The danger of blind followership.

Dear believer, a couple of years ago,Rev Jim Jones, a false teacher and prophet, led hundreds of educated but spiritually stupid people to their unfortunate deaths in Guyana. (Please google it). You would think that because these people were educated they would be able to discern that he was evil. Sadly, they couldn’t and ended up dead. Spiritual discernment cannot be taught in a school, it can only be given by the Holy Spirit. Some of you are in ministries headed by false teachers and prophets. Like Jim Jones, they have hypnotised, manipulated and deceived you to believe that your life is about amassing money and material things, and without them your life won’t work. It is all a big LIE! They have turned you into a mindless, spineless, spiritually senseless slave, following their every whim and command. I pray today that The Lord will show you mercy and deliver you from their dungeons, disguised as churches, in Jesus Name.~Praise George.


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6 responses to “The danger of blind followership.

  1. kenny kore

    Unfortunately some people are just going to react to the starck harshness and bitterness of the truth said above, rather than investigate and find out if there be any credibility to those words, and if there is, act accordingly.
    Being prejudiced or sentimental wouldn’t stop the antichrist and sure wouldn’t stop the Christ from doing what they MUST DO.

    I know what I must do as a believer, it is to READ MY BIBLE, MEDITATE, PRAY, & OBEY GOD.

    What about you?

    Thank you Minister Praise George, may your testimony in GOD endure the test of time and flourish in Jesus Name

  2. Greetings Praise George, this is a true saying and I think every 21st christian believer should be diligent in their search of scriptures just like the Berean Christians. We should take time to study the scriptures to discern between truth, facts, lies and deception. If you know the truth, the truth shall set you free.

  3. Hello,

    Sorry for not replying to you earlier. You’re right about false prophets and false teachers. Satanic cults and Alien/UFO Cults have misled and poisoned the minds of the dumb people by the following leaders
    Leo Ryan

    David Koresh

    Charles Manson

    Marshall Applewhite

    George Moscone

    Cult/Occult groups are spreading around the world like wildfire. This is part of Satan’s plan to mislead and bring people to hell

  4. yeah,false prophets are makn christianity ugly.but by their fruit u shall know them.lets be vigilant as viper and seek for Gods descernin spirit so as not to fall from the grace to follow them

    • Joyce Macmillan

      Jolting! Such preachers are all around. When you are hurting and Heaven is silent you are vunerble. I have learnt to share situation only with God, even when he is silent to avoid being misled

  5. Ah! May the Lord deliver his people from spiritual stupidity.

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