Are You Deceived?

Are You Deceived?
My television viewing experience has been permanently marred on Sundays. When most preachers come on air, you may as well bring out a large bowl of pop corn, some cold drinks and get ready to be entertained. My wife thinks that they are hilarious but these preachers have made my television viewing experience quite painful. I remember years ago, the joy with which I used to look forward to watch certain preachers come on air to preach the unadulterated Word of God. But today, all I feel is sadness when I see yet another preacher come on television to deceive the embattled. Instead of preaching about salvation, holiness and right living, what I hear are carefully crafted lies designed to deceive and dispossess the gullible, the ignorant, the desperate and the covetous of their money.

Almost every preacher comes up to talk about the same thing: money. There seems to be no other subject matter left in the Bible except how to get money. And if you are fortunate enough to be already financially successful, they tell you that you shouldn’t be content with ‘the little’ you have, rather, you should strive to accumulate more money. These preachers seem to have exhausted the contents of the Bible and are now confined to a very restricted subject area and it all has to do with money.

They talk about money as if the salvation of your soul depends on money. They tell you how you will become rich by this time tomorrow. They promise you that in 24 hours, your life will change for good. All of these promises are predicated on you giving them some money. It seems as if God can no longer work in our lives unless we give our money to a smooth talking pastor. It seems as if all the problems we have in our lives will be solved the moment we put money into an offering basket. This is a lie. Money does not and cannot solve all our problems in life. If money solved all our problems then millionaires will be the happiest people on the planet. But the very fact that many millionaires take their lives each year should tell us that money is not the all curing elixir that these charlatans make it out to be.

Jesus said it very plainly in Luke 14:15, ‘Take heed and beware of covetousness. For a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things which he possesses.’ You should never allow your life to be defined by how much money and material things you possess. Prosperity is not all about money, it is about living a full life, with peace and joy. You may have money but be very depressed. That is not true prosperity. True prosperity comes with peace of mind and contentment. Having lots of money in your account does not make you more prosperous than scientists in the Amazon jungle who are more interested in scientific research than in accumulating money. True prosperity is living in the very centre of God’s plan, purpose and Will for your life, whether you are a writer in the city of New York or a missionary in the remote jungles of Bolivia.

Instead of preaching contentment, these charlatans preach greed and covetousness. The Bible says in Hebrews 13:5, ‘Let your lifestyle be without covetousness and be content with the things that you have.’ Contentment is living within the boundaries of God’s grace, gifting and calling on your life. If you function within that zone, you will have true joy and peace of mind.

Having lots of money will not solve all your problems in life. The only one capable of solving our problems, healing our souls and restoring our lives is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says ‘He is our Peace’-Ephesians 2:14. Jesus said in Matthew 11:28, ‘Come to me all who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.’ Rest, peace of mind and true joy can only be found in Jesus Christ, not in money. He is the only one who can bring our lives into sync with divine plan and purpose. He is the only one who can give our lives meaning and fill us with His peace and joy. Money cannot do any of that for us.

But these charlatans on television tell us otherwise. They preach a perverted gospel steeped in greed, covetousness and materialism. At the end of their sermons, you become motivated by greed and covetousness, rather than love. Without love, all we do is a waste of our time. But these charlatans tell us that if we are not building more houses, buying more cars and getting involved in more senseless waste of money, we are not living in prosperity. But the Bible teaches otherwise. It says in 1Timothy 6:6 that ‘godliness with contentment is great gain.’



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26 responses to “Are You Deceived?

  1. Sir, u are very correct and once again, I agree wit u and I will do more to teach people contentment. God bless u

  2. More of His unction on ur life. May God deliver us 4rm all this deceiver in the name of riches.


    Good morning sir,have read some of ur books.e.g.WHAT DO THE RICH DO ,THE GIFT OF WORK ,WISDOM OF SINGLE LADIES…i want u to encourage me ….i have talent ,wish i looking to was something great from there ,i written story, Christan devotional,gospel hip-hop …i believe u understand me sir……….GOD BLESSED

  4. abiola

    I feel very sad when the theme of a message is more like it came from a motivational book than from the bible. And the money issue…yes, bills have to be paid but with a little more balanced teaching and a lot more trust in the provision of the Vision Giver, needs will be met!

    Pass me the popcorn and a glass of chilled pineapple juice please, and some tissue to mop my tears!

  5. Am always gratful to God almighty for your life. Keep up the good work and keep on awaking us from our slumbers. God bless you abundantly.

  6. I stopped watching those christian comedy church shows long time ago.Preach on, brother.


    Thanks Pastor God really knew exactly what His plans was concerning you I enjoy every message I receive from you as a single parent and being single since my husband left me I’m lonely but I read every message and I apply that I think is in line with my every being and thought and you know I asked God when is it my time to have a partner just earlier on before I read your message on the above subject this song come into my mind as I sang only these few word. ‘You can’t hurry Love you just have to wait Love don’t come easy’ and I went on it’s a game of give and take. Anyway I got my answer I have to wait and now I know that God don’t need our money He as has more than enough that is why He say He can supply all our needs ‘ what we need and not what we want’.

    Thanks Pastor
    Keep it coming

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  8. james otieno

    most of preachers think of money more than the souls

  9. Benson

    if men of God preach money, then who will breach about God? you, you pastor, whose sincere mind and openness to God and love for God’s people make u to write and preach to us who think on our own and whose little mind can be tilted in any direction.
    God bless the day i read ur book “rule for teen” and the ability use the internet to search for u.
    i have always follow u on this wepsite but want a more intimate relationship for there are many things that disturb my mind and that needs ur sincere advise. i wish God creates that link.

  10. PG thanks 4 ur beautiful article.



  12. no am not deceived but am just blind-folded.!

  13. WISDOM

    In fact your books are really changing me.i Don”t how to thank you but the most high is th greatest of all,he will reward you for your wonderful and inspiration things you are impacting in us.GOD BLESSED YOU AND GIVE YOU MORE LIFE SO YOU CAN BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR MISSION ON THIS EARTH.

  14. mm

    i went to church last weekend. the man of God said dat God asked him to tell us to empty ourselves (drop all the money we had on us), whether its ours or not, even if we borrowed it, even if it wasnt ours. i was with d money i was meant to give to my landlord and part of the office imprest for the coming week. out of foolishness,i ’emptied myself’, went home broke, gave my landlord excuses and paid back d office silly of me

    • Benson

      hahaha!! then that pastor really built your faith in God that you have to give all. thank God that you gave; if and only if you understood why you were giving not to get rich but because of the Grace of God and your faith in God. hahahahah But not your Land Lords Money! that was really faith. you have planted wait for the harvest. Amen. your motive for giving should always be based on faith and love. Amen.

  15. Mbietobong James


  16. isaac korsah

    thanks very much for the message.the youth are dying because money

  17. Oluwakemi Aluko

    It saddens me that those that are to bring sinners in are out there with ill motives. Thank God 4 people like you, U will nt fall nor falter, u will nt fail God in Jesus name.

  18. patrick mwanza

    contentmemt is the surest way of living a life of fulfilment.thank you

  19. Olabisi Oluwafunsho

    A great Teacher You are!!! Our world needs more of YOU…

  20. Ufie victor

    Thank’s 4 ur message. God bless u. This is exactly what nigerians need. especialy those that call themselves christians.

  21. Ufie victor


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