The Word of God or the words of men?

Dear believer, it saddens the heart of God when we exalt the words of men above the Word of God. It is an abomination to deify a man like yourself. It is an abomination to cower before a man like yourself because he bears a religious title. Stop making gods out of mere men. Instead of seeking the words of men, Seek the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, soul and strength. He is all the blessing you will ever need in your life.

Many believers are too lazy to seek the Lord for themselves. They would rather that other people bring a word from the Lord to them. By abdicating their spiritual responsibility, they have turned mere men into gods. They have abandoned God’s Word and substituted it with the words of men.

Beloved, there is no power in the words of men. There is no ability to deliver, save or sanctify in the words of man. The words of man will fail you, it will completely humiliate and frustrate you. Holding the words of man above the Word of God is exalting man above God. This is an error which has grievous consequences.

Let us learn to put God’s Word first first in our lives. Let us thirst for His Word. Let our heart pant after Him and we shall be filled.



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9 responses to “The Word of God or the words of men?


    Although bible acknowledge the respect of elders and ministers,but we made it in the over (much) than usual

  2. joyisa

    Men have believed in consulting mediums over the ages and this trend is rearing its head in the church. Instead of seeking God and communing with Him directly, we ‘prefer’ a medium: pastor, prayer warrior, leader, etc.
    It is high time the sons of men begin to call on the name of the Lord for themselves.

  3. Silas Nnanta Jnr.

    That’s great. All glory, honour & adoration be unto God most high now & forever more, Amen.

  4. silvia

    is it wrong to rely on a given prophecy from a man of God?

    • When the prophecy aligns with the Word of God, you can receive it prayerfully. Put that Word in prayer until the Lord gives you peace in your heart concerning it. If you have no peace, let it go. If it does not align with God’s Word and it troubles your heart, do not receive it.

  5. Evelyn

    thx George, may God richly bless you

  6. Favor sunday

    God is our source not man! So let us look onto God in all we do

  7. longolemark

    thanx,Praise God 4 he is the giver of life and we nd adhore hm

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