The Danger of Pursuing an Unsanctified Desire.

Many believers have been deceived by motivational teachings to ‘follow their dream’ and pursue the ‘desires of their heart.’ They are not told that not all desires that present themselves to us are godly desires. Not all of them are approved of God for our lives. Not all of them proceed from the heart of God. Therefore, not all of them are sanctified or approved of God for us.
A desire is an idea backed by a very strong emotional feeling. Such an idea could come from anywhere. It could come for your unsanctified thoughts influenced by what you have seen, heard and read. It could be as a result of the influence of your friends. It could be the imposition of someone else’s thoughts on your mind, like your very close friends, your spouse, your pastors or even your mentors. A desire could even be as a result of satanic deception.

In Psalm 37:4, the Bible says ‘Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires o your heart.’ To delight yourself in the Lord means to spend time in God’d presence in the place of prayer, worship and in studying His Word. To delight yourself in the Lord is to fill your heart, mind and soul with His Word. To delight yourself in the Lord is to put the Lord first in your life and seek His approval before you proceed on any venture, project, dream or life pursuit. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, our hearts are sanctified by His Word. We begin to see things through the filter of His Word. We engage with life by His wisdom and not merely by our unsancified intellect. We filter every idea that comes into our hearts through His Word and prayer and pursue only that which is approved of the Lord.

When a desire is approved of the Lord, we have peace in our hearts and order in our lives. No matter what challenges we encounter along our path, the peace of God never abandons us, and His Holy Spirit continually guides us towards the accomplishment of that desire.

Pursuing a desire that is unfiltered, unsanctified and unapproved is dangerous. You expose yourself to unnecessary struggle and emotional pain. You walk in a path of danger, destruction and loss. Pursuing an unsanctified desire is living with uncertainty and fear. What the Lord has not approved does not carry His blessings and peace, neither does it come with His direction and protection.

If you are presently pursuing a desire and you are not really sure about its authenticity, you should pause. Take out time to seek the Lord’s face in the place of prayer and you will receive some clarity. Unless you receive a confirmation in your heart to continue on that path, you should immediately turn back, regardless of how much money you have invested in the pursuit of that desire. Your life is more important than the attainment of a desire.

It is the pursuit of the Lord’s desires in our hearts that is blessed, not the pursuit of an unsanctified desire.



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17 responses to “The Danger of Pursuing an Unsanctified Desire.

  1. Khamis

    I hope my words will be if God wish i will do this or that.

  2. PG thank u 4 dis article God is d first we sh seek every other thing sh b added unto us. I appreciate ur writd up.

  3. silvia

    Thanks I have learn’t a lot I pray God’s word sinks in me and grants me the grace to have faith


    Great, my brother as there is no better way to get up there but down at His feet until we catch a glimpse of where we truly belong and how He planned we will get there..thanks am inspired.

  5. Olufemi Oludotun Sunday

    No one had ever expressed my thoughts so completely like you sir, you are indeed a blessing and source of inspiration to me.
    The strangest thing about “unsanctified desire” is; whenever one speak about how God should be the basis of our ambitions and decisions, people see you as being sarcastic and unambitious.
    Pastors/motivational speakers are not helping issues, they let people believe achieving their goals is all that matters in life, even Jesus said LET THY WILL BE DONE, but all this generation wants is for our SELFISH wills to be accomplished.
    God made us, he knows us, he had plans for our lives, he scheduled our days long before we were concieved, he created us with definite purposes. God’s will should be done in our lives not our personal wills, the sources of our wills and ambitions are always faulty and unglorifying: the media, novels, politics, envy and jelousy etc.
    Thank you sir.

  6. joyisa

    This is well said and much needed. We all need to’scan’ our thoughts and ideas, get approval and then pursue them. Thank you for sharing.

  7. joyisa

    Well said. We all need our thoughts and ideas scanned and then approved so we dwell in peace! Much needed!

  8. patrick mwanza

    thats really true

  9. Evelyn

    Thx for these words of wisdom Praise, as yo name stands, praise be to God for enriching us spiritually,be blessed

  10. shirley

    How can one contact you for personal counseling, I am greatly in need of one now

  11. Daniel_etoma

    That’s true sir.

  12. thanks for your words. May the Lord continue to show His glory and mercies to you.

  13. Rebecca

    Thank you for the article, my Sunday school teacher spoke briefly on this topic and I needed follow up information.

  14. James

    Now I know that Iam blessed by the Lord when I delight myself in Him. God Bless you sir.

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