For Single Ladies. Stop Acting Like His Wife When You Are Not.

For Single Ladies. Stop Acting Like His Wife When You Are Not.

1. Some ladies think that acting like a wife will automatically persuade the guy to put the ring on their finger. That is faulty thinking and could lead you into big emotional problems.

2. Just so we are clear, until he puts the ring on your finger, you are NOT, I repeat, not, his wife. You go everywhere together,  hold hands, kiss in public, he introduces you to his friends as ‘my wife’, all that is nonsense until he puts a legal ring on your finger.

3. You are dating him, that doesn’t give him the right to demand wife duties from you. Dating and marriage are totally different things. Even if he is engaged to you, that doesn’t give him the right to demand wife duties from you.

4. Some men demand that you cook for them, organise their apartment and give them sex to prove that you are a good wife material. Don’t you fall for that crap. Any man who tells you that wants to use and dump you. And, DON’T move in with him because that will automatically make you his ‘in-house-mistress’ who will perform all his wife duties for him without the commitment of marriage.

5. You don’t have to submit to him until he puts that ring on your finger. Some men demand that you should submit to them because you are dating. If he wants you to submit to him when you are not dating, just think of what he would do to you if you are married to him.

6. Don’t give him your money unless you are sure that you will get it back. If you give him your money because he is a ‘potential husband’, you can kiss that money goodbye because you may never see it again.

7. Stop giving him your body like a whore. Anytime he wants sex, he calls you up, yet he hasn’t put the ring on your finger. Giving him sex is counter productive. Your objective is to get married to him, not to warm his bed. Pretending to be his wife by giving him sex will not make him put that ring on your finger.

8. It is not complex: if he wants you to perform wife duties for him like cooking, organising his life, sex and all other wife duties, tell him to take you to his family and organise a marriage.Stop being foolish. If he really loves you as he whispers in your ears, he should take you to the marriage registry.

9. If he gets all the wife duties from you for free, why on earth do you think that he will make you his wife? If he is not ready to make a life commitment to you, he doesn’t deserve any wife benefits.

10. Protect yourself from emotional and sexual abuse. Stop giving this man what he doesn’t deserve. If he is not willing to honour you by putting that ring on your finger, then he is not worthy to receive wife benefits from you. When you become his wife, then he will get treated like a husband.



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43 responses to “For Single Ladies. Stop Acting Like His Wife When You Are Not.

  1. abiola

    Well said. If you are not formally married to him you are not his wife. Unfortunately some guys string many women along for free laundry, sex, meals and house cleaning. What’s even more tragic is when the ladies know and then decide to out-compete themselves. They are then surprised when he turns around and marries another lady. Honour yourself lady!

  2. abiola

    Reblogged this on Abiola George.

  3. Amanda

    I love the way you express points of view with honesty instead of favoring men because you are one. Your words always ring true and are extremely thought provoking. Enjoy your day 🙂

  4. Absolutely true. Seeth thou a man say He loves a woman will only be proved true approved and tested right only when that man has given the woman a legal ring on the altar and of course in church. GRACE!

  5. hun

    is it all about marriage?

  6. omaa

    I love this message.
    It speaks directly to the spirit.
    I pray for God’s divine strength on myself and other ladies out there to be able to learn how to say ‎​₪☺ when necessary.


  8. Strongbert

    Love the message.
    May God continue to bless you for your works

  9. beatrice

    Thank you sir PG!

  10. i love this write up but am having problem with the part of giving him money, please is it lending or borrowing money from the girl , mayb am lost in the understanding of submission but if some shows not even an atom of submission while we dating wats proof she will wen we married n y marry her wen shes miss independent, bible said men love ur wife nt girlfriend n wives submit to husbands nt boyfriends. please i need explanations any1 willing to help

  11. Jenny

    Thank you sir,

  12. elsie

    So True sir!! but u cant blame us, the society has put alot of emphasis on marriage. you meet a friend either male or female u havn’t seen in a long while, and the 1st question u r asked is ‘are u married”? and when u say no, they ask “why”

    As if there is supermarket where u pick off men from the shelf. not really sure i would want to sef, the stress is too much

  13. ogechi k. Ekpenyong

    very correct ma brother.

  14. Olawale

    Thanks for this insights. Do you know that nowadays ladies are so stubborn. The look by heart instead by brain. They refuse to acquire knowledge. 80 percent of ladies believe you must have sex with them to show you love them.

    • Amaka

      I don’t agree with you Olawale. 80% of women DON’T want men to have sex with them to prove they love them. Maybe its the kind of women you meet and probably the kind of person you are(my thoughts). I speak for myself. I am a born-again Christian, I’ve lost so many guys just because I refused to ‘flex’ with them as they call it. The married ones claim they are separated and they just want to give you money while you date them and gain experience. The engaged or hooked guys keep saying they wish they had met you first but want to have sex to see if you’re better than their parents girls; the guys that are neither here nor there, just want to play around. They tell you its an expression of love, but I think its bullshit. Sorry to use that word. So many guys have walked out of my life cos of refusal to sleep with them. So many people have decided not to offer assistance just because you don’t know how to ‘appreciate’ it. But like PraiseGeorge said, that’s FOOLISHNESS. I am born-again, spirit-filled, tongue-talking, demon-chasing and territory-taking. No man should take advantage of a lady. and any lady reading my comment now should watch her steps if she’s involved in this. If the man threatens to leave you cos of sex, tell him to GO TO HELL cos he isn’t worth it. Pls STAND for what you believe in whether male or female. Don’t be scared of your stand, don’t compromise your values and standards. If you can’t hold your body, hold GOD. When God sees your heart, He’ll send YOUR OWN to you. The bible says He makes all things beautiful in His times. Forget d world system, we are here but for a season. If you don’t like my stand on premarital sex, jump into d lagoon. I’m a child of God and though I know its not easy, His grace abounds as I know I’ve the holy spirit inside of me and I have victory over sin and my flesh, same applies to everyone.

      • Amaka, you ought to write your own books and hold seminars. Brilliant response.

      • kenny

        Hi dear amaka kindof like some poing u made out. But was wandering why use the word u can jump into d lagoon. Hummmmm.u should know this that u re not the only one who believe sex before marriage is a sin that does nt please God, u should know that for u to convince someone that’s sex before marriage aint good u must be able to sweet talk dem, cajole dem ur words at a point were harsh Which might put pple off to even go with ur line, we are nt perfect but we seek the father of LIFE to always give the GRACE to carry on in his work, am nt in support of premarital sex but some of this ladies did dis thing out of depression, some out of low self esteem, now tell me if u were to be a pastor how will u tell ur members not to fornicate my dear ur points were real ,but u should know this dey were kindof harsh too and ur are nt the only born again going tru challenges cause I for one done see problem talk to hundreds of ladies mix in the circle and u will be dumbfounded how many pple share the same view with u. In case u re planning to write a book mind dem word that ye speak dear…. No heels my dear just word of encouragement.

      • Yougee

        @ mr kenny man,i’m with amaka on this! sometimes,one has to be ‘harsh’ to maintain his/her stand with God. I’ve been called ‘rigid’ in my beliefs cos of my stance on premarital sex. I’d rather remain single and please God than defile my body and dishonour Him just cos I want to get married. enuf of the ‘softcore’ gospel, wat is bad is bad! premarital sex is fornication and is a sin, end of story… Amaka, hold on to God,like I am, the best is almost here.

      • Lumum

        I mst aknwledge u 4 ur wisdom,am 22 bt i’ve made alot of mistks in d past bt i belive wit dis principles i’ll neva fal prey 2 any man again. P.G U’RE INDID A GR8 MENTOR.

      • I will encourage you to read more articles on my site. I am sure they will most certainly be a blessing to you.

      • Esohe

        Nice! Well said Praise George!
        Ms Amaka, ride on jere!
        Uncle kenny, if at this tym u r still luking for someone to cajole u and sweet talk u (or anyone) to stop living in sin and get right with God,U beta wake up!!!! D world is fast coming to an end,i’m sure u knw that already…NO TIME for sweet talk…d Bible doesn’t use sweet words…it’s instructions are as clear and direct as possible! It will therefore be very deceitful for anyone to try sweet talking people to stop living in sin!

      • Benson

        cool Amaka! straight to the point. God bless you for that! that is boldness, like God told Joshua “only be strong and courageous” God knows the ones He Created. Bro Kenny if that does not please you, read your bible the more.

  15. Unikplus4christ

    Praise to GOD that our society till have ladies like Amaka who calls a spade a spade. Am in total agreement with. More GRACE on us that profess to be true christians.

  16. Juliet

    I so much lov ds article.l wish d ladies outder wl read ds wt me cos it teaches alot.Ds blame goes 2 our ladies due 2 being in haste 2 get married,dey alwys secumb in wateva d men does 2 dem instead of dem 2 stand on der word dey alwys lik 2 let it go.lf a guy feels he loves u as he claims notin shal ever hinder him Frm takin u 2 d alter 2r avoid oder guys 4rm takin u away 4rm him.WOMEN ENOF IS ENOF. WAKE UP!


    @AMAKA>Ur head is there jooorr…I dey fil U dye…Na Girls lyk U we nid 4our society.
    Women should learn 2stand 4dia values and neva compromyz dem…
    As a woman,Av dignity 4ur body and not openin Ur legs anyhow 4evry Tom,dick hary,idiot,he-goat jus bkuz E telz U E luvs U…
    Men dnt respekt such girls!

  18. qt

    Well said and very true.

  19. Tope

    If u ask me.. i’d say just as every man is entitled to his own opinion, so also is every man a fool in his own idea. I understand so well dat makes d difference. Otherwise, what would we say abt those who pretend to b what they are not under d canopy of Christianity just to gratify their hidden agenda? Only God knows best.

  20. Joshua

    This is true but the truth is that ladies don’t want to hear the truth. They are victims of their own foolish imaginations and as such, profane men take advantage of this foolishness to dish out emotional damage to these ” 5 unwise virgins”

  21. Kachi

    I have learnt alot from this article and other people com ment lik amaka gives me a step ahead in marriage.tanz

  22. Amaka

    I’ll start by thanking PraiseGeorge for thinking me worthy to write my own books and hold my own seminars. I’m humbled Sir, thank you. And for Kenny, talking about depressed girls who made mistakes, I dare say there’s no excuse you can still resist once u make up ur mind and with the help of the holy spirit. I’m a living testimony. A victim of rape by armed robbers at 17 (i was a virgin mind u). It wasn’t a wonderful experience trust me. I’m not perfect, i’ve had my own faults by if u read my comment well, I said HIS GRACE abounds. I’ve made peace with God and even when it came to almost compromising…..His grace kept me from doing so. So sweetheart don’t think am talking out of emptiness cos am not. Being soft and cajoling makes some ladies fall prey. There are times you have to be rigid. I don’t know why am being so passionate on this blog but I think the holy spirit wants to free someone in bondage and release somebody. As for God rewarding you for upholding His beliefs, yes He will. I’m serving God, working, masters on-going, in a beautiful Christian relationship( hey, he’s popped d question already) and am happy. It pays to keep to God’s word trust me and I say again, He makes not one, two, three but ALL things beautiful in His time. keep waiting ladies, keep saying no to sex and GET BUSY IN HIS VINEYARD because you love Him. His blessings maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.

  23. Amaka, so sorry for the experience you had at the age of 17. I had an attempted rape by a guy I called my friend at the age of 15. I was on my way to church for midweek communion service but wanted to go give ‘my friend’ a book for exam. He locked the door as I entered and threatened to rape me with a gun. I called on God. It was only God that delivered me from that room without being raped. I had him as ‘just a friend’, not knowing what he had in mind. So, your case makes me cry. But I thank God for your stand. God knows everything. Then, I love this piece by Sir George. I just bumped into this blog today. I have read plenty of his books…As in..I am a walking Praise George bestsellers….. I am still believing God for the right man.

  24. kate omoruyi pedro

    This is simple enough for all ladies. Our ladies needs to hear words like this. I still bliv and will always hold on to d fact dat its wrong to cook for a man you are not married to . I see ladies spending months in their “would -be hubbys” house who eventually do nt get married to them. Ladies this is what we need to hear @ a time like this!

  25. melvin

    dis is mind blowin n eye 4 ladies who hv relegated demselves 2 nothin wit d hope of getin d ring frm d guy n end up bein gilted. Its quiet unfortunate most ladies stil don’t knw deir limit in a relationships. U’v said it bro…

  26. temitope oluwaseyi


  27. Olowoyo Toyin

    U are a blessing to our generation!

  28. If guy wil acept this i wil appreciate

  29. Erinah

    i wish everyone would see it the way your saying it ,it would save more girls from being heart broken

  30. Ego

    No 1 Q! Most Single ladies that acted like a wife in their relationship and then became the Wife too..Happiness lies within.No 7 Q! Most married women did all that but still was lucky to be a wife.God knows it all and not humans..Life is for a living so we should enjoy whatever we do and do it with a good heart and love yourself ..

  31. This is divine, a letter from God delivered to women around the world through you. God bless you PraiseGeorge, you are the best!

  32. Wat shud i do? Am a lady of 18 years. I was impregnanted by a man in his early 2O’S. d guy is caring n tolerant but anytym he get annoyed he beats me blue black. He always says am nt his worth. His father shws i dnt care attitude to d rlationship. D only tym he shws luv his wen he want s*x. He cals me names afta getn it. Pls advise shud i quit d rlationship or endures.

  33. Jaeson

    This goes for anyone- christian or not. It is just common sense! You don’t pretend to have a role for something you aren’t. While it may be popular nowadays to act like basically a free whore (literally) and throw in a few gift exchanges at birthdays and then clean for them, a woman who does this is just setting herself up for failure and enabling rape culture. How so one might say? You enable men to not respect women, not work for you, your body, or your time. This in turn perpetuates a cycle of men who think nothing more then women as trash, or if you manage to get pregnant, a warm oven. There is no love there. Any man who isn’t committed to you (not just “oh you are my girlfriend) and initiates/wants sex is using you. Period. Women have sex because they are told “it is what you do in a relationship,” Sorry but no. You aren’t married. Marriage is there to protect you from getting hurt. Biology tells us that when you have sex with a person a ton of hormones are released, some of which will fool you into thinking you love another person, and another one which is the same one mother’s have for their children. So your biology will betray you and make you stuck in a crap relationship where you are being used. This is a HUGE reason scientifically to NOT HAVE SEX. And look you don’t “need” sex to survive. What- your sad little orgasm maybe lasts 30 seconds or a minute if you are lucky. But that minute will make you make terribly stupid decisions. It isn’t worth it. Why can’t women see that by giving out free sex, wife and MOM -like behavior (like cleaning up after their pig of a boyfriend, or doing things they fail to do) is basically YOU being used. I’ve seen so many women who seem to have book smarts (the degrees, etc) act like idiots around their boyfriend. Sometimes quickly, sometimes after several months. Look- the guy is using you. And I dare you- all of you, if you are in this type of relationship to tell the guy you want to stop having sex and see if he actually loves you or not. My guess is– Nope. You were just his cow.

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