For Single Men. Are You Man Enough For Her?

For Single Men. Are You Man Enough For Her?

1. It is not enough to say ‘I love you.’ You should be able to back up what you say with action. Any fool can say ‘I love you’, but only a real man can back up those words with action.

2. A lady doesn’t need you to tell her you love her, she wants you to show her that you do. What you do is more important than what you say. Spending time with her, talking with her, listening to her, helping her, praying with her is more important than saying those words.

3. Dude, contrary to what they say in the junk magazines, television shows and novels, the mark of a real man is not the ability to have sex with a woman. Any fool can do that. When a woman feels emotionally secure with you, knowing that she’s got a great future with you, that makes you a real man.

4. Asking her to ‘prove’ she loves you by having sex with you is cowardly. Don’t manipulate her for sex. Don’t use her emotional weakness for you to take advantage of her.

5. Dude, are you ready to provide, protect and nurture her? If you can’t provide for her, what on earth are you doing with her? Just so we are clear, ‘nurturing’ does not include having sex with her.

6. Are you man enough to help her manifest her dream? It is easy to drop your pants, but can you devote years of your life, your money, your energy, your resources to making sure that her dream is fulfilled? Are you man enough to help her dream become a reality and not kill it?

7. Are you man enough not to be intimidated by her intelligence, beauty, success and riches? Are you man enough not to compete with her? If she intimidates you, maybe you guys don’t belong together. And don’t try to intimidate her to submit to you when she’s not married to you. If she cannot willingly agree with you on important decisions, don’t waste your time with her.

8. Let’s talk about money. She is NOT supposed to provide for you. That is your responsibility as a man. She’s not your ATM, neither is she your bank. If you need money, go and work for it. Get a job. If that is not enough, get another job. Don’t let her money be the reason why you are with her. If she wants to give you her money, let that be HER own decision, not yours.

9. Are you man enough to tell her the truth? Stop wasting her time with all your lies and crazy stories. If you are not ready to get married to her let her go! Why do you pretend to be what you are not? Why do you lead her on knowing that you will eventually break her heart? That is very wicked of you.

10. ‘I love you’ could be the most meaningless words on the planet if they do nothing to change the marital status of the lady you are with. She wants to get MARRIED to you and not just waste her life hanging out with you. Dude, man up! Take concrete steps towards marriage and prove that you are not a time wasting, jive talking and manipulative man.




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30 responses to “For Single Men. Are You Man Enough For Her?

  1. Salamatu Amadu


  2. simon

    cool knowledge!

  3. i am inspire to be more than senior Praise George


  5. Mwamba

    You have said it all man of GOD. Iam sure the man folk have really is wicked to lead a woman on when you know you will break her heart.its evil.

  6. Blessing

    Thanks 4 all dat write up God l’ll regard u amen.

  7. This is good, but Unfortunately it is about men only not the other side,

  8. I think we are very few of this type.

  9. Juliet

    Tnks alot 4 ds.l wish d menfolks out der hears n abide in it.

  10. A J

    I like this. A lot of true, helpful stuff in here. Thanks!
    I just don’t like how you somehow belittle the sexual aspect of the relationship. If she’s your wife, it should be the same way you pay attention to her eyes, her hair, her smile, her smell, her laugh and appreciate her existence should be the same way you pay attention to detail when making sweet passionate love to her. Giving her every single piece of you, kissing every curve passionately and letting her know how much you love her and are willing to stay for as long as it takes. Being Man Enough For Her. 😉

  11. iyke aka doxyz

    why are ladies not satisfied with what they have?

  12. Nino

    In as much as i agree with everything on here, i feel before a man would be willingly to go all nine yards he needs some kind of assurance that the lady wants a life with him. When its hard to hear a lady say i Love you, then it’s uncertain what is expected of you…No one knows these things

  13. Fortune Andinyanga

    am touch……. God help me

  14. Oguzie frank K.C

    Men… Thank God i read this…. Please PRAISE GEORGE. I have got a girlfriend and i love her, hopefully making plans for the future with her bt am scare.. If she loves me and would accept me


    hmmmm naa true talkooo we want more msgs for men!

  16. charity benson

    I like this, its educating,more of it

  17. duggz

    I’m a girl but I lurv the tone of this article…Man to Man, no kid gloves, direct and on point. I’m glad this is coming from a man to men.
    I just pray that us young people will grow a hunger for knowledge, for truth…it is d truth that we know that’ll set us free!..Set us free to live the lives of our dreams, to not repeat the mistakes of our forebears. Free to be strong enough to live live as God planned it for every individual one of us.
    God bless you sir and do for you things neither u nor other men can.

  18. True talk……..True talk!…Very insightful!

  19. True talk……..True talk!…Very insightful! Nice article.

  20. This is so inspiring.U just gave the best insight ever.Thank God for the wisdom on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Reblogged this on samuelmalasabanda and commented:
    So Inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. mr.bwire

    Stay blessed pastor ..wellcom 2 tanzania….

  23. Erinah

    thank you so much for letting them know .I pray many read this cos they definitely need to hear this

  24. its been a blessing to my soul

  25. Majestino Stario

    Please, make the e-books available to download in pdf format.

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