For Single men. He Who Finds A Wife.

For Single Men. He Who Finds A Wife.

1. It is not easy to connect with a good woman. If you want to have a good woman in your life, you must be willing to do all that it takes to find her.

2. Before you find, you must search. Proverbs 18:22. If you don’t search but ‘stumble on’ a woman, she’s is not the one you are looking for. She must be sought for and found.

3.Guys, when dealing with a woman you must understand that she’s more than what you see. Men are moved by sight but a woman is far more complex than what you see. If you don’t realise this, you will be deceived.

4. A woman realises that men are moved by sight so she dresses to impress, confuse and distract you. Don’t be deceived by what she looks like because that is the least important part of her being. What is important is within her.

5. A woman may have fake hair, fake eye lashes, fake boobs, fake bum, fake face but she cannot fake her character. This part of her being is real and cannot be faked. If she tries to fake it, she would fail woefully.

6. To reach her character, her soul, her real person, you must wade through the distraction of her body, beauty and clothes. This will be difficult for you to do but if you want a WIFE, you must be patient with the process.

7. Her body may arouse and excite you but that doesn’t make her special. It is a natural reaction for a man to respond physically to a beautiful woman. What is important is to be aroused and excited by her soul and her character because that is the real person.

8. A woman may not arouse you with her body but if she attracts you with her character and her soul, you will be aroused by her body. Therefore, you should focus on searching for a woman with the right character because that is the foundation for a great relationship.

9. A woman who always draws your attention to her body has nothing else to offer you and is trying to deceive you. If you allow her sexy body to deceive you, if you allow sex to manipulate you, you will live with an ugly character.

10. What you should search for is that woman with a ‘sexy character’ that arouses you all the time. Such a woman is rare that is why you must search for her. You must look beyond your physical reactions to her and focus on your soul reactions. She may or may not arouse you physically-initially- but if she is your wife, the one you have been searching for, she will definitely connect with and arouse your soul.




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52 responses to “For Single men. He Who Finds A Wife.

  1. patrick mwnza(zambia)

    thank you sir,really a woman is worth more than her looks

    • Chukwuezuo

      What if you’ve searched earnestly and eventually got connected to a lady who tells you she’s hooked but in your heart, you’re so connected to the extent that you know, she’s your wife but she insists on the other guy on the grounds that she doesn’t want to do anything stupid.(breaking an agreement)

      • You should allow that lady enjoy her relationship with the guy she’s with. And, she’s NOT your wife. Please don’t ruin her relationship with her guy. Look for a lady who is unattached.

  2. Adebanji Oluseye

    your posts are always mind blowing and always has something to pass across.I’m blessed whenever i read your posts.God bless you richly

    • Chukwuezuo

      Ok.Thanks sir for your prompt response.

      • Chukwuezuo

        Sir, does this mean that God doesn’t or cannot tell or reveal to one whom his/her spouse is?

      • You must take responsibility for the choices that you make. When the Lord shows or tells you something, you must hold yourself accountable for acting on it. Finding a wife, choosing a spouse, is your responsibility, not God’s.

  3. “She may or may not arouse you physically-initially- but if she is your wife…………..” will a man ever make a woman who doesn’t physically arouse him, his wife? #PB!

    • I said, ‘initially’. That means that the lady may not ‘look sexy’ at first until you engage her mind, then, you will get attracted to her physically. It happens all the time.

  4. kerry hope

    Whoa! Am so bless with this mgs, I believe this mgs will change my life 4 ever and lead me to d right person. Am almost 37yrs old and am yet to get married bcos am always 2 attracted to sexy body and at the end the relationship don’t always work out.

  5. Imisi-Oluwa

    GOD bless you pastor

  6. Sidney Osunde

    Thanks 4 dis! Please Sir, I have an issue because your advice is needed urgently here; I’m dating this lady for 1year plus now, I proposed to her & she accepted, from that day I proposed to her till today, In my dreams. I keep seeing an ex of mine, in these dreams, this EX and myself making preparations for wedding, both of us making plans for the future, working together on projects, in fact so many other dreams like this that I’ve lost count of, Sir, I dont understand?

    • Why is your ex still dominating your mind? Are you sure she’s really your ‘ex’?

      • Sidney Osunde

        Yes Sir, she is! I broke up with her Jan 2008. Dated two ladies b4 meeting my fiance in Dec 2010. Besides I have no reason to think about her. Because It was a campus relationship. Thanks for your response, I appreciate.

  7. Ubong Peter

    Thanks much Sir for this post. A woman who draws you to her body has nothing to offer; that’s great sir.


    Hmmmm! That was so profound. Thanks for the post. Would like to read more of your blogs.

  9. Michael clement.

    Sir,oro agba le so yen.Men truly go for d content,while boys go 4 d container.

  10. Paddy, Juba

    thanx. The message to me is well put down no bending corners.

  11. Sidney Osunde

    Dear Sir,
    I visit my favourite bookstore every two weeks,uptill now I’m still Waiting for your book “Going The Extra Mile” I have a copy of every book you have published because I’ve been blessed by them.
    I need to peruse the contents of this book.
    It’s been too long a wait!
    Thanks for being there for me…

    • Thanks for the encouragement to write and release new books. I have new books in the market like CLARITY and THE GIFT OF WORK. Have you read them? Others will soon follow. Please keep me in your prayers.

      • Sidney Osunde

        Dear Sir,
        Ooh I sincerely want the best for you in everything that you do. I sent a message 2 your inbox{FB} thanking you for being my Mentor About a year ago.
        I have your New books ‘CLARITY & THE GIFT OF WORK’ I bought them over two months ago. Infact I bought three copies of CLARITY for a friend & a colleague
        {A white Beautiful book, with a clear glass of water ~Know What U Want, Know What To Do To Get It, Success Is Inevitable} infact a Master Piece!
        Honestly, it’s good to be a blessing to your generation.
        My Love & Prayers

  12. Biobele Abiye


  13. Blessing

    I love dis message l think dis is d best write up thank u 4 unveiling so many things to me God will bless u.

  14. Emmanuel Obasi

    wonderfl article for all young men

  15. Enugo Ekechi

    George ,

    My galfriend for 3 years keeps on dodging the issue of marriage , should i hang on ?. or move on ?. she says she is not ready .

  16. Ade

    Thanks. What’s the acceptable age difference between a man and the lady he wants to marry? Can a man love an 18 year old lady?

  17. Uche ernest

    Dear sir, i have read some of ur book, it really impress me, my question is dis where can i get ur some of ur books in aba abia state.

  18. reuben nyunghoh


  19. dd

    need to as from a womans point of view. sadly, i dont think men these days understand these things outlined above. It gets quite frustrating when you play good woman and all the men you have hopes for and date leave when they realise you dont want to get sexually involved. worse if after a while they get tired of being turned down. The last man i dated doesnt seem to understand that he has to seek me himself. He said when i dont call him and text him, he thinks he is disturbing me and so he withdraws and stuff like that. Is it my job to educate a young man i like on the fact that he has to seek me? and no matter how much i like him, i refuse to be the one to reach out to him first. Abeg help me o!

  20. Sam peters

    God bless u sir. . Just tru with one of your many books:WHY ARE U NOT RICH? Sir how can I come under your mentoring previlage.

  21. Chinedu

    God bless you Sir.
    what must i do to get the right woman even as i dont have experience in relationships?

  22. stephen

    sir, the lady i have been dreaming of, for so long a time now just told me that she doesn’t have any romantic feelings for me so she doesn’t see me as a relationship material but rather a good friend just like a brother. she told me this when i asked her to be in a relationship with me. i love her so much that i can’t let her go so what should i do?.

  23. Elizabeth Nyah

    Elizabeth 4rm Abuja
    Sir, i’m always bless anytime i read any of ur book. it is my prayer 4 u dat God will continue to grant u more wisdom and bless u in all ur endeavours. keep the gud work on. The Lord is ur strenght sir.

  24. Fidelia okolo

    Am highly inspired by your words,Your vision will change generations

  25. Comrade Gideon

    Sir, i sincerely want to say thank you for impacting, contributing positively to my destiny. Indeed you are out to safe souls and liberate lives from destruction and impending tragedy. Sir, i had read series of your book and they have been of blessing to my soul and i wish to seat under your dynamic ministeration one day. Thank you and remain at the top forever.

  26. isaac obeng(accra, Ghana)

    sir, in response to your comment on marrying an 18 year old lady, in jewish tradition, men and women can marry at 13. also in a country like america, 18 year olds are mature, so what do you say about that?one ny 18 year old enlighted, mentally, spiritually matured lady due to her environment which i believe is responsible for every person’s maturity 18 year old who lives in a country with high education level cannot be compared to an 18year old in a country that gives poor education and is believed joseph the father of jesus christ married his earthy mother marry when she was fifteen or so. because that was the age ladies were given out for marriage. i will have to find the refrence for you to prove my case.

  27. Alicwamu

    Praisegeoge 4m,am julius a student from Makerere univ,ug Nothing i want from only to pray for you to be alive and make the world be revealed to us in totality.

  28. ugo

    God bless u Sir. oh Lord make me a virtuous woman. a woman worth finding. a woman whose character will continously arouse the soul and body of my husband in Jesus name amen.

  29. what if the age difference between the man and the lady is just 1.

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