For Single Ladies. Your Body and Your Soul.

For Single Ladies. Your Body and Your Soul.

1. You are more than your body. Negotiating with your body in a relationship will only lead to disaster. You must up your game. Learn to negotiate with your inner beauty, your mind, your soul.

2. He may like your body but hate your person. You should know the difference.

3. A man may want to ‘die’ for your body but hate your very soul. You must know the difference.

4. If he wants your body, but hates to spend time with you, then you are just being used. You will soon be dumped.

5. Weak ladies undress their bodies to get attention. Wise ladies open their minds and allow the sweet fragrance of wisdom rise and capture the man’s attention.

6. Any fool can take off her clothes and try to seduce a man, but only a wise woman will grant access into her mind, her soul and allow the man make up his mind if he likes what he sees.

7. You can fake everything on your body and the man knows this. But you cannot fake what lies within your soul, and the man also knows this. If you want to really connect with him, show him your mind, your soul, which is the real you.

8. It is not an achievement to arouse a man with your body, any woman with some enhancements can do that. The real achievement is to be able to arouse his soul.

9. What you are searching for is a man who is aroused by not only your outer beauty, but by your inner beauty. When he sees what you are in your soul, will he be totally completely disappointed?

10. If you want to keep a man, develop your soul, develop your inner beauty. Your body may change with age, but your soul gets more beautiful the more you develop it.



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9 responses to “For Single Ladies. Your Body and Your Soul.

  1. Blessing

    I am so bless by ur write up it is very interesting. I ve learnt alot of lessons to arouse a man wh inner beauty than one’s outer beauty. May God give u more wisdom to write more. Amen.

  2. Tanx sir i’m really seem’s it’s only me that ur teaching.may our God continue enrich u greatly

  3. Ekhator osaro Faithful

    Its indeed a blessing to have people like you teaching our youths the whole essence of love and relationship.W are blessed by your teachings. God will bless your Ministry In Jesus Name; Amen!

  4. dd

    this is so much wisdom for me. its realy sad that we dont have many teachers who can deliver this message this simply. many of us young ladies have learned by several mistakes and some women never learn the real problem behind bad relationships. Even those of us who know forget due to pressure around us. i cant help but share with the ladies around me. God bless you!



  6. Oluwakemi Aluko

    Am so blessd after going through this. Thanks so much,sir.
    How do I arouse a man’s soul?

  7. sir tank u so much 4 ur wright up dey are realy help me


    this is awesome

  9. Thanks a lot Mr George for those lessons.very educative!..

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