Gold Digger 5

Gold Digger 5

Tina entered the hotel room, threw her handbag on the bed and ran into the bathroom. She came out minutes later and sat on the bed. She brought out the money Dayo gave her and threw the bundles of Naira notes on the bed.
She got up and stood before the mirror and looked at her reflection. She rubbed her stomach in slow round motions.
Her phone rang. She answered it.
It was her childhood friend Shade.
“Yes, you can come up to my room.”
Moments later Shade joined her in the hotel room. Shade had forced her wide hips into a very tight pair of jeans and wore a large top. Tina wondered how her body could breathe in those jeans.
“What did he do when you told him?” Shade asked before she sat down.
“I couldn’t say anything. The first time his stupid sister was there.”
“You could have pulled him into a room,” Shade said.
“I wanted to have his full attention.”

Tina removed her shoes and tossed them aside. She cleared the Naira notes from the bed and returned them to her bag.
“I hate his nosey sister. I think she may have noticed that I am pregnant. She was almost examining me in the room. At some point I had to snatch my hand away from her.
The second time was this morning in his office. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him that I was carrying his baby.”
Shade looked at her friend in silence.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”Tina asked
“I remember telling you not to get pregnant unless you are ready to take care of a child. This pregnancy is going to disrupt your life.” Shade said.
“What choice did I have?” Tina stood up from the bed. “I was tired of being tossed from one man to another. They were just using me and moving on with their lives. I wanted a man who would stay with me and not run back into the arms of his wife. I wanted a man I could call mine.”
“And you think getting pregnant was the right thing to do to get a man?”
“Yes! I had to do something to set myself free or remain at their mercy. I pleasured them whenever they pleased, I accompanied them to parties when they were abroad and made them the envy of their friends, I was the beautiful face who was to be seen but not heard but I wasn’t good enough to bear their name or enter their homes,” she said bitterly.
“Tina, no one forced this life on you. You chose it. You decided not to settle down with a man who loved you like Dayo. What you were after was his money.”
“Stop trying to psychoanalyse me. I am not one of your patients.” Tina hit the dinning table hard and two tea cups fell on the carpet. She didn’t bother to pick them up.

She took a can of beer from the small fridge that hid under the writing desk. She didn’t offer her friend anything. Shade stood up, helped herself to a bottle of water and returned to her chair.
“I spent ten years of my life in the UK and what do I have to show for it? Nothing! Just a worthless UK passport.”
“And don’t forget all the boxes of clothes and shoes you managed to acquire,” Shade mocked her. Years ago Shade had advised her friend to return home to Nigeria but she wouldn’t listen. The fast life of London seduced her. She wanted to live like the stars she saw on television. It cost her ten years of her life.
Tina stood before her friend. “Shade, who is going to pay for all these?” She spread her hands. “I am beautiful. I’ve got a great body. Someone should step up and start paying for it.”
“Do you really want to settle down?” Shade asked.
“Of course not. This pregnancy is my ticket out of poverty.”
“Your ticket out of poverty? I see.” Shade said.
“No Shade, you don’t see. You don’t see at all. Do you know how much I suffered in the UK before I got my passport? Do you know what I had to endure from men? I am done with all that. Someone has to pay for my comfort.”
“But those men were not responsible for the choices you made. I told you to get a degree while you were there but you decided you wanted to be a fashion designer and move with the high and mighty in the society. That life has disappointed you and now you blame the men who accepted your offer of money for pleasure?Tina, don’t blame them, blame yourself.”

Tina was about to reply her friend when her phone rang. She listened for a few seconds and an angry frown covered her face.
“Shade, you have to leave.”
“Are you serious? Why?” Shade asked her friend.
Tina started arranging the room. She threw the empty can of beer in the waste paper basket and put her shoes in the wardrobe.
“Tina, what’s going on?”
Tina didn’t answer. She changed into a pair of jeans shorts and a white sheer blouse. She sat down before the dressing mirror, applied some make-up and wore some perfume.
There was a discreet knock on the door.
They both looked at the door.
“Are you expecting someone?” Shade asked.
“Yes.” She picked up the tea cups from the floor and arranged them on the table.
“Who is it?”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I told you to leave but you wouldn’t listen.”
“No, why didn’t you tell me it was Dayo?”
“It wasn’t important.”
The knock came again.
“Won’t you get the door?” Shade asked.
Tina looked at herself again in the mirror.
“How do I look?” She asked her friend.
“Seductive.”Shade said.
“Good,”Tina smiled and reached for the door.


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  1. Meg

    Heyyyyyy……………..part 6

  2. veroameh

    what , Dayo again

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