For Single Ladies. What Kind Of Man Should You Be Searching For?

For Single Ladies. What Kind Of Man Should You Be Searching For?

1. A handsome man? Beauty is overrated. A handsome man may excite and arouse you but will he satisfy the deep yearnings of your heart? If all you have ever thought about is ‘a handsome-prince-charming’, you need to modify that picture. A handsome man will not make your life better.

2. A sexy man? Many handsome men come to mind. Actors, singers, body builders and a host of others. Like beauty, sex is overrated. A sexy man may satisfy your sexual fantasies but will he enhance your life and happiness?

3. A rich man? I hear many single ladies say, ‘I may not marry right but I will marry rich.’ That is ignorance talking. If you marry a rich monster, his money will not make him a better, more humane and more loving man. Don’t allow your greed lead you into a pit of pain. Money is good but money in itself will not make you happy. There are many despondent and rich wives who are imprisoned inside mansions, enslaved by their rich benefactor. Is that the life you want to live?

4. A famous man? Some of you want to be famous and the easiest way to do it is to get married to a star of some sort. This will quickly lead to your fame. But will fame do anything for you emotionally? Will it add value to your life?

5. A professional, like a lawyer or doctor?. This is a little girl’s fantasy, while playing house. But as adults you discover that a professional man is not the answer that you need in your life. Being professional is great, however, there’s more to life than that.

6. A tall, short, muscular, fat, man? Ladies talk about the height and size of a man as if happiness is locked inside a tall man or a muscular man. It’s the same way men rate women by the size of their breasts as if the size of a woman’s breasts can give a clue to her value or make a man happy. A man’s physique may help with your physical connection and make you feel good but beyond that, of what value is it to you?

7. A man who loves you the way you are? This man sees you as a woman, not a sex toy. He sees you as his future wife and mother of his children and not an available sex partner. He sees you as his life partner and not a woman with whom to sow his wild oats. This man loves you the way you are, knows your strengths and accepts your weaknesses. He loves the real you without the make up, the fake lashes, nails and fake Brazilian hair. He loves your very soul. This man you should consider getting married to.

8. A man who adds value. Life is already tough the way it is. You have enough issues in your life you are dealing with and you don’t need any man to add to those issues. You need a man who will enhance you emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You want a man who will enhance your happiness. A man who makes you feel good about being you. A man who helps you express your very soul. A man who helps you purse and manifest your dream. That is the man you should be looking for.

9. Money, sex, fame and material stuff will never make you happy. It is the emotional, spiritual and mental connection with a good man that will enhance your happiness. Every other thing comes after the fundamental connection you have with this man. If you don’t have this connection, nothing else will substitute for it.



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46 responses to “For Single Ladies. What Kind Of Man Should You Be Searching For?

  1. Sir, please i have a question and i would sincerely appreciate it if you would have the time to respond.

    Sir, if eventually there is a person that loves you just the way you are and you are certain about the relationship and yet you dont feel like your partner is capable of adding or impacting you mentally and spiritually…what should one do?

  2. Well, lukin 4 a man dat is luvin, carein, tall nd handsme.

  3. Lilyvine

    I thank God on particular post… It’s exactly wot i’m passing thru nw. D man comin to me is a full-time pastor in his church.. He is nt doing any other tin,i’m in 3rd yr in sch. My rejctd me bcus of he can’t provide any tin 4me. I’m confuse! Wot do i do?

  4. moniyi

    sir,if a man is younger than a lady and they are very close friends and he makes her happy.can they go ahead to date?

  5. gift

    i commend u 4 using ur gift wisely to d glory of God. Pls is it advisable 2 go ahead and marry sum1 who tho ur both compatible but ur not comfortable wit his political ambition n choice of place of settlement(state).is it enuf reason to quit a r/ship?

  6. Fortune Andinyanga

    that true………… But now most girl R saying luv is nt food…. D need guy who will take dem out….. Spend on dem….. Tall etc

  7. David Davinho

    Dear sir, Am a guy of 23rs age and I want to live a lonely life till 40yrs before I get married. Is it possible?

  8. Delight

    Sir, I am in a relationship with someone I really do love. One who seems to be the best out of many I have met, but I still feel there is something missing, I still feel this emptiness. Sir please what can be the reason for this feelings?

  9. MD

    Quite inspiring. Tnx sir

  10. Cosmos.A

    I appreciate ur messages.u re a blesin 2 dis generatn.more grace 2 u sir.

  11. Oguzie frank K.C

    thank God 4 this post

  12. Diceeta

    Great piece! I love wht u write n how u write them.They address the real issues, ar full of knowledge n ar easy 2 relate with. Keep up the gud wk n keep them coming in! I want more!

  13. Diceeta

    Sir, pls can i marry a man who is 10yrs older than I? I just turned 27 n i’m female. And cud u do a piece on the age factor in marriage? Thks

  14. Many men also read some of these great materials that You and others by wisdom write and some seem to have the ability to fake good qualities like those stated in numbers 7 and 8 till long in the relationship. Is there any help to discover these men more quickly

  15. damalie naigaga

    this is very good sir

  16. Gabriel

    Its good to have a real union, but i advise we all should allow GOD choose for us, dont do it with Human Intelligence.

  17. how can i be a writer like you…….tons of books in my head but not one published…what steps can i begin to take….and can i have you like a mentor especially when it comes to my writing gift! PB

  18. lebo

    Pastor is it ok to be in a relationship with a man that already has a kid?

  19. tolu

    Sir, i salute ur intelligence, i am a victim of many circumstances concerning relationship issues. I have been rejected by frnds. Guys have cheated me severely due to my foolishness. I am confused and depressed. What can i do to retrieve my prestige and esteem

  20. Blessing

    Thank sir, more grace

  21. Rachel oppa

    I luv all ur books am inspired one for kudos

  22. This is my first time infact, it a great word thank you sir more anointing!

  23. Am very delighted in ur words cuz its really doin a lot in my life especially my love life.thanks

  24. God wil help us, cos many stil in darknes, and i pray dat God should open our eyes of understandin

  25. blessing

    Please sir how can you know when a guy is truly in love with you.

  26. Endless jewel

    Sir i find it difficult too date a guy because of what they will ask in return! All the same sir is anything wrong in making a choice in a kind of man i want.

  27. hillary oguzie

    bros. All u said are correct bc money, material thing, fame, name will never sustain a woman if d love is not there. Well, am also looking for one to marry who will love me with all her heart and not what i have.

  28. Thulile

    You have helped me to make a good decision about the man am suppozed ta be with in my life.

  29. we are close friends but our friendship is turning into a romantic one .what shld i do?

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