The Enemy Within 4

The Enemy Within 4

Suki wrapped the robe around her tired body.
The last client had used up all her energy. It was a hard life. Nobody told her that selling her body for a living could be such hell.
A man entered the sparsely furnished room. He looked around and his eyes settled on Suki lying on the bed.
“How much for the night?” he asked.
“Three silver coins,” she whispered.
The man did not bargain with her. He murmured under his breath, parted his robe and searched for the money.
Suki’s eyes widened in fear as she saw the blue sash under his robes. That was the mark of the secret police! He was there to apprehend her. He wanted to catch her in the act before bringing her before the judges. Prostitution was illegal in Gaza. Secret police like this one pretending to be a customer, made life very difficult for them.
Her hands trembled slightly as she collected the money from the table.
“Are you okay?” The pretender asked her.
“Let me freshen up for you,” she said and entered an inner room. As soon as she was out of sight, she changed into a dress that would give her room to move.
“Don’t take too long,” the pretender said.
“I’ll be with you shortly,” she put all her money in a pouch and tied it around her waist. She heard some footsteps enter the main room. She opened the door slightly and peared into the room. Two other men had joined the pretender and were looking around the room.
Suki opened the back door of the apartment. It creaked loudly like a wailing banshee. Suki swore under her breath. This accursed door would get her arrested.
“How long do I have to wait?” The pretender asked.
Suki didn’t wait to give him an answer.
She fled into the night.


“We should leave,” Jahula the Ethiopian was uncomfortable.
“Why the rush? The night is young, let’s have some fun,” Samson spread his hands and laughed. The restaurant was full of men and women, eating and drinking. A group of belly dancing fire eaters performed for the crowd.
The dark skinned warrior wandered what had become of Samson his friend. Since their recent victories in battles against the Phillistines, he had taken to celebrating with some wine. He feared for his friend. Pride may have overtaken his heart.
He observed the way Samson spoke with arrogance. He trusted in his strength more than in his God who gave him the strength. With each victory, Samson started thinking that he was invincible, untouchable, indestructible. He took risks in battle that no other warrior took. Twice Jahula had protected his friend from the thrusts of the enemy’s blade when his back was carelessly turned in battle.
“Isn’t drinking against your vow?” Jahula asked his Nazarene friend. Personally as a warrior, alcohol never crossed his lips.
“You take things too seriously my friend. A little wine never hurt anyone, ” Samson took a goblet of wine from the tray of a passing waitress. His eyes took in her beautiful figure and followed her until she was lost in the crowd.
Another thing was the lust Samson had developed for exotic women, foreign women, strange women. It seemed the stranger they were, the more attracted he was to them. His arrogance blinded him to the death trap that awaited him in their lair. If it wasn’t for the fact that Samson was his friend and had invited him, he would be at home with his wife and two sons. He disliked what his Nazarene friend was becoming.

He was about to say something but was interrupted by a commotion at the entrance of the restaurant. A woman ran in, on her heels were three men who looked like secret police. From the way the woman was dressed you could tell she was a prostitute.
The woman fell at Samson’s feet.
The whole party fell silent. Thy waited to see what would happen.
As soon as they saw Samson, the secret police froze.
“This is a private party and you are not invited.”
The pretender pointed at Suki who laid trembling at Samson’s feet. “She broke the law by prostituting in Gaza. She is under arrest.”
“And who will do the arrest?” Samson asked and stepped forward.
“They will,” the pretender pointed at armed men behind him.
Jahula stood up and reached for his sword.
Samson waved him back. “It’s okay my friend. I can handle this.”
Jahula did not budge from where he stood. He had fought beside Samson for over a decade. He wasn’t about to stop tonight.
One man made a sudden move on Samson with his sword and a fight ensued. The crowd ran outside and watched from the windows. In minutes the skirmish was over. The last of the armed men ran from the restaurant bleeding.
“This is not over,” the pretender wiped blood from his broken lips and ran away.
“I will be waiting for you when you return,” Samson threw his broken sword after him.
He walked over to where the woman lay on the floor and lifted her up. She raised her face and looked into his eyes. She was beautiful.
“What is your name?” Samson asked.
“Suki,” she whispered.
“Your adversaries are gone and I don’t think they will return in a hurry.”
“I can’t go back there,” Suki said.
“You have nothing to be afraid of, ” Samson said.
“I am scared,” Suki shivered in his arms.
“You will be safe with me,” he promised.
The crowd returned to the restaurant and the party continued, more boisterous than before.
Suki held on to Samson and they spoke into the night.
Jahula wanted to tell Samson that the woman was dangerous, a daughter of his enemies, but he held his peace.
Hours later Jahula searched for his friend but couldn’t find him among the crowd. It was from a security guard he learned that Samson had gone to the home of the prostitute from Gaza.


Nobody noticed the two veiled figures who stood up and left the restaurant. They walked quickly down a quiet street and stop in front of a big house. They didn’t see the swift shadow that followed them.
“I think I saw something,” the smaller figure said. A sudden movement had caught her attention.
The taller veiled figure looked behind. “It’s nothing.”
They opened the door and quickly entered the house. They dark shadow moved again.
“Your plan worked brilliantly,” Delilah said taking off her veil and lighting some candles.”You are truly evil.”
“I know,” Lizah Chan said.
“Suki was a perfect choice. She did exactly as she was told.” Delilah poured some wine into two goblets and handed one to Lizah.
“I told you he was a man and had a weakness. We shall set a trap for him and end his reign of terror against the Phillistines. Where is your best home?” Lizah asked.
” What has that got to do with anything? We can easily set a trap for him here in Gaza.” Delilah turned to her friend.
“No. Not in Gaza. It is not good enough. The man lusts after beauty. We shall entrap him with the weakness of his soul.” Lizah said.
Delilah thought for a while. “The most beautiful home I have is in the valley of Sorek.”
“Then we shall organise a party for him at Sorek to celebrate his greatness. That party will lead to his downfall.” Lizah Chan said.
Outside the window the shadow moved again. When it got to the end of the street, the figure stopped. Jahula the Ethiopian warrior removed the hood covering his face. He had to warn Samson before it was too late. He took off the hooded robe, dumped it in an alley and walked very quickly into the night.


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17 responses to “The Enemy Within 4

  1. doris abla anku

    There is really an enemy within. Oh God save our souls from all ignorance in Jesus name.

  2. frances

    i am enjoying this so much…very nice,very very nice…

  3. Wow, this is a story we all know but told in an uncommon way. With each word you have given a new insight into Samson’s story. Truly, the enemy we should be more concerned with is the one within. The battle has already been won over the one outside. I can’t wait to read the end of the story!.

  4. Rose Mushi

    Why are you not on facebook any more Sir…..You blessed and Inspired me
    Rose, Tanzania

  5. olawale

    May God help us to deal with this enemy within. I can’t wait for part 5

  6. Wow! this is intriguing. the story of Samson told in a contemporary way. Really enjoyed this,looking forward to part 5. More grease!!!!

  7. Ohanwe Cynthia

    My name is Ohanwe Cynthia, 19 year old student of Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo state. Am in 300level, studying Polymer and Textile Engineering. I have been reading your articles and books as well, its really captivating. I write unique Christian articles too and if you would consider, i will send some to you. God bless you

  8. James

    I really enjoyed this sir. God bless you sir. Eagerly waiting for part 5

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