The Voice Of Strangers.

The Voice Of Strangers.

For many years I wondered why I couldn’t sit under certain ministries. I felt odd and out of place in their midst. It wasn’t as if they were heretics who lived in open sin. They looked good on the outside. They preached ‘feel good’ messages that encouraged believers to ‘live their dream’ and ‘pursue their goals’. Superficially, nothing was wrong with what they preached, but I just couldn’t sit and listen to what they were saying. When many people in the congregation were shouting about how ‘awesome’ these preachers were, my mind was filled with doubt. I couldn’t see Jesus in what they were doing. I felt something was wrong, but I just couldn’t say exactly what.

As I grew in the things of The Lord, I began to understand that not all who call upon the name of Jesus are on His side. I realised that not all who preach in His name were sent by Him. So many people called and sent themselves to preach. It is apparent by the strange fruit which they produce that they are not sent. If you are careful enough to look beyond their rhetoric, you would discover from the fruit of their lives that they are not pursuing the Will of the Father. They are feverishly pursuing their own will and agenda, doing their own thing, building their own kingdoms and filling their temples with disciples made in their own image, not people conformed to the image of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus said there are many thieves and robbers in the ministry. These are very dangerous people who care only for their belly and care nothing at all for your soul. Jesus called them strangers. The motive of strangers is not to feed and protect the sheep, but to fleece them, steal from them and ultimately destroy them. These strangers use the labour, sweat and blood of sheep to enrich themselves. They are quite charismatic and gifted. It is difficult for sheep to see beyond such disguise and deception, therefore, many are misled on a path of error. On their own, without a true guide, sheep tend to be very stupid creatures. They are gullible, easily deceived and misled. It takes Jesus to protect and guide sheep. If the sheep will submit and yield to The Lord Jesus, the sheep will be safe.

In John 10, Jesus said ‘My sheep recognise my voice.’ He also said that they will not follow a stranger but will FLEE from the voice of strangers. To flee is to run away from something or someone in terror. Jesus said when His own sheep hear the voice of strangers, an alarm of danger will go off in their hearts, they will become very uncomfortable and flee from such people. No matter how well dressed the stranger is, no matter how charismatic she is, no matter how rich he is, no matter how large a following he has managed to gather, no matter how big his buildings are, when the sheep hear the voice of strangers they will flee from it because it is alien to them. The voice of strangers is the voice of death and destruction.

Many years ago, hundreds of people perished because they failed to discern the voice of a stranger named Jim Jones. He was charismatic, gifted, well connected and successful. He drew many away from the truth of the scriptures and taught them sweet sounding lies. Those who believed in him paid dearly for their error with their lives. Jim Jones slaughtered over 900 people who failed to discern and flee from the voice of strangers. The very thought of perishing in the hands of another lunatic like Jim Jones keeps me prayerful and spiritually alert.

It is your duty and spiritual responsibility to prayerfully discern and flee from the voice of strangers. Through the years, I have fled from the voice of strangers who promised success, wealth and greatness but refuse to direct the sheep into submission to divine Will, which is living a consecrated and holy life. Strangers preach an alien gospel which perverts the soul. Their words are sweet to the ears but poison to the soul. Strangers seduce you from the narrow path of life and lead you on a path which leads to certain destruction. Strangers are agents of the enemy and their ultimate assignment is to destroy you.

If you are honest and ask The Lord in prayer to open your spiritual eyes and ears, you may discover that the voice you have been listening to for many years, the voice you have allowed to gain access into your life, the voice that has fed you with a ‘feel good gospel’, has been the voice of a stranger. The moment you realise you have been listening to a stranger, don’t take permission from him, simply flee and never return.

There are voices in the land. Many are the voice of strangers. When we daily follow the voice of the Lord Jesus, we will be able to discern and flee from the voice of strangers. May The Lord open your ears to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ. May The Lord grant you grace to discern the voice of strangers. May He give you the inner strength and courage to resist their influence over your life and flee from their dens of destruction.



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11 responses to “The Voice Of Strangers.

  1. Your post is spot on. God opened my eyes and ears a few years ago. Since then He has moved me from church to church. Every time I think I’m settled, He reveals that all is not well. At the moment I’m not in any church. But God is still with me. He said He will never leave or forsake me. My spiritual life is intact thanks to the Holy Spirit. I’m able to hear when He speaks to me.

    I feel sorry for those Christians who don’t read the bible for themselves to know the truth. Instead, they rely on every word pastors tell them. We need to find God for ourselves. He is not in the pastors. The word (which is Jesus) is the food we need. If we search for Him we will find Him. But people are too busy chasing after prosperity, healing and whatever. They need to sit down and let the Holy Spirit teach them the truth.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong to go to church or that I’ll never go to another church. But I will only go where God leads me. I refuse to please man. I will only please God and continue to walk in obedience.

    I’m very passionate about this because I’ve had friends lose their faith because of what’s happening in churches these days.

    God bless you for speaking out.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      When your spirit is restless, you should pour your soul into prayer. When we pray,The Lord orders our steps to the right people and places to fellowship with the saints.It is important to realise that when Elijah felt he was ‘alone’ and iniquity had taken over the land, God told him that there were 7,000 people in the land who had not bowed their knees to Baal. It is therefore our responsibility to diligently seek The Lord and ask Him to show us who and where these saints are. It is very dangerous to be on our own, because we can become an easy target for the enemy. I trust The Lord will guide you to the right place and people.

  2. amen.
    I pray for grace to be sensitive to the Spirit each day, to know where to go, to be able to sieve out and filter the good from the bad, the voice of truth from the voice of strangers..
    thanks for sharing this sir

  3. meg oteh

    Well, for people who do not have a church, I will recommend the SDA church. Not that you will find saints there but at least God’s message (more often). Thanks George, God has blessed you to preach the gospel that many people hate to hear. Keep on moving on.

  4. Mtisunge Kalolo

    Yes Pastor thats true most of the christians rush to this so called pastors(strangers) just to receive the miracles not that they should seek the face of God,, may God help us to be true christians that will seek Him with all our hearts,,,,. I rily thank God for you,, coz He has anointed you to preach the true gospel,,,. I want to speak with you Pastor through my email address,,,,. God bless!

  5. It is our responsibility indeed to tell the difference, but we cannot discern unless we know God’s voice, until we know God, until we know His word. Great truths shared here sir, have a super blessed day!

    • Ugochi, thanks for your comment.
      When we follow The Lord with a sincere heart, when we DO His Will, His voice will become clear to us and He will deliver us from the deception of the voice of strangers.

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