


    gud tips fo de ladies.

  5. Amina

    ok noted…. pls let me digress a bit. is 14yrs age difference too much b/w a man and his wife?

  6. God bless you sir, i promise change my character
    how i wish, i could affect the life of other just the way you are doing

  7. Great article and good advice. I hope it is heeded many times over. Blessings.

  8. Ebenezer Koe

    sir, i need your help on a project i have started but got stagged on the way

  9. LUPA

    Great and inspiring

  10. Isaac Matey Monney

    sir pls how can I get successful singing

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