For Single Ladies. There’s No Perfect man.

For Single Ladies. There’s No Perfect Man.

1. Searching for Mr perfect will cause you nothing but heartaches. It is an endeavour in futility because no such creature exists.

2.Why do you seek perfection when you are not perfect yourself? Why do you place such an insurmountable obstacle in front of you? Why have you made your life and relationships difficult because of such an irrational demand?

3. Unless God sends down an angel to marry you, which is an impossibility, you have to choose a human being, like the rest of us. Any woman you see enjoying a great relationship worked on that relationship. There are no short cuts.

4. Perfectionism may work well in a novel, movie or television show, but in real life it will frustrate you and lead you to massive pain.

5. Are you compatible with this guy? Can you live with him in peace without going crazy? If your answer is yes, then you are in a very good place. You can deal with the ‘minor’ details later. However, if your answer is no or if you had rather dip your hand in a pot of boiling oil than spend time with this guy, I will suggest you look for another guy.

6. Not having lots of money is not a good reason to give up a great relationship. A guy may have lots of money but be abusive and insensitive to your feelings. If this guy, who doesn’t have lots of money, makes you feel on top of the world emotionally, then you should think about how to work out the financial angle in your relationship. Think and pray through. But don’t throw it away. Not just yet.

7. Is he too short, too fat, too tall, too smart, too dark, too light, too hairy, too muscular, too skinny, bald?etc These are things you can work around. If you don’t want to get married to a short man who will do anything to make you happy, would you rather he was tall and mean to you? A man’s height or physique will not make you happy. Stop delaying your marital destiny by desiring the wrong things.

8. The media sells us the picture of the perfect man with well formed abs, a perfect body, a perfect job, an IQ of 180, perfect teeth, a nice apartment, a great car,etc. If you want one of those men, you will have to find them in that magazine and no where else.

9. The fact is that if you want a good man, you must be willing to work on the relationship. You should be very suspicious of any man who looks too perfect. In fact, I will advise that you step back and re-evaluate a relationship with a guy who seems to have ‘everything together No man has everything together, if he did, he wouldn’t need you in his life. He needs you because of the value contribution and balance you will bring into his life.

10. Relationships work because we work them. Your man is probably around you now: in your church, at your offfice, in your neighbourhood, a close friend, etc, but you seek a ‘perfect prince’ from a distant country. Lady, that will not happen. If you want to get married, trust the Lord to grant you the wisdom to be discerning and see the treasure in your man, just the way he is.




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18 responses to “For Single Ladies. There’s No Perfect man.

  1. Benneth Tessy

    Wow! Thank you so much Sir cos this one is for me.I will really work on my relationship nd try to make it work for good.I love my Baby so much nd I can’t afford to loose him for anything.He may not have it all now,but I know him will wen we put our heads together.God bless you Sir

  2. oluwashindara

    pls can i get ur personal e-mail so as to send u aan issue dt i need a counsel

  3. Mor'a Go'ar

    I thought i cld fine a perfect man.but with this i now known that i hv to work on the relationship inorder to get what i want

  4. Elizabeth sule

    Thanks, that is a very good lesson to we woman. Waitin for mr perfect and time is not on side, as u said no mr perfect unless God sent an angel from heaven.

  5. Am glad with this advice, by God’s Grace I will put in my best
    in my Relationship to make it work, by his grace he will perfect it
    God Bless you Sir, and increase your wisdom Amen.


  7. such a good read! makes you laugh through while cutting your heart. :)) thanks, sir praisegeorge :))

  8. happy

    a guy who leaves you for another lady because he wants you to be happy isnt worth keeping,right?he impregnates the girl yet you love him and want him back,its not the best right?

  9. happy

    i have a guy that i love so much but hes with another lady now after we broke up.he claims he doesnt love her but doesnt know how to end it without hurting the girl got pregnant and has aborted it.i stil love my ex but because of the abortion,i want to move on.hope am doing the right thing..

  10. ada

    Most inspiring of all.some1 sent me this link and am happy I checkd it out!Great job Praise George!!!However,it’l b great to also see similar Posts for Single guys!

  11. Elizabeth Nyah

    This is a very inspiring write up. Alot of ladies set so many unrealistic qualities they want in their dream man but neva attain such. they 4get dat nobody is perfect. u can alwazs mould dat man to ur taste or d standard u want 4rm him. u can alwazs work on dat man to b what u want him to b. God bless u sir.

    • You cannot ‘mould’, ‘work on’ or ‘change’ a man. If you don’t like what you see, look for someone else. Trying to change a man is a very frustrating and unproductive venture.

  12. winifred

    please i need your personal email address

  13. Okpoji Faith Oghenerukevwe

    Seriously u ve ordered the steps of many ladies from today mistake which would take away future regrets.

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