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They Are All Men, Just Like You.

They Are All Men, Just Like You.

A spiritual gift or ability is a call to serve in the Body of Christ. It should be accompanied with a great sense of responsibility and humility. Having a gift does not make you special or different from any other believer. It doesn’t give you special rights or special privileges to act and live the way you like. Your gift does not give you the audacity to enslave the people you were called to serve. It is an error to think that your calling gives you special rights, advantages and privileges over other believers. It doesn’t. Such erroneous thinking is alien and abhorrent to the saints.

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The Other Side Of Love 2

The other Side of love 2


She cut a piece of roast lamb and forced it into her mouth. It tasted like a piece of wood.
She reached for her glass and washed the bland taste out of her mouth with some freshly squeezed orange juice. As she smiled at Edward her father’s words reverberated in her head. She had wept herself to sleep last night because of their discussion. When she woke up, there were dark bags under her eyes. She cancelled all her appointments for the morning. Thanks to good make up she was able to drive out of the house at 1:30pm to make this lunch date with Edaward.

“How is the food?” He asked.
“Great. You know how I like lamb chops,” she hated the food. She wanted to throw the plate and cutlery into the waste bin carefully concealed as a flower pot standing to her right, but she restrained herself.

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