On Food And Relationships.

On Food and Relationships.


Recently I was thinking about some parallels between good, healthy food and choosing a good, healthy partner who brings value to your life. The older I get, the more I realise that the value of food sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with what it tastes like. There are some vegetables that don’t taste so good but they are amazing for our health. The value of food to our health is more important than its impact on the pleasure centres of our brains. Eating food only because it tastes good is not wise.

Certain foods with lots of sugar like cakes and ice cream may excite and titilate the pleasure centres of our brain but if we indulge without restraint, it may lead to health problems like obesity.

Here are some of my thoughts.

1. Never judge the intrinsic value of food by how it looks or how it tastes in your mouth.
That guy or lady may look hot but be of absolutely no value to you.

2. Not every food that pleasures your taste buds is good for your health.
Never build your relationship on pleasure, but on value.

3. Some foods are well packaged and well promoted poison.
And so are some people. When someone pays ‘too much attention’ to their looks, I wonder what they could be hiding behind the facade of beauty.

4. Never depend on the pleasure centres of your brain to tell you which food is right or wrong for you.
I was sharing with some ladies  at a relationship seminar in Accra, Ghana, that just because a man has an erection doesn’t mean he ‘likes you.’ It is a biological reaction that could happen with anybody. Don’t build a relationship on feelings alone.

5. It is possible to pleasure yourself to an early grave.

6. Sugar feels good to your taste buds but too much of it in your blood stream is fatal. Alcohol may taste good but it gradually destroys your liver.

7. The desperate, indiscriminate and unrestrained pursuit of pleasure will culminate in a health disaster.
Some years ago, a guy told me that he was searching for a lady with certain vital statistics to marry. I told him that he should find a person he can live with, not a body to satisfy his lust. He found the body he was looking for but he couldn’t live with the soul it came with. He is still single today.

8. Discipline is the ability to say no to something which promises to pleasure your taste buds but is extremely dangerous to your health.
You may meet someone who is fun to be with and brings you pleasure, but this person has little or no character. Such a person will bring you heartache and pain in a relationship.

9. Some vegetables don’t look good or even taste good but they are good for your health.

10. The real value of food is not what it looks like, feels like or tastes like but how it nourishes your body with health and vitality.



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15 responses to “On Food And Relationships.

  1. Fantastic post. I love the way you’ve compared food to relationships. It makes so much sense. 🙂

  2. Sidney St:Michael

    I love the blend of Health/Relationship to clarify illusions from reality. I love you…

  3. Mary

    wow, i love this post. its true we are what we eat. keep on the good work sir

  4. meg oteh

    Thank you once again



  6. Bola Afolayan

    i luv d allegory….thumbs up sir.

  7. Abiola

    Chaiiii! I guess I have to give up the glazed doughnuts then. Sigh. 😀

  8. James Aquench

    Thank you God bless you l’ve expeience it before she is beautiful & cool but she left bcoz of her Character Thanks

  9. Shishis

    sir,what if he has character (nutritious food) but we are just not compatible.i just cant bring myself to love him because i still love my ex who is rather ‘junk food’ .is it advisable to go with the nutritious food hoping i would one day like it?

    • If you are not compatible now, you will never be compatible. If you can’t love him now, walk away. You can’t enter a relationship in which you plan to love the guy in future. That’s insane. Relationships don’t work like that.
      And what you have for your ex is not love. It is called a Soul-Tie. It is an emotional tie and bondage to someone who is very toxic and bad for you.

  10. portia nartey

    thank you for the reply.i don’t love him(nutritious) and may never love him.but sir please help me with the’ soul tie’ or ’emotional bondage’ you mentioned in your reply. i never had sex with my ex’ junk food’ yet im tied to him.he was my first boyfriend and i have never loved any guy since i broke up with him.i was even forcing myself to go with this nutritious food to see if i can get over him’junk food’. please help me break the Tie if what i feel for him is not loveDate: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 21:10:28 +0000 To: portianartey@hotmail.com

    • A soul tie to someone who has nothing to offer you is a great burden. I will advice you to read my book, Breaking Soul Ties. It will give you more clarity on the situation.

  11. I really like this two sentences “Some foods are well packaged and well promoted poison.And so are some people.” God bless you Man of God

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