For Single Ladies. Is He Wasting Your Time?

For Single Ladies. Is He Wasting Your Time?

1. Not everything that feels good initially will make you feel good permanently. You shouldn’t hinge your whole life on one emotional high that happened sometime in your past. There must be something more concrete than an emotional high to keep you in a relationship.

2. Your emotions could turn out to work against you if you don’t understand the emotional dynamics between a man and a woman.Sometimes, what many ladies call ‘love’ is just infatuation. You should be able to tell the difference.

3. A man may be completely insane and yet come across as ‘nice’. You must look at what he does and not just how you feel when you are with him. Is his lifestyle compatible with your values?

4. Does this man have too many secrets? When you ask questions, does he give you a straight answers or is he evasive? Evasiveness is a sign that something is wrong.

5. Does he have time for you? Does he create time to be with you, bond with you and plan the future with you? If he doesn’t, he is probably planning with some other lady.

6. Is he open and honest about money? Can you trust him with your money? If you can’t trust him with your money, do you think you can trust him with your heart? To save you the problem of trying to figure this out, the answer is NO!

7. How many times has he promised to take you to his family and has done nothing about it? Are you the one pushing to meet his family or is he excited about the event? If he is holding back, something is wrong.

8. Has he outlined what he plans to do with his life, at least, what he knows for now? A man who has no idea where he is headed cannot take you anywhere.

9. What kind of friends does he have in his life? If all his friends are single, playboys, drinkers, party-till-daybreak-types, so is he. Don’t make excuses for him.

10. Has this man made any serious commitment to your relationship or is he just very good with words and ‘giving you a good time?’ Don’t be deceived by words and emotional highs. If nothing has happened in your life to show that he is serious, this dude is just wasting your precious time.




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12 responses to “For Single Ladies. Is He Wasting Your Time?

  1. limwanya

    Quite educative. Have learnt a lot. Thanks PG!

  2. Blessing

    PG alot of guy re nt ready to b committed to a relationship cos they ve nt gotten job, it is nt true cos they ve some one else hw l wish ladies can understand dat d heart of a man is deseprately wicked, they will b careful abt their emotion.

  3. Triniah

    Actually this is a true reflection of a story I last heard from a friend. She has been facing some of the mentioned points above and now she is a waste.

  4. hopeson

    they always feel dat wit there money they entitled to many girls….wat do we do?

  5. HE doesn’t waste our time….we waste our own time allowing men into our lives that do not deserve to be there. Ladies,stop giving away pieces of yourself to men who are only window shopping. They aren’t buying anything for keeps. We are of value but no one will value us if we are easily had. Almost anyone can get a penny candy, it’s cheap but most must work hard and save to earn a diamond. Aren’t we worth more than any diamond?

  6. elsie

    Kia!!!!!! clearly i’ve been wasting my time, thank you pastor for this word of confirmation.



  8. dd

    thank you so much for confirming the very reasons i ended my last relationship as concrete.

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