They sold doves.

They sold doves.

Jesus walked into the temple and saw the people selling and buying doves. It first grieved his heart, then it angered him.

He made a whip and drove them all out of the temple. Read the story in John 2:13-17.

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It represents spiritual things which are given to us freely by the Lord. Selling doves means selling the things which are supposed to be given freely to the people who enter the Church to seek the Lord.

The gospel is not for sale. Grace is freely received and should be freely given. Selling that which the Lord has blessed us with is an abomination. Selling the gifts and grace of God on your life is an abomination. Selling spiritual things to those who seek the Lord is an abomination. Asking people for money before they are ministered to is wrong. Telling people to pay for the gospel is wrong. Ministering to people for the purpose of making money out of them is alien to the Kingdom. It is not done. Giving in the New Testament is voluntary. It should be according to what you and the Lord decide and what you can afford.

They sold doves. They turned the work of grace into a massive money making venture. They put a price tag on things which should be given freely. Jesus said they made the temple a ‘den of thieves.’ Many have become bandits in the Church, robbing the ignorant, dispossessing the spiritually gullible of their money. Many have turned the gospel into a business enterprise. They set up churches to make money and enrich themselves. Paul the apostle in 1Timothy 6:5 said men with corrupt minds suppose that the gospel is a means to making money. It isn’t. He said godliness with contentment is great gain. Preaching Christ should not be a money making venture. If you want to make money, you should seek some other enterprise and leave the work of the ministry for those who are truly called to do it.

They sold doves and people bought them. Both the sellers and the buyers were wrong. Jesus threw them all out of the temple. Hustling people for money in the name of God, telling them that if they give a certain amount of money they will receive something spiritual or supernatural is wrong. It is a lie. It is an abomination. Giving money to try to buy spiritual favours is also wrong. We must understand that spiritual things cannot be sold, neither can they be bought. In Acts 8, Peter rebuked Simon the sorcerer because he tried to buy the Holy Spirit with money. Peter said, ‘your money perish with you.’

Anyone who tells you that by giving money you will attract more money into your life or receive some supernatural blessing is deceiving you. Anyone who tells you to ‘sow a seed’ if you want to experience the supernatural power of God is deceiving you. We should give out of a heart of love, not out of covetousness and greed. What we receive from the Lord is by grace. If spiritual favours could be bought from the Lord, then only the rich will have access to the Holy Spirit and the grace of God. But God is not a respecter of persons. We all are equal before Him. We all have equal access to His divine favour, grace and provisions. The rich and the poor stand equal before the Lord.

Money cannot buy you divine favour. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar and a deceiver.

Spiritual things are NOT to be bought or sold. Wherever you observe that the gospel has been twisted to reflect the covetousness and greed of men, it is a place of lies and deception. It is a den of spiritual bandits.

Jesus drove them all out.

Never permit, tolerate or embrace that which Jesus Himself deemed detestable. Do not remain in a Church, place or ministry which encourages the buying and selling of doves. Jesus never tolerated them. You shouldn’t either.



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9 responses to “They sold doves.

  1. Moses

    God bless you Sir, but I have a question – Is it mandatory that in as much my pastor is demanding that I should give out of pity?


    May d Lord v mercy on our fame seeking leaders, Kudos!!!!!!!
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  3. Frances

    I love love love this article..thank you sir

  4. Benson

    May God bless you sir, i thought so but after studying the book of Romans i realized it was by grace and not by works. God bless you.

  5. James

    Thanks a lot for this article. Actually I’ve disturbed on how church issue has been moving on the fast lane of money making and not ‘soul- making’. And I do wonder if God still have people whose concern will be what do the holy script. Say. I thank God so much for this article I read today. You are one of the men that my heart says bravo!!! to. God bless.

  6. I am greatful for God, this issue of giving ( seed sowing and sealing your miracle with a seed has been a worry to me till now that i just read “They sold doves”. what an inside about this story from the bible.

  7. May God richly bless you Papa

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