For Single Ladies. Is Your Man Asleep?

For Single Ladies. Is Your Man Asleep?

1. If your man is asleep, you need to wake him up before he does something foolish which will affect your future. In fact, it is foolish of you to be in a relationship with a man who is asleep. To be asleep is to have a wrong perception of life and what it demands from you.

2. He is asleep if he has no clear vision, plan or purpose for his life. Ask your man what he wants to be in the next 10 years. If he cannot give you a simple answer, the dude is asleep.

3. He is asleep if he does not nurture you emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The process of nurturing is what deepens the level of intimacy in your relationship.

4. He is asleep is he doesn’t listen to you when you talk. He may not agree with you but a man who likes you and wants you in his life ought to listen to you and understand what you are saying. He should understand your pain and your pleasure. If he doesn’t understand you then he is asleep.

5. A man who says he wants to get married to you but has no money is a joker. Please ask him nicely, ‘How will you put food on the table when we get married?’ He doesn’t need to be a ‘millionaire’, but he should have enough to handle his responsibilities.

6. If he thinks that ‘you are his wife already’,- even though he has not done all that is required to make you his wife-and demands sex from you like a whore, he is asleep and probably having a nightmare. Until he puts that ring on it, he is NOT your husband and should stop deceiving himself.

7. A man who finds it difficult to devote time to you has no idea what is going on, he is in la-la-land and having a dream. If he really loves you and wants you in his life, he will call you, listen to you, spend time with you and devote a good portion of his time to you. Love is a verb. It is not enough to say it. He should show it.

8. If he wants to live off you, that is, collect money from you, spend your money, use your money to buy his toys and change his wardrobe, he is a sleeping joker. That dude should man up and get a job or leave you alone, unless of course you want to suffer for the rest of your life with a man who is asleep.

9. If he wants you in his life, he should treat you with honour and respect. You should stop enabling bad, unhealthy behaviour. Stop making excuses for him. You are NOT his mother! Stop mothering him. If you encourage a man who is asleep to continue in his sleep, your relationship will become nothing but a terrible nightmare. What else do you expect from a man who is asleep? If you want a happy relationship and an awesome future, wake that man up!



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24 responses to “For Single Ladies. Is Your Man Asleep?

  1. Olubambi Omotola Olayemi

    May God help we ladies to truely knw d rit man.cos dey pretends alot.

  2. nwadike Ikechukwu


  3. Lilyvine

    I’m grateful wit this particular post, because i learn more things. A man wil wake up one morning met a lady telling her dt he wnt 2 settle down. A man dt is doing nothing. Thanks alot pastor

  4. Fortune Andinyanga

    if am a lady i am rich……. Very rich…. I den i fall inluv wit someone who luv me and show me wat luv is albout…… But He is not workin i shd dump him and stay single…….. Still to wait for a workin klass

  5. Diceeta

    How do i wake a sleeping man up?

  6. dipsy

    God bless u for been an instrument of blessing. My man is sleeping..he doesn’t call or spend time with me..we dnt communicate except via bbm which he takes hours to reply to our chat or ignores questions about our relationship.. He hardly finds time out of his schedule for us to talk about us and procrastinates or keeps mute on such discussions..seems most times are d one trying to keep the relationship going..Praise pls what do I do ?

  7. liz

    Thanx for this r you praise of today are so hard to still single i shd admit..eventhou am cornered 2 go in 4 a rship but nt yet.but there is this man i feel my heart truly loves..he kips it low.,he rarely calls,rarely picks call,ol he does r text i about 2 hurt myself need some advise.he started oll this(lit the candle)y his he like dis cd it be he his asleep….

  8. Rosa

    My guy shows me affection and love but he hardly talks, i usually feel like he is boring and it makes it difficult for me to love him. What do i do?

  9. dipsy

    Yea sir, I do lov him a lot. I jus need help on hw to mk him communicate in and commit to our relationship..any tips sir?

  10. duggz

    How can I tell, if I am asleep as a girl?
    Am I supposed to have a 10 year plan too( tried it but d desire to get married n have kids bring in soo many variables)
    Am I supposed to have a job n be independent?
    If I’m not to mother him, what exactly should I be doing?
    I pray, I dream, I speak but many times it doesn’t seem like enough.
    I’m dating this guy who right now is really very busy n under loads of tension. I try to be supportive and not put him under pressure to spend time with me but sometimes, all I want is for him to initiate d conversation(however short it’ll be) and pay attention while it lasts.
    I know he’s not a sleeper but sometimes, it’s all just so tiring! Some other times though, he just does n says things that blow me away.
    Okay, what’s healthy supportive and loving behaviour from a girl to her partner n how do u draw d line between this and (s)mothering him?

  11. omolola

    thanks this article has really enlightened me. Love your articles praise

  12. Olowoyo Toyin

    This is an eye opener! God bless you sir.

  13. Sarah

    Thanks sir for the article. I have just turned 30 and I think my mr. right is actually not sleeping the way you meant but is asleep in that he hasn’t started searching for me. What can I do to wake him up?

  14. Rebecca Abisola Adeleke

    Woow this is really enlightening. May God help us all. What if i may ask,what about if you met this guy on the net and you have been getting along,how do you notice some of these signs?

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