Spiritual Food For Your Soul

Spiritual food for your soul.

Looking back at my walk with The Lord, I discovered that I have an instinct for spiritual survival. I have a God given instinct to search for and locate where The Lord wants me to be at every point in time. It is this instinct that leads you to a river of spiritual food to nourish your soul. It is this instinct that pulls you into the right circle of believers who seek The Lord out of a pure heart. It is this instinct that leads you into green pastures.

As Elijah was led to the Brook of Cherith in 1Kings 17, so this spiritual instinct leads us to a place or to a person who will nourish our soul with spiritual food in the time of famine. Elijah stayed in that place as long as the brook flowed and produced water. But it came to a time that the brook dried up. When this happened, the Word of The Lord came to him and told him to go elsewhere. Elijah obeyed and moved to the home of the widow of Zarephath and that was where he was nourished until the famine ended.

I have always sensed and moved away from every dry spiritual well in my life. It is one thing to recognise a flowing river, however it is another thing to know when that stream is corrupted or has dried up. A stream of spiritual water in a church or ministry can be corrupted by mixing it with psychology, self-driven motivational messages, covetousness and idolatory. It can be corrupted when the pastor is exalted like a demi-god and worshipped more than the Lord Jesus Christ. It can be corrupted when mammon, success and respect of men take the place of The Lord Jesus. When this happens, your soul will begin to starve slowly because it will reject the corrupt water. Many people think that because they were drawn or led to a ministry, that is where they will die and be buried. They think that ‘If this ministry has fed me spiritually, it always will.’ They think , ‘Because God spoke to my heart to be part of this ministry He cannot tell me to leave it.’ But nothing could be further from the truth. Such believers pay dearly for their ignorance.

Sometimes streams dry up.

If you don’t understand and accept this simple spiritual truth, you will remain in a place whose stream has dried up for you. If you remain in a place whose spiritual stream has dried up, you will begin to suffer spiritual starvation of the soul and it will reflect in other areas of your life. The God who led Elijah to the brook of Cherith was also the one who told him to leave when his life was threatened by starvation. There are times when The Lord will ask you to leave a place, leave a person or a people. When He does, obey.

The woes I have experienced in my Christian walk have mostly been the times when I refused to follow that instinct in my soul and move in the direction it was moving me to. Each time I failed to obey that spiritual instinct in my soul, I paid very dearly for it. My failures in life are just the fruits of my disobedience and refusal to hearken to and follow the deep spiritual instinct in my soul. Each time I obeyed the Holy Spirit and moved away from a dry spiritual well, my life took on a different meaning and things fell into place for me. I have left many people behind who didn’t understand that the stream had dried up. It was not in my place to tell them that the stream was corrupted or had dried up. My duty was to obey what The Lord instructed me to do.

The Lord wants to nourish our soul with spiritual food. He wants to plant you by a flowing stream so that you can be spiritually nourished. But if the stream you drink from has been corrupted or has dried up, then it is time for you to move on. The good thing is that The Lord has prepared a place and a person who will nourish your soul with spiritual food. If you will listen and obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit in your soul, The Lord will lead you to a pure stream of flowing water where your soul will be nurtured and fed with real spiritual food.



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12 responses to “Spiritual Food For Your Soul

  1. WOW, Great stuff. This is surely the reason why some people remain at the same level in their spiritual life, drinking water from a dried well. Even some do not understand spiritual things, they live on the lesser truths they heard sometime ago and refuse o understand the greater truth so to speak. I pray their hearts are open to the Holy Ghost when he speaks to them. Like Elijah I respond quickly to God’s new level for me and I eat every meal he brings to me.
    Thank you for this Beautiful piece SIR, as always your words are the Wisdom of God.

    • I say an amen to your prayer.
      You know sometimes it takes pain for us to learn this simple spiritual truth. If the brook is dry, don’t die there, find another flowing brook.

  2. #Praise George,writes again.Some call it spiritual prostitution but who are we to question God and human when we perceive the signal to move!

    A sensitive topic that only very few can delve into without getting “attacked”.Thank you for clarity Sir!

    • They call it ‘Spiritual prostitution?’ If the brook is dry and you remain there, it will end very badly. I had rather obey God and find a flowing brook of fresh water than be a people pleaser.

  3. Yes Sir! It just suddenly occurred to me that ;if the brook is dry for ME,it might not be dry for MY TWIN.
    But then I remember,’the assignment’ is different.
    Follow the Holy Spirit! Now I get it!

    • True. Our walk with the Lord is individual and personal. I have left friends behind in places where the brook ran dry for me but apparently not for those friends. First you watch over your own soul, then you can reach out to others in that same situation if the Lord permits you.
      I remember one time when I was explaining the scriptural definition of success to a friend in one place I left and the guy got so ANGRY that I thought he would HIT me! All I said was that true success is in DOING the Will of God for YOUR life, not in how much stuff you accumulated. That was an interesting reaction and I see that almost all the time.

  4. meg oteh

    Letg the spirit lead…………..

  5. Very much on point!
    I totally agree.
    Some wells do dry up.
    Little wonder ur spirit feels restless and unsatisfied at some point.
    God might just be giving you a nudge to move on to another brook.
    As for me, I don’t believe that one church or one man is the gateway to heaven.
    If I feel that brook is drying up, I’m strapping my sandals and jetting outta there immediately!

    • Alicia, very funny at ‘Strapping my sandals.’
      We must understand that all men are tools, instruments and channels used by the Lord. No man is the source of our spiritual food.

  6. Ade

    May you taste no corruption Praise and may your days be fulfilled. I once stayed too long in two places. First in a relationship & second in my place of work. While I had strong conviction to move on but I stayed because I was wondering how will I do it without these two things in my life. But when it caused me so much pain, I dropped it and ran for my life. My friends then thought I was crazy but now, I’m so much at peace despite the challenges of starting all over.

    • Sometimes we respond best to pain to move from the wrong person or place. It is best we develop our spiritual ears to listen when The Lord is giving us instructions.

  7. Right word, rightly put for my lifting. God bless you Sir

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