Writing and Self Publishing Master Class.

Writing and Self Publishing Master Class.

It’s been a while since I taught a writing and self publishing class.
I didn’t want to fall into the trap of teaching others how to write while I did absolutely nothing about my own writing. So, I declined invitations to speak at workshops and focused on writing my own books. The last class I taught was about three years ago. Quite a number of people have asked when my next self publishing seminar is coming up and I told them to hold on until this year. So here we are.

The reason I haven’t organised any seminar in the last three years is simple. I am not in the business of organising seminars on writing to make a living. I am a writer who occasionally teaches on writing. It is important that you recognise this distinction.

This is the 20th anniversary of releasing my first book. I have written and published over 60 books. If you have been searching for someone who can help bring order, direction and meaning to your writing, search no more.

This class will seat only 10 people.
Only those pre-screened and pre-selected will be given an opportunity to pay for and attend this seminar.

The writers who will attend this one day seminar must show that they are genuinely interested in writing, not opportunists making a mockery of real writers and seeking a way to make quick money at the expense of the ignorant. Writing is a life time commitment to your craft. If you want to make quick money, please look elsewhere.

Interested participants should send me a sample of what they have written.

This is a paying class. All payment must be made before the day of the seminar.

Participants should familiarise themselves with the author’s work. This should give you an idea of what to expect at the seminar.

Participants will learn how to write, publish, sell and hopefully earn a regular income from their books.

This seminar will hold on 1st May, 2014, starting at 9am prompt.

All interested participants should send me an email requesting to attend this seminar and remember to include a sample of their writing, which should be WRITTEN in the body of the e-mail and NOT sent as an attachment. Entries should be received on or before the 24th of March, 2014.

Please send your e-mail to: praise@praisegeorge.org.


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19 responses to “Writing and Self Publishing Master Class.

  1. Abiola

    Yay! At last!

  2. Olubunmi

    I’m guessing that this class is in Nigeria; any plans to hold classes in the UK in the future please?

  3. calagboso

    Where will be the venue please? Am presently in owerri

  4. Aqua

    When are you likely to host one in the UK?

  5. thank you sir,I have long waited for this, cant wait to be there.

  6. Thomas Mwale

    Mr. Praise when are we having one in Zambia. Please do not leave in this exciting class.

  7. Okafor Chijioke

    Sir, the said sample of one’s work you said should accompany the request, do you mean a portion, for instance, a chapter or a complete work? Just to be sure that i’m doing the right thing.

  8. Olubunmi

    Where may I find your email address please?

  9. pat

    that is a great initiative. can you hold an e-class please.

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