Memoirs Of A Writer

Memoirs of a writer.

I scribbled something in my notebook, read it, shook my head and marked the page with an angry ‘X’. If I read the page later and still wasn’t impressed, it would end up in the waste paper basket.

“Good morning, Mr George.”

My writing table faced the window. Anybody who passed by in the compound could see me writing. However, I didn’t expect anybody to pass by that early except of course the owner of the house who had a mini-warehouse at the back of the building. She stopped in front of my window and looked at what I was doing.
“Good morning,” I replied cautiously, expecting her to move on and leave me alone with my thoughts.
“Why are you at home and not at work?” she inquired.
I wondered why she was asking. She had never been interested in what I did for a living as long as I paid my rent.
“I am a writer. This is my work.”
Technically, I wasn’t a writer because until then I had not written or published anything for public consumption.
“Ha,ha,ha!” She laughed with derision and looked at me with pity.
“You are a writer? You better get a job like everyone else instead of deceiving yourself that this is a job. Is this how you plan to feed your family?” She walked away, still talking to herself and shaking her head. “He says he is a writer. Wonders will never end.”

Her words stung and hurt me deeply.
I stopped writing and set the notebook aside.
I bowed my head for a few minutes. I was in pain.
Her words shattered my concentration. Doubts rose up in my mind and attacked the very foundation of my confidence.
I stood up in despair and walked around the apartment like a somnambulist, with absolutely no idea what I was doing. I attempted to clear my head from the fumes of dark thoughts that assailed my mind like a nazi blitzkrieg, with intent to obliterate whatever stood in its path. After a few minutes my mind cleared and I returned to my table. I read a few lines of what I had written and admitted to myself that she was probably right. What was I even thinking trying to write a book?

A few months earlier, the thought seized my mind to write a book and just wouldn’t let me be until I gave in to it. I prayed about it and it persisted. I shared my thoughts with some of my friends and this was what they had to say.
“When did you become a writer? Are you no longer a singer? Hey, everyone. Praise George wants to become a writer!”
“Are you sure you can write?”
“Who reads books these days?”
“How will you make money from books?”
“Have you ever heard of anyone in this country who made money from writing books?”
After listening to all they said, I stopped sharing my thoughts with them and decided to pursue the desire The Lord had placed in my heart. I started work on the book. I wrote all I knew on the subject and continued writing until my words began to take on a life of their own and started looking like a book.

Sitting at my table, I lifted up my eyes in silent supplication. The morning sun streamed through my window and flooded the room. The voices of street hawkers filtered into my room. I felt discouraged but I was committed to finish what I began. It was important for me to finish this book because my future depended on it. More than anything else, I needed to prove to myself that I could do it.

I tore the page marked with the huge ‘X’, crumpled it into a crude ball and threw it into the waste paper basket. I took a deep breath and resumed writing in my notebook. It was a struggle. Words were evasive, hiding in deep corners of my mind. Like a determined suitor, I courted them patiently until they yielded their soul to me.
I wouldn’t allow my landlady or anybody else sabotage me.
I wouldn’t allow my doubts crush me.
I wouldn’t allow my past steal my future from me.
I wouldn’t allow my failures hinder the possibility of experiencing future success through my writing.
I was determined to be a writer.
I prayed with passion and pursued my persuasions, my purpose, my path.
My soul birthed words. Bright, beautiful, breathtaking, liberating.
Today, thousands of people find my words. Like them. Honour me by buying and reading my books. For this I am grateful.
Twenty years have passed and I am still writing.
On the day The Lord Jesus comes to take me home, He will find me writing or speaking with passion from my soul to an enthusiastic group of people, eagerly listening to the things I have written or things I am about to write.
You see, technically I am not a speaker.
I am a writer.



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47 responses to “Memoirs Of A Writer

  1. Wow,….I hope your FORMER landlady is aware of the beautiful things you’re doing by God’s working in your life. If only she knew! In life there would always be such people who don’t see what God sees. This post just exudes determination, its inspiring me to be determined in my pursuit of purpose. At the end we not only make ourselves proud, we prove to the world what God already boasted about us to be. Predestination is at work in me.
    Thank you for this sir.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      The journey has been interesting. Who knew when I started that I would release over 60 books and I have many more I am working on. Who knew that people from so many Nations in and out of Africa would be reading my books. When The Lord gives us an assignment, we should be faithful to our calling. The blessings of The Lord are on the obedient.
      I am still expecting that email.

  2. Great words Mr praise, your ink will never dry. Belief in oneself and determination is the bedrock of all personal achievements. Criticisms and Rejection from people may put Pressure on us. But its all CRAP. God bless you.
    P.S I’ve been trying to reach you via mail, I’ve not seen any response from you.

  3. Evangelist sefadzi ADISU-KUWADAH

    You have proven to me always through your articles ,books and tapes that everyone can achieve success

  4. Funmi Kehinde

    Very great and inspiring read Sir, I am sending you a mail immediately Sir. Please kindly reply as it pertains to my calling. Thank you.

  5. Ah, the one who sets us on a purpose to fufil will give us all we need to fufil it.
    Thanks for sharing this sir, you just lifted a soul..
    God bless you

  6. Your story is such an inspiration. I followed the leadings of God and stepped out in obedience and faith. I quit my teaching job last April to pursue a career as a full time copywriter. It’s not been easy, but I know what God told me to do. I will continue to write because I know that all things are possible to them that believe.

    God took me through Ezekiel last year and told me to write a book based on one of the chapters. I’ve started the book. I’ve never written a book before. I’ve only written blog posts, poems and articles. But by His grace I will continue till it’s finished.

    Your article has motivated me. When doubts creep in. I surrender them to God. Because I have days when there’s no money and I wonder if I did the right thing. But I have to walk in obedience. I know that all things work together for good to those who love Him. And I love my God. Without Him, I wouldn’t even exist.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I needed to read it. God bless you. May He give you inspiration and divine wisdom for many more books to bless people globally.


    • The journey can be rough, but the joy you experience in your soul when you finally hold that book in your hands, makes up for the pain you felt as you struggled to write the book and publish it. Keep in touch by email.

  7. chiugo

    Thank u so much, i needed it most,pls can u send me ur mail,ave s omething to discuss with u,thanks

  8. Pastor Lawrence

    Well done Praise, your persistency has paid off remarkably. Those who read this article should realise that Praise George worked to get were he is now, he kept writing, marketing and promoting his books until the market opened up for him- he was relentless, FOCUSED, and consistent. PG I would always remember how you stayed on my case several years ago until I wrote my first book. Well done, I belive you haven’t seen your best days yet!

    • Bishop Lawrence, thanks for your very kind words. You are one of the few people who know that I didn’t ‘fall from the sky’ with my books. You observed my struggles and also gave me some encouragement along the way. I remember discussing the title of one of my books with you and the brilliant advice you gave me. I took your advice and it worked for me.
      I am expecting to see your new releases in the market place. We should use all means at our disposal to preach the gospel. And through the years I have discovered that a book is an incredible tool to minister to people, especially those who are not members of your congregation.

  9. Eniola

    Hmmmmmh….Thank you sir. So glad you obeyed God’s instead of the devil’s voice manifested through close alliances. I am one of the testimonies of your writing,one of the thousand souls you’ve touched. More inspirations sir.

  10. Paul

    This article is inspiring. As a pioneer in this field, being called a mentor is a worthy reference. I have lot of questions to ask. I wish to have means to ask you

  11. Wow! I am so blessed by this your book ministry and passion towards your calling. since 2006 when i was in the final year in the Junior High School here in Ghana, I chanced on your book and after reading it i declared to my friends that ”That Author, Praise George is my mentor” now i am in the final year at the university and my confession about you has never changed. I currently have about 20 of your books and some of which i have read over 10 times. God bless you for your faithfulness and shaping our lives!

  12. Benson Besong

    if some one should thank God for your books then i should be the one. i never look at finish products without looking at the process that leads to the finish of that product and you just showed me one. thank you for the determination and persistence to write . and your book rule for teens about 2 years ago change my life even though i was not a teen and from that day i started looking for you and when i found you i started to follow you on this site. from Cameroon God bless you sir. Benson


    My dad used to make me feel like nothing Ǥõõϑ can come out of my life. My whole life had been driven by his criticism. I always wanted to prove him wrong but I couldn’t because when ever I tried anything, I heard his voice ‘you can’t make anything right.’ At the point when I almost completely accepted his lies, your book “Releasing The Success Within” held me up.

    And today again, your ‘Memoirs of A Writer’ has inspired me to keep keeping on till my national bestseller ‘The P.O.W.E.R’ is completed.

    Sir I have your name on my testimonial! God bless with more.

  14. Michael Mulumbi

    Calvary greetings sir, Mr George you have been an inspiration to me your writing has made me strong to face my failures and for this reason I thank you.
    Sir through your books and your writing you have inspired me to become a writer, I had never written before not even attending any writing school or seminar, I missed yours when you visited my country Zambia. But now with Gods grace I have started writing now working on my third book though I have not published any yet. May God continue using you sir

  15. makinde oluwafemi

    I like your story sir,and I will like to be connected with you to help realize my dream and passion.

  16. Your books keep me informed, multivated, inspired and focused. You’re really a blessing to me.
    God bless you!!

  17. Olubunmi

    Very inspiring piece! I pray that he that started a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah!

    • I say a big amen to your prayer.

      • Mr George since 4 years ago I started reading your books it has made the difference in my live.
        From nonentity to celebrity.
        You made me become a celebrated author because I model after you via your blog.

        Today I’m the author of 4 books available in over 17 states in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameron.

        Today I’m one of the named 50 top motivational speakers in Nigeria compiled by GEORGE ESSIEN.

        I’m logging over 50 invitations annually from conferences to summits to colleges etc.
        And I’m only 23+

        I write on relationships and self development.

        My testimony and success story is not complete without PRAISE GEORGE.

        Seeing your books in close to 30 diff nations inspired my dream of having my books in diff part of the world like you and also planning to have them on Amazon.

        Sir I need your guild steps/ principles to distribute my books to diff countries.

        SEGUN A.

      • Thank you for your kind words. We all ride on the shoulders of the giants who went before us.
        I pray that the Lord will perfect His work in your life and lead you in the way you should go.
        Do send me an email.

  18. Okay sir. I will do soon. Can I have your email sir?

  19. Nnene

    This is awesome! I stumbled on your site while looking through my friend’s website (George Essien)….. I’m challenged and I’m looking forward to seeing the reality of my future. Yours has given me a reason to keep pressing. Thank You and God Bless you. I can’t wait to meet you in person.

    • Thank you for visiting. It is interesting to hear you say you ‘stumbled’ on my site because my books have been in the market for two decades. That means you haven’t read any of my books? Interesting.
      If you visit any Christian bookshop and ask for my books by name, they will help you get them.

      • Nnene

        On the contrary, I’ve read some of your books esp. while in the university “8 Laws Of Financial Freedom ” and i know i picked up a lot. Meanwhile this is the first time i really went to your site. and will visit as much as i can to read your articles… i love them. thank you again.

      • Okay. Now I understand.
        What are you into? What do you do for a living? You can send me an e-mail.

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