Learn To Fight And Win.

Blessed be The Lord my strength who teaches my hand to war and my fingers to fight. Psalm 144:1.

Dear believer, there is a raging spiritual battle which has been going on for eons. We are in mortal combat with an invisible, formidable and relentless anemy who is eternally committed to our destruction. This enemy doesn’t play nice or fair. He is dark and wicked. The bad news is that this battle is not going away any time soon. However the good news is that if you will learn to fight, you will triumph over this enemy and come out victorious in any and every battle.

Having a ‘quiet, non-confrontational’ personality does not exclude you from this battle. Your being a pacifist is detrimental to your very existence. Hiding your head in the ground can get you killed. The only way to survive and come out triumphant is to learn to fight. You are not precluded from the battles of life because ‘you don’t like to fight.’ That is absolute nonsense. Satan will not leave you alone because you don’t like spiritual warfare. Being in denial and evasive will not suddenly change life to work differently for you. To be victorious in life, we must learn to fight. It is The Lord who teaches us to war and our fingers to do battle. Keeping quiet when the enemy is attacking and making a mess of your life, finances, business, ministry and family is foolish. The victory is in the hands of those who will learn to confront and wage war against the enemy of our soul. You either fight and win or keep quiet and watch the enemy systematically destroy your life. Victory is with those who learn to do strategic battle in the place of prayer. Victory is with those who employ every known spiritual weapon in God’s arsenal and contend for the fulfilment of their God given assignment. Victory is in the hands of those who will learn to fight and win.




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11 responses to “Learn To Fight And Win.

  1. kolawole oluwafunmilayo

    A biutiful piece! Let he dat thinks he stand take heed lest he falls. May we all learn to overcome in d place of prayers. SHALoM!

  2. As Christians, spiritual warfare should not be scary because we are already assured victory. I’ve heard it described as a ‘fixed fight’ but we still have to show up and enforce our claim/right to victory because the Devil often feigns amnesia, claiming authority that doesn’t belong to him. As long as its not done in the flesh {ref the sons on Sceva}!

  3. Ladjer Irene

    How will you know that the enemy have wage war against you…..

  4. We are fighting a war that is already won, Jesus Christ has won the battle. Yet we must claim and establish our victory in Him. My people are destroy for lack of knowledge. Many children of God today are lazy in the things of God. We are churchy and religious, yet Christianity is not a religion, it is the supernatural ability to live like God on earth, Rev 5:10. Jesus Christ didn’t come to start a religion but a way of life, christianity is real life, an act not a theory. Shalom.

  5. Thanks Sir for such a timely encouragement.We are really in a battle against the devil.

  6. Olive Etukudo

    Your book ‘stupid mistakes Ladies make’ has confirmed to me a lot of blunders we commit in self deceit of ‘love’ . I had to check on you through this medium to learn about you. I agree with you we all have to fight these ‘battles’.
    Lessons in your book, has given us espicially women the reason to fight for our spiritual freedom and self esteem.
    God will continue to strengthen you as you do greater exploits in his vineyard for humanity.

  7. Alfred

    Thank very much for this inspiring words, may God bless you to keep on feeding his flock with this spiritual food.

  8. Maureen kachingwe

    Wow! am motivated,i jst love this.

  9. Maureen kachingwe

    Am motivated.

  10. Lilian

    Truly the devil will never leave you alone except you fight and keep fighting for you blessings and all that belongs to you as a child of God. The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy. Your writeup is quite encouraging and helpful

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