The ‘options’ trap.

Having ‘many options’ is a trap.
Can you imagine Moses bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt and thinking: ‘Hmm…we have several options open to us. We could go to Morrocco, Sudan, Ethiopia, or even ‘Nigeria’. We could build ships and cross the sea to Britain, Spain or even America!’ He would have been lost forever, wandering aimlessly in the wilderness. The Lord was specific, exact and clear. Having clarity completely eliminates many confusing and good looking options.



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5 responses to “The ‘options’ trap.

  1. You hit the nail right on the head! Something my grandma says that I also like: if you only have a choice of two clothes, you won’t have the dilemma of knowing what to wear 😀

  2. Benson

    confusion has caused me a year of my studies and it going to two (i am confused on a field to further my master degree programme

  3. Silas Nnanta Jnr.

    That’s a nice. You’re really right. There’s pure sense in it. And I learnt purely from it.

  4. kiregga joghua

    than x man i had a lot of options, i had a lot of business traps which look good but after reading this am piking one option for now. God bless u

  5. Nero

    Walahi, I almost deceieved myself in thinking that it was good in having numerous options pertaining to certain issues but all it did was bring confuse and strife,may God continue to use you to save and win more souls from destruction and condemnation . I pray for clarity and even bought the book.

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