A Queen. A Peasant. A King.

Who is a queen?

A queen is a woman of character. She’s refined and cultured, trained in the fine art of human relationships. She knows who she is and walks with dignity. She has a deep sense of her value and does not undermine herself, neither does she allow anyone do so. She treats herself with respect therefore it is easy for her to extend the same level of respect to those with whom she interacts, especially, her king. She honours herself in every way possible; in her dressing, her choice of friends and her pursuits. She does what she enjoys and pours her heart into her purpose and passion. She is pleasant to be with, to hang out with. She knows how to engage in and hold a conversation in such a way that a man’s intellect is stirred up to the point where he desires to know more about her. She communicates in such a way that a man is magnetized to her person, refusing to let go. A queen makes every minute you spend with her a pleasant experience. She’s not perfect, but she has so developed the key areas of her personality to the point that it more than compensates for any weaknesses in her character. She does this so well that men think that she’s perfect, when indeed she’s not. This illusion of perfection is not a ruse but the result of the careful cultivation of her soul to the point where it radiates like a well polished gem.

Who is a peasant?

A peasant is a man of low character. He is everything a king is not. He is everything a queen does not want in her life. He may look like a king without, but be a peasant within. It is character or the lack thereof that defines who a peasant is. It has nothing to do with his education, financial success or social standing. A peasant may be very rich but still be unable to connect with a queen, because he is not king material. A good sign of a king is that he honours and respects his queen. A peasant does not know how to honour or treat a woman with respect. He doesn’t have what it takes to gain access to the heart of a queen. Therefore, peasants and queens don’t mix.

A queen does not attract a peasant.

If a woman continually attracts peasants, then there is a peasant hidden somewhere in her soul. She may look like a queen on the outside but be a peasant within. She may go through the motions of being a queen but still harbor traits of a peasant in the recesses of her soul, hidden to all human eyes except her own. We may lie to everyone around us but we cannot lie to ourselves. The constant harassment by peasants should be a pointer to the fact that something is not well adjusted in her character and should be immediately dealt with. A woman shouldn’t be angry at the men who are attracted to her, rather, she should find out the reason why such men of low value and character are attracted to her.

Someone said, ‘It is not enough to curse the darkness, if we must see, we must light a candle.’ A woman can curse her bad luck all she wants but until she makes a deliberate decision to look into her soul and recalibrate that portion of her character which attracts peasants, she will remain in that unhappy situation. Instead of hating all the men who have ever approached her and failed to impress her, she should look within her soul and polish it to a brilliant glow which will attract a man fit enough for a queen. Until a woman works on her soul to develop its beautiful qualities, she will never be noticed or seen by a king who has his eyes open to spot a queen.

A queen is not difficult to recognize.
She is committed to her Lord. She’s deeply spiritual and her relationship with her God comes first, above all else. She is sold out to a cause, whatever it may be. It may be her business, her career, her ministry or her community. She is diligent, creatively using her gifts and talents to make value contributions to her world. She’s focused and very passionate about life. She enjoys living and experiences life in new and exciting ways.

A queen stands out of a crowd because she dresses in such a way that says ‘class’. She honours herself with her clothes. She never undermines herself by dressing like a peasant. She carefully selects her clothes to represent her very best self. Each dress is thoughtfully selected for each occasion, to create a predictable and unforgettable impression in the minds of those with whom she interacts. She is comfortable with her body, therefore she’s comfortable in her clothes. When she enters a room, people immediately recognize that there is something special about this woman, although they may not know what exactly. She doesn’t fake it or force it. She is real, so real that her presence exposes and shames all the women around her who try to fake it. Her smile is genuine. Her words are from her heart. When she talks with you, she’s very present, pleasant, making eye contact and totally engaged in the conversation. Her body language says ‘royalty.’ This is not arrogance but an understanding  of her intrinsic value. She’s blessed, a product of God’s grace, therefore she is humble.

This is the woman fit for a king.


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23 responses to “A Queen. A Peasant. A King.

  1. Temitope

    GOD Bless you. Sir. Waiting for the qualities of A King.

  2. Rudo

    WOW !!!!!! I’m inspired to work on being more of a queen…….Thank you ! God bless !

  3. Mwamba

    To God be the glory and honor.i shall work towards that.you are a blessing PG

  4. Alabi Tolulope

    Sir,this is another inspiring pack.waitin for the qualities of a king.

  5. Alobo ofure

    Great insight indeed….waitin for d qualities of a king!God bless u sir

  6. wow!!!!! i’m so bless by this, may God bless u and more grace

  7. Razaq Olusola

    PG,you said it all…………..WOW!

  8. Nina Angela de-Veer


  9. Tade

    I am inspired. God bless u sir.

  10. Mbietobong James

    God bless you sir

  11. Olabisi Oluwafunsho

    GREAT!! This means my spouse knows exactly what he saw that made him choose that name”Queen”for me…He is indeed a King too..

  12. Luch

    This is sooo deep… Thanks Sir George….. These kinda thoughts are only grasps from the Holy Spirit….. Ama be a KING that will only attracts QUEENS….

  13. kolawole oluwafunmilayo

    this is a Wow qualities of a queen. pray dat God grants me His grace n mercy 4 such queenly qualities.

  14. Great Black

    If that’s the case? There is no Queen on earth.

  15. A timeless piece! Well read

  16. Thank You for this article. I am recently divorced. The words from your article penatrated my soul. I cried. I understand more now than ever. Only a King can relate to his Queen.

  17. Karen Thornton

    I commend you for sharing this article because the church teach everything but lack the older woman teaching the younger woman to be queen, instead of temple whores and prostitutes (natural/spiritual). Whether prostituting their (natural/spiritual) gifts to be displayed for financial gain. However, you are provoking a lady to look within and refined self to be the Queen that she was designed to be by Jehovah God “I AM THAT I AM”

  18. Do you still write?? It is 8-28-2019

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