Attracting More Money.

Attracting more money.

Money is no respecter of persons. The reason why you are not enjoying the money you desire in your life right now is not because you are a ‘bad person’. It is simply because you do not understand how to magnetise more money into your life.

Until you know what you want out of life you will never make something meaningful with your life. Until you have direction, you will never arrive at a place of prosperity and abundance. People without clarity go round in confusing circles and achieve very little or absolutely nothing with their lives. Clarity is the ability to navigate from point A to point B without struggle. If you try to navigate through a dark room, you will stub your toe on furniture or even hit your head against a wall. But when you put on the light, you will see clearly and navigate easily around the room. Clarity will help you navigate in the direction of your life’s purpose without stress. To get more clarity, you should read, pray, think, relax and interact with brilliant minds. These activities will bring you to a higher state of clarity. The more clarity you have, the easier it becomes to attract more money into your life.

Offer more value.

Money is a reward for value. Life is all about value exchange. You bring value to the market place of life and you exchange it for money. It is that simple. If you want more money in your life, you should learn to create more value and bring it to the market place. Money is no respecter of race, education, religion or gender. It responds to whoever attracts it with value. Value is what people are willing to pay you for. Value is meeting people’s needs in very creative ways. The more needs you meet and the more problems you solve for people, the more money you will make. You have to learn to transform your talent into a skill which produces value for the market place. Do whatever it takes to develop your skill to produce consistent value and people will pay you a lot of money for it. I have brought value to the market place through my books for the past 20 years and I have been richly rewarded for it. You can do the same in whatever place, profession or calling you are. You can add more value on your job or you can add more value to your business. It is value that attracts money, not just hard work. Without value, hard work will be self punishment. Instead of just working harder, learn to work harder and smarter. Generate quality ideas to help you deliver more value to the market place of life and you will be rewarded financially for it. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, if you bring more value to the market place and demand money for it, people will gladly reward you for it.




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21 responses to “Attracting More Money.

  1. You will either learn to manage money, or the lack of it will always manage you. Dave Ramsey


    You are absolutely wonderful,more of dse great teachings wl help some of us. keep it up pls

  3. Michael amfo

    Would like to read more

  4. Great article! I hear you Sir! Nice to be here once again. I must strive for clarity and be constantly committed to adding value..Thank you!

  5. Amazing write up sir ,the more clarity you have …… the more fulfilled you should be

  6. Praise

    I really love the definition of clarity. It’s very interesting.
    Thank you.


    I bought ur book 8 law of financial freedom reluntantly frm a book shop, only 2read through & discover dat i bought fredom in reality.

  8. Sidney XL

    I don’t only read through your post- “I contemplate on what you write.”
    Sir, I sent you an email requesting for details about your self publishing CD’s or Materials, & hitherto no response.
    I sent this email precisely on Thursday, July 12, 2012. Honestly, I’m still waiting. I love this post!

  9. Mr Daniel C

    Am so much bless through this article, i must recommend this to all my fellow youth in the church, God bless u sir.


  11. muheirwe kenneth

    thanks praise Kenneth from Uganda and your bought your book

    “start with what you have from where your your” this has changed my life and other people’s lives in Uganda.thanks for the counseling may Almighty God reward u.

  12. Okoro Michael

    it’s too inspiring, enthusiatic and wonderful. Honestly I developed a prototype kind of MINDSET after going through article. A short and life-changing article for every living soul. keep it up Life-changing PRAISE G.

  13. magera samuel

    shalom dear, how can i get your book of ” mistakes made by single men ” when i am in Kampala Uganda.

  14. thomas ofori akonnor

    May the spirit of the Lord enlarge and increase your wisdom. amen

  15. Alfred Ebiloma

    Thank you sir for reminding me especially that attracting money is not a horse wish u long to ride but a searching from within you how you can create and add value to peoples life . package it and people will do everything to afford you…thanks

  16. Now I know that I was wrong, for I thought that money has respect for places, religion and gender. Sir, God bless you for liberating me from being stagnated by my wrong mindset about money and how to attract it. Surely I will add more value to my Life.

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