Divine Direction

Divine Direction.

When we spend time with the Lord, He totally eliminates many good looking, good sounding options that we have in our minds. The reason why you have so many ‘possibilities’ running through your mind is because you haven’t spent enough time with the Lord in prayer. The Lord guides us in the way which we ought to go. He doesn’t give us ‘options’. If you want to experience progress, productivity and peace of mind, I will advice that you simply follow the voice of the Lord and it is always represented by one clear course of action.



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15 responses to “Divine Direction

  1. Yes sir! Of course we have the choice not to follow divine direction but we also get to suffer the consequences of living outside God’s provision for our lives.

  2. olakitan

    may the lord continue to bless and enrich u, have been sober for the past 3days now,few minutes ago, I read this post and I felt released totally…thanks so much

  3. Benson

    where is my faith?

  4. ladyvive@ymail.com

    Goodevening Sir.
    In your previous mail on “Divine Direction” you mentioned listening to the voice of God coming in a clear course of action. My question is, how would I be able to discern or know when this action really takes place,or in what form(illustrations if possible)?

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  5. Silas Nnanta Jnr.

    Thanks a million times, man of God. God bless you.

  6. Good quote.we need God for our sustenance.

  7. praise george, you are the man, your books has realy change my thinking on how to understand what is relationship

  8. Dickson Oziegbe

    Nice one out there.

  9. Hector Bwalya

    This is very touching

  10. Oluwafisayo Eniola

    I Have Bin Bothered Abt Wat Course To Study, I’m A Young Lady Wit Big Assignment And Had Delayed Education, I Wnt To Go 4 Medicine ‘cz Of D Vision God Gave Me Bt I’m Above 30yrs &was Never A Science Student, May Be I Shldnt Bother Abt Medicine Bt How Will I Found A Ministry Wit Big Hospital Witout Bin A Medical Doctor. I’m Bothered,

  11. Oluwafisayo Eniola

    I’m Bothered O, How Can God Tell Me At This Age ?Me Dt I Dnt Kw Anytin Abt Science, Had It Bin I Ws Younger Dan Dis I Will Go 4 It, I Ws Thinkin Why Will God Be Looking At Me Since All Dis Years &nt Tell Me?

    • Your age is not an issue. You can still study medicine if you believe God wants you to.
      Moses started his ministry at 80 years old. The Lord can accomplish a lot with your life at your present age. Trust Him to guide you to where you are supposed to be.

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